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chronical headache

Sep 16, 2015 9:00 AM

Headache came on date of 24-11-2015 through a cerebral contusion provoked by aggression in a railway station, after what I was found in coma & 1 hour after the facts brought in emergency to hospital for treatment, started after reanimation during 1 hour.
All the time since the accident I was followed by neurologist, who faked to treat the headache, will now is qualified as "chronical"...
Apart from headache I also have serious balance problems and also the voice command dysfunctions (Spasmodical dysphony).
This year I went for second opinion at the University Hospital in GHENT (Belgium).
The treating Neurologist is actually putting me on various exams, trying to find out the real causes of my triple problem.
Since a couple of months the medication Vexlafaxine 75mg is tested in view to cure headache phenomenons...
As for the voice problems the previous hospital was trying with a number of logopedic therapy sessions, but to no avail!
This last leaded to adopt infiltration of the voice cord(s) by BOTOX, performed every six months since 2007 & stopped in 2014: was found out that the infiltrated right voice became athrofied.
At the University Hospital the choice was put on a surgery of both the voice cords, whereby fat out of my belly was injected so to enlarge them, as was stated that they didn't close anymore.
Since this operation my voice has won considerably in strenght, so that I have to put less effort & energy for speaking...

Aspects of balance problems: regularly losing my balance, falling backwards right, made me correct diagonally towards forwards left: frequently repeated, finally the left knee got spoiled, which leaded on 29-06-2011 of surgery with total knee prosthesis; after this operation I felt down 20-07-2011 during revaludation on the prosthesis, which provoked "Algoneurodystrophy".
Later on was via EMG detected that I was having "Polyneuropathy"...

All my troubles are since begin 2015 in the hands of the University Hospital in GHENT ( UZ GENT).
So far the whole of my case, started almost 14 years ago!

1st conclusion: I am still alife, disposing of a good basic health to overcome most of the aspects from this trauma!

Any vision will be welcomed!

Kind regards.

Mentor Kofi Togbe Gandhi_3000 (Belgium-Ghana),
Founder to the NGO "Golden_Bridge_Ghana" (GBG)

Sep 16, 2015 8:16 PM

MentorGhandi, welcome! It sounds like you've had a very rough time but have received good care this year. I understand having daily headaches, but mine are due to my cervical discs. I get cervicogenic & migraines. I use a lot of voltaren gel and socks filled with rice, which I can microwave or freeze over and over. I also have migraines meds (Midrin).

I'm not familiar with your speech dysphonia, so I had to look it up. I'm glad they were able to help with the surgery. Hopefully you will have some improvement in symptoms. I have a constant hoarseness caused by Sjogrens. My throat stays so dry I sometimes choke on foods and liquid. And it's caused strictures in my lower esophagus that had to be surgically stretched. The dryer my throat is the more I choke, or sometimes my words won't come out until I swallow water. The only thing I can do is drink more water and use a product called Biotene (for moisture). If you have a problem with dryness you might look into something similar.

You and I also have the imbalance in common. I fall back and to my right if I stand still, or veer right into walls and doorjambs when I walk, or when dizziness hits me. I'm currently awaiting tests with Mayo Clinic (one of the best for difficult to diagnose or treat). They plan to test me for vestibular disorder in my ears. You mentioned you ended up favoring your left knee. Mine hurts a lot so maybe I'm favoring mine to compensate for the imbalance & dizziness. I hope with the treatment you've received you'll have much less problems with the imbalance.

You seem to be a positive, upbeat, and strong person, especially to have gone through this trauma. But for days you don't feel as upbeat or strong, just come here and we'll do our best to help you through it. We vent frustration and anger, we express when we are down and feel alone, and we express joy and happy occurrences when they happen. We don't judge or criticize.

Personally, I have been going through medical problems for thirty years, but it really started a downward spiral in 2010. But through it all I have tried to let my faith be my guiding strength. It's natural for me to pray for everyone's needs. But I do not get offended when anyone asks me not to. I also rely on gentle relaxing music or Christian music to help me with stress. And I always have my dog to lift my spirits when I'm down. I hope you find the support, compassion, and new "family" feeling many of us have developed. Have a peaceful sleep! 🙏🌼

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