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CRPS pain meds?

May 06, 2015 1:03 AM

Has anyone found any combination of meds that successfully help take the edge off? If I don't find a way to get through the day I may lose my job and as the only bread winner thus would be devastating to my family.

Any help would be so gratefully received.

Thanks guys

May 10, 2015 11:39 AM

Hello I am so happy to find someone with crps I take methadone which my
Doc says is the only FDA
Approved crps/rsd pain narcotic and oral dilaudid for breakthrough. It does seem to help except those bad flare days. I
Am 33
and unable to work and on disability. Fentyl patches also work well. Best of luck to you!!!

May 10, 2015 12:51 PM

I take pregabalin for the nerve pains.
When I'm close to hallucinating from pain, I take Kava Kava Root and Magnolia Bark.
Narcotics haven't done anything for my CRPS.
They do help with tooth pain, though.
Ibuprofen used to help, but I can't take it anymore.
Gallium helped my hands stop hurting.
I take Benadryl to reduce nausea.
I dissolve Epsom Sales in water, then spray it on my legs and arms.

May 11, 2015 3:39 PM

I have cronic pain sympdrome in my left leg due to a pain 27 years ago I've been in constant pain since. I have a tearing feeling in my knee and lower leg (left) I also have hot stabbing pain which started Xmas eve and is just getting worse. My right knee gives way and also has a bad stabbing pains I came out of hospital the knee gives way and when I get the stabbing pain I feel I have to scratch the bck of my knee. I'm not gonna let this beat me but I can't handle this pain it affects my mood,and confidence

May 15, 2015 7:07 PM

I know this may not be what you are looking for. But I thought it may help. The doctor diagnosed.me with this but I think they are wrong. But they put me on cymbalta. I don't think that it really think it relieves or takes away the underlying issue but it sure has changed the way my mind thinks about the pain. It is so,rt of like a narcotic. It to doesn't take away the pain but changes the way we feel about pain. I know that is weird or you already know that. But I have had much relief since I have taken it. I have been able to help with family chores which I was not able to do. It use to hurt me to bathe more then two times a week because it was excruciating. But I have been able to do this every day. I have been able to go to church which I haven't been able to for many many years. If you give this a try and it doesn't work, I would feel terrible. I am just relating how it has changed my life.

I hope you have find some relief. I know this may sound condescending but spirituality also helps with pain too. Reading the bible can give people comfort and peace. Finding out why we are going through such things. Itching we did. But gives us hope. It has been shown in studies that people who suffer in disease and pain fair better when they have spirituality.

These may not be what you are looking for but these are the thing that have helped me. I just wanted to pass it along. I to have a lot of pain sometimes it gets up to an eight on the scale. I use to never go over a five. But these things have really helped me a lot. I am a much happier person despite pain and for some reason it doesn't seem to wear me out like it use to. I use to pray to God after four days of intense pain to just give me twenty minutes of relief. I thought if I had twenty minutes, I could realign myself and refresh myself and gear up myself for the next assault. But now with the medicine and spirituality, I have peace, comfort, and much more relief. It doesn't mean I don't have bad days. But I am ready for them and I have the recourses to deal with them. I am sorry if my post is offensive. It is not to suggest you are doing something wrong. I am just telling you what helps me have better days. I really hope you find your way of getting relief. Those T.E.N.S units really helped me too but I am sure you have tried that already. I alway hope they would come out with better pain medicines. It would be nice if they would actually if they would come out with the medicine that would fix the sympathetic nervous system that is causing your problem. I hate that we have to use band aids for our pain instead of fixing th cause. I do hope today is a better day then most of your days. I wish you well. Take care I hope this place is helpful to you.

May 15, 2015 7:08 PM

After I said finding reading the bible and finding ou

May 15, 2015 7:09 PM

Out the cause of why we are going through what we are, it said itching we did. I meant to type nothing we did. Sorry for the typo and for many many mistaken post.

May 15, 2015 8:56 PM

Thanks everyone for your replies and support. Whenever I dismayed about the way humans treat each other (especially those who are perceived as not "normal") I come back here and spend some time reading. It's the real soup for the soul (choose your own favourite- not everyone likes chicken 😉)

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