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Cramping muscles

Apr 03, 2015 8:41 PM

My muscles have all been taking turns cramping up the last week+. Today I had a massage which was wonderful until I got in the car to drive home and my mid back cramped up. Have done heat, ice, tens unit, etc today and the only way I can stand it is if I'm flat on my back with legs up. But I can't ever fall asleep on my back.
Anyway, my question is, does anyone have suggestions on how to stop cramping up in the first place? I already take a proper dose of magnesium and decently regular Epsom salt baths.
What am I blanking out on?

Apr 04, 2015 1:17 AM

Aliya try and it banana for cramping, if your potassium is low it will make you cramp up. I can't remember any more foods that are rich in potassium. Hope they stop soon.

Apr 04, 2015 9:29 AM

Hi Aliya,

I was warned by several doctors and pharmacists not to take potasium supplements directly, it is one supplement that can kill you if your levels are not low and you put too much in your body.

Potatoes area actually very high in potassium and if you need it quicker drink a very large glass of orange juice.

You might want to try drinking Gatorade or some other sports drink every day even water it down if you want, if your potasium is low you will also feel incredibly weak.

The other thing you can experiment with is to try a very low carb diet for a bit to see if that helps.

If you Google "Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis" there is all kinds of info on low potasium at thiswebsite http://hkpp.org

What I have to do sometimes is very heavily dose up on muscle relaxers for a day or two, sometimes it helps sometimes it doesnt.

Apr 04, 2015 9:45 AM

This will sound odd but try drinking some pickle juice. The other thing for immediate help is yellow mustard. Also are you using magnesium oil or oral supplements? I believe the oil (it isn't really an oil just feels that way) absorbed through the skin is better absorbed and utilized by the body than orally. Though Epsom baths should be doing that as well.

Apr 04, 2015 9:52 AM

Oh coconut water is very good recover fuel as well. Better than a sports drink they say. I have to mix it in smoothies because I'm not big on the taste but when in that much pain...

Apr 04, 2015 9:20 PM

Thank you everyone for your responses.

Apr 10, 2015 9:42 PM

I use a magnesium supplement called "calm" it works great! Just start with a low dose and follow instructions to increase if you want- dissolves in hot water for easy absorption.

Apr 12, 2015 6:41 PM

Aliya, I use Magnesium in small doses, I also make certain my potassium levels are where they need to be because i tend to run low. I also use Zanaflex 4mg tablets which, as I'm sure you're aware, are muscle relaxants. I can take those 4 times a day as needed but I try not to because they knock me out. Imagine that.... I can take Morphine and Oxycodone together and you would never know I took anything but if I take the Zanaflex, I will fall asleep in the middle of a sentence, while eating and my face will end up right in the plate... LOL!!!!!

Apr 13, 2015 6:11 PM

You should look at a topic I wrote all about the best magnesium supplements based on clinical trials etc. It's called "Magnesium Types"

Apr 13, 2015 6:12 PM

You could also try Baclofen or methocarbamol (talk to your Dr about that)

Apr 16, 2015 4:00 PM

My chiro gave me a Chinese herb tO try out.

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