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Aug 25, 2016 6:31 PM

Last night we were coming home in two vehicles. My dear husband was very concerned about me. I am blessed to have a spouse that is also my caregiver as I am him. On the phone he explained I was driving too slow and cars were backing up behind me.

With a trailer I was traveling 55 miles an hour. The speed limit. Plus I was in pain. After I got off the phone with him my little BELLA ( who had been sitting aloof in her bed) crept down to be nuzzled next to me to give me support while driving. Yes it did help. As I got closer to home, I wanted to take a pic of this incredible act.

Earlier that day when I had got to my accupuncturist, we greeted two ladies in the waiting room.

Since SCRAPS ARE MY SERVICE ANIMALS, I choose to allow people to get net raft with them as a therapy dog only when they are in my arms. This is to make it less confusing for them.

As the first woman talked with BELLA, BELLA put one paw on the woman's arm. I explained to her that was BELLA's way of showing the woman, BELLA knew she was in pain and wanted to help.

The second woman had almost the same interaction except BELLA LEANED OVER AND PUT Now my dear husband is having "mushroom" days. When I am feeling low instead of saying that which gets old fast I say, if I am feeling good " I am a daffodil,rose, or what ever flower catches my eye. depending on the season. If I am feeling poorly, I say, " I am a " MUSHROOM " . I am under cover and out of sight, just like a mushroom. So today I am a field of roses. I feel great( motivation) and my pain level is sharp like a needle. It would s hot outside. Went to the NORTH FORK OF THE WILLAMETTE JUST OUTSIDE A LITTLE TOWN OF WESTFIR.

When I went walking with my brother, BILL, this morning.

MOUNTAIN BIKES OF OREGON has taken over our favorite walking spot for my SCRAPPS- SCRAPPY CORNELIUS DO WRIGHT AND SCRAP-BELLA WRIGHT. PAWS ON THE WOMANS CHEST. She was there to have an Accupuncture treatment. I looked over at Mark and said "BELLA" is trying to help you.

Aug 26, 2016 2:39 AM

Such a beautiful thing to wittness 😚... my dog is the same...🐕 he reads ur energy...😶 and then acts upon it. 🤗
So if someone is sad or 🐪frustrated, stressed, 🐫upset or in pain... 🐕he knows... and he will sit close touching that person (or me)🐴... and literally that feeling just drains ☺away from u... hes amazing!
😉 Ive seen it so many times... and i also 🐕find myself saying... hes trying to help u... just let him!
🐫 I swear the little creature has healing and calming abilities...🐪 so i am so syked to read this post... i have one too! 🌹

Aug 26, 2016 2:03 PM

My dog Jazz helps me to keep sane too. I'm so glad you guys have animals in your life that help you

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