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DDD and Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Jun 10, 2018 1:59 AM

Does anyone have suggestions with Degenerative Disc Disease when it begins to develop into other conditions like Spinal Stenosis and Lower back Spondylitis , because now the cervical /Neck pains or moving down my shoulder and right arm, I am beginning to feel helpless because my whole body aches , one day it’s my upper back, then it’s my neck, then it’s my Lower back, this Spine of mine just seems to be throwing my whole body off , especially the days when I get pains in all areas. I have tried accupressure , PT,aerobics,meds, homeopathic methods and supplements, electric stimulation , all of these work only temporary, NOW I’m getting disgusted

Jun 10, 2018 11:00 AM

I know how you feel. I have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis in my thoracic spine. So far the only thing that helps me is taking Celebrex 200 mg in the morning. It has reduced my back pain from a 7 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10.

Jun 10, 2018 12:36 PM

Ambrielle, are you thinking about getting a surgical procedure anytime soon? And how long does your flare ups usually last hrs, days????.... I am using Celebrex on some days, but some days I need something stronger.There are days when I have really low energy, usually after 2-3 days of intense pain. I just need to know, what options should I speak with My Pain management Dr or Neuro. Specialist about this week?

Jun 10, 2018 5:01 PM

I have been thinking about surgery to fix a herniated disc at T11-T12 that is causing the spinal stenosis for the past two years. Without the Celebrex my back pain flare ups would be 12 hours every single day. With the Celebrex my flare ups only last a few hours and a very manageable.

Jun 10, 2018 9:57 PM

Wow..... well we both have some painful issues my Stenosis is at my C-4 Disc and The Spondylitis is at L4-L5, so I guess we got to wait out to see if surgery will be any help real soon

Jun 12, 2018 6:47 PM

CB1227, I've had ddd & stenosis for decades, at multiple levels. I had my 4th (all cervical) surgery at C7-T1 in 2017. Im having scapula and shoulder pain all the way to T12 now, as well as L2-L5 pain. I have developed OA over the years and there is no help for that. The way my doc explained it is, fixing an area's problem only causes weak areas to pop up elsewhere, hence my new pains. I'm sorry I don't have more uplifting info.

I got upsetting news today that my fusion last year isn't taking (the autologous bone tissue isn't fusing together). He says we'll check with a CT first then try injections to stimulate bone growth. If that doesn't work or we see the screws are loose... back to surgery I go, but they'll go through from the back instead of the front. That means cutting muscles, tendons & ligaments, as well as much longer recoup time. And it's no guarantee it will work. *sigh

My hubby asked why this happened since the previous 3 surgeries did well (1992, 1995 & 2016). I told him there's several possibilities... excessive stress & moving my parents 5x in 15 mos, doing things I shouldnt/wouldn't normally do; wearing a super heavy purse crossbody style (to have everything I might need with me); not getting enough rest in 15 mos; needing more steroids for asthma issues last 8 mos; having osteopenia last 5 years; being calcium & vit-D deficient 2 years plus; being older and developing autoimmune issues over the past 8 years, worse all over health in general since 2008.

I have a lot to think about and decide before doing any more surgery. I did go throygh upper body OR and then lumbar OR, and strengthening muscles & new stretching exercises helped, especially the lumbar related sciatica & scapula radiating to arm pain. I'm trying to keep up with the exercises at home, so I don't reverse & worsen.

Hugs love & prayers you can find ways to reduce your pain in less invasive ways as much as possible!☺❤🙏🌸

Jun 12, 2018 7:45 PM

FlappysLady, thanks I guess I just want to know what’s out there, What to expect, how other people or dealing with these issues, your info has helped a lot, my Insurance company counselors are helping with a lot of unanswered questions but it’s good to hear from people that has actually had procedures, treatments and I truly hope we all can find more solutions soon

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