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Confusing frustration

Oct 27, 2015 6:29 PM

Hi, I'm new to this so hello to all. I've been suffering with confusing symptoms since this January. I've been undergoing test after test to confirm a diagnosis. Not only do I suffer from fatigue but the most hardest symptom I deal with is my upper chest pain that also can effect my breathing.
After all these months my life has completely changed. My diet is different and the way I live my life has had to change so I'm able to deal with this. Everyday is different and the pain can come and go on different levels.
I can say now after so many months and tests and my own research that my doctor has said that I have fibromyalgia. I also know that I have costroconditis.
My anxiety was so bad in the beginning as I was scared not knowing what was going on with me, but now I don't feed into my symptoms and I understand my symptoms now. My sleep is also heaps better with the occasional not so good night.
I do believe that diet and lifestyle does help heaps.
I don't take any medication and an helping myself naturally. My pain threshold has improved going through this but I do sometimes have to take panadol that takes the edge off.
To all out there please look after yourselves the best you can through diet and minimise your stress. It does help

Oct 27, 2015 6:42 PM

Positivity76 may I ask you a question about the Costrocondritis. I've heard of it but I'm not really sure what it does to you? I read that it's an inflammation of the cartilidge that attaches your ribs to your breast bone. Is that correct and is it painful? I don't have it, my cartilidge is completely calcified and I don't notice anything unusual. I'm just curious what it does to you. Thank you for the great advice, I agree with you. ✌️💜

Oct 27, 2015 6:54 PM

Hi anonymous1971, your very welcome and I believe knowledge is power so I'm glad to help.
Yes its inflammation and it's a weird feeling indeed. My doctors say that it's fibromyalgia but my sister suffers from all autoimmune diseases and I was able to identify my symptoms to hers. Some days it's a very tight and sore feeling, some days I also experience a vibration in my upper chest and in my throat. I also can't have any pressure applied to my upper chest at all, very sensitive indeed. I hope I've helped

Oct 27, 2015 7:01 PM

Yes you have quenched my curiosity. Something that at times annoys others. I love information even if some find it useless. I am very sorry you suffer from this! I'm glad that you're here welcome and know that there are a lot of us here if you ever need to vent or just want to talk. I think it's excellent that you are able to keep such a positive attitude. Thank you for your response! ✌️💜

Oct 27, 2015 7:11 PM

Thanks so much and I hope you can get the answers you deserve. It's so reassuring to know that complete strangers can get to chat together and help each other. Thanks once again 😀

Oct 28, 2015 11:28 AM

Anonymous, you are correct about what Costochondritis is. I do have it and today with the rain and dampness, I am having an issue. I have the tight feeling and pain in the chest wall in the left side and it hurts more when you take a deep breath and/or cough. It's not a pleasant feeling at all. Fortunately most of the time it doesn't last too long. A day to a week and then it will be gone for a while depending on weather and activity.
Welcome Positivity!! I hope that you find being with our family community. There's always someone around when you need help. It's a safe haven to vent, whine, cry, share, ask questions, etc.. There are no judgements here as we all understand. We "get it" which makes things easier to handle when you know you're not alone. Sending good thoughts and gentle {{{Hugs}}} your way and you'll be in my prayers.🌻🙏🏻

Oct 28, 2015 5:18 PM

Hi Alwayzinpain, thanks heaps and I agree this site is a saviour. So great to be able to chat with ones like yourself. I hope your able to cope with your symptoms. Today I'm not the best and had an awful night. Chest pain, tightness in throat and chest and palpitations. I hate it especially when I don't get a good sleep as I've got preschool aged kids that I solely take care of and it just makes it difficult. I just have to push my body which makes things worse. I just have to do what needs to be done and hope for the best. I hope you have a great day 😀

Oct 30, 2015 12:41 AM

Welcome positivity76! I'm glad you finally know what you're dealing with. The unknown can be so overwhelming it can cause anxiety & depression. Before I got down to where you mentioned your dx I was already thinking fibro and Costochondritis. I have them too. I don't take a lot of pain relievers though because I'm allergic to most. I have Tramadol for real bad times, and a muscle relaxer if I get night cramps. I probably don't use them more than 4-6 nights a month. I never take either in the daytime. Over the past 6 years I've built up my pain tolerance, and during the days I'll take Tylenol Arthritis 2x in 15 hours.

I'm glad to hear you're able to handle it without meds mostly. Hopefully it will remain so for you. I'm currently trying to cut sugary sweets out of my diet. I I've love love chocolate and sweets, so this is very difficult for me. But I need to lose weight and I can't add long as I have access to artificial sweets. But like you, I think there will be far reaching benefits of I can do this the right way.

I wish you the best! Have a good weekend too. Hugs & a prayer. 🙏🌼

Oct 30, 2015 1:09 AM

Hi FlappysLady81,
Thanks for your comments I really value them. It sounds like you have got it under control the best you can. Yes what you eat plays a big role indeed to the pain. I'm a huge chocolate/ sweets lover so I understand how hard it is to stay away from it but over time you train your brain to not want it but it's hard. I still have a little in early afternoon sometimes. Apart from fibro/ costroconditis I also have fatigue thats hard to manage especially that I'm a single mother of three. Somedays it's hard to talk as I'm so tired. Mornings and evenings I find it hard. I've managed to work out a routine that supports me with the help of family. I also have a hiatus hernia and gastritis which can cause nausea and pain in chest also but with a strick diet I can manage it. Since January I've had to change my diet quite aggressively unfortunately from eating everything to cutting out gluten,wheat, sugar and dairy. I was told it will help. I also have thyroid antibodies so cutting out gluten is good.
I have a very good doctor and homeopath that is treating me naturally so I hope in time it will get better but as always it's one day at a time.
Feel free to ask any questions and I hope that I can help.

Have a great weekend also 😀👍

Oct 30, 2015 10:06 AM

Positivity76, I just wish holiday foods weren't right around the corner! Lol. I will like I'm as addicted to chocolate and sweets as others are to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. I've caught myself gulping down chocolate or sweets under stress. That's another reason I'm not replacing what is eaten up. I think the stress eating may be part of my weight issue. I'm suppose to be gluten free but that's not easy when my spouse complains and says we can't afford two food pantries; he refuses to eat gluten free. But thank you, & i hope you have a great weakens as well! 🙏🌼

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