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Claiming p.i.p

Dec 02, 2015 6:11 PM

Hi i live in uk and i was advised to claim p.i.p from a suport worker of my mum in laws i have since been sent an assesment apointment for the 10th dec im really anxiuos andd scared about it i am in comstant pain my doc has given me pain meds but he isnt very suportive everytime i see him he says everything is down to my deppresion and makes me feel like im a hypocondriac i suffered months before i went to see him because he makes me feel worthless im scared the assesment will be much the same anyone had any experience with pip claims and how it works so worried about being poked and prodded and looked at like i am nothing 😢😢

Dec 02, 2015 8:31 PM

I do not know what a pip claim is but imagine it is very similar to our SSDI here in the US. I would highly recommend that you find another doctor! You will not get adequate treatment from a doctor with that attitude. You need a doctor that is supportive, understanding not condescending, and what I can a good bedside manner. I have been to several doctors before I finally found one that truly cares about his patients. Trust me when I say that doctor will not help you get to the bottom of what's causing your pain. If you don't know the cause then it can't be properly treated and you will not feel better. For your own well-being, please try a different doctor. I wish you luck with your pip claim and will pray that whomever you see is much kinder than you have experienced thus far. One thing I have learned.....You have to fight for you because no one else will When it involves your health!

Dec 02, 2015 9:03 PM

I agree with Jshaff. You should get another doctor if the one you have isn't supportive. 🙏🌼

Dec 05, 2015 3:52 AM

Firstly change your doctor, even if it's to one in the same surgery. Secondly, once you have one you are comfortable with, make sure you see them for every GP appointment you have. Keep a note of how you feel emotionally and physically for a week or so, it'll help you describe your symptoms more clearly to any professional that you go to see. Ask for a set of blood tests to be carried out, and a referral to a specialist, it could be rheumatology, physio, pain clinic. Also ask for a review of your medication, it can take a year or so to find the best combination to suit you. I'm in the UK and lucky enough to have an extremely supportive doctor, and they appreciate honest feedback about how you feel and any medication issues, but it does mean you have to be quite assertive... Not easy when you feel crappy! Finally regarding PIP, the assessors are usually friendly, and they are looking to see how your condition and symptoms affect your daily living and your ability to be independent. Remember it's about the help from people and aids you use, not about the help you actually get. If they ask you to complete some mobility checks and you find it difficult, causes pain etc, tell them straight away, they don't make you do the checks that you aren't able to do. It is quite emotional to have to speak about all the bad things going on but the more honest you are about the negative effects, the better able they are to accurately document everything. Take someone with you if you are anxious, you can have them come in to the appointment with you or wait whichever you prefer. You will receive a copy of how the decision maker arrives at their award notice. Don't forget if you are unhappy with the decision you can appeal! It will certainly help your cause (and how you feel) once you have a supportive Dr who actively works with you to help you manage any conditions you have. I hope this helps a bit, and lots of positive thoughts and energy being sent your way.

Dec 05, 2015 6:39 PM

I too am seeking to claim PIP I hv a house visit fr the assessment. Atm I am not getting any benefit help I was on ESA but they stopped it as they say im fit fr wrk. Fit for wrk when I struggle to walk far due to constant pain. I suffer frm long (29 yrs to long) chronic knee pain im 38 yrs old I hv had 6 ops on my rt knee & I am on the urgent waiting list for op num 7 I feel 83 instead of 38

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