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Dealind with RSD/CRPS

Jul 03, 2015 7:40 AM

i've had rsd fo 9 yrs in both feet and major joint pain and because of all the meds and pain i can't even see a dentist s now my theeth are falling out i don't know how i make it through a whole day sometimes.

Jul 03, 2015 1:20 PM

Yayo75... Not do I know what you're talking about. I'm not going to sugarcoat things.. It plain old sucks is what it does. Sucks the energy and the very life source right out of you. 9 years is a very long time.. I've been dealing with CRPs, RSD, Fibromyalgia, GURD, Grave's Disease and just all over horrible pain. Hang in there!! ❤️

Jul 03, 2015 10:01 PM

I commented on another post about CRPS, it might not be useful but I don't know.

Jul 03, 2015 10:03 PM

Yayo75, I don't have the rsd, but I have multiple chronic pain problems. In the past 18 months my bones are deteriorating in my TMJ joints and things. My teeth are listening and my gums are receding. They say post implants won't take too it's just a matter of how fast my gums recede as to when I lose them. So I understand the frustration you feel. I will add you to my prayer list. 🙏🌼

Jul 03, 2015 10:26 PM

all of you are in my prayers i've been looking around to try to find help for my theeth but have idea where to turn because of the cost and i too also ave tmj this whole thing sicks.....

Jul 04, 2015 6:55 AM

Oh god totally ditto on the teeth front. My gums are receding fast now and my teeth are giving up one by one. I already have crowns, bridges etc to fill in gaps.
Haven't been to a dentist in years now and can't find one that'll take us on NHS and that is sympathetic to fibro and all of those medications.
I might have a few options on the feet though. My daughter suffers a great deal with her feet so I bought her some elastic supports that go on her feet and over her heels. They give her loads of relief. I also use a website called complete care shop and they do loads of useful things including things for your feet. I keep looking at the gel slipper things for plantar fasciitis.
PS: I don't actually know if they do shipping to the USA. Sorry if not.

Jul 08, 2015 9:12 PM

I'm sorry I didn't see this post before.. Same exact thing happened to me. I had braces when I was a kid, never had a cavity all the way up into my late 30's and then my gums began to recede and the. My teeth one by one loosened and came out or broke off at the gym line . My jaw because of the severe TMJ and bone deterioration, implants were not possible. By the time I was 41, I had full upper and lower dentures!!! Well, at least I will never have a cavity.... LOL!!! There has to be a better way... Somehow, somewhere, things have to get better than this. 😜😋

Jul 09, 2015 8:31 PM

AlwayZ, I'm going to be Gorgeous and healthy in heaven! 😉

Jul 09, 2015 11:00 PM

So will we all!! Something to look forward to, right Flappsy??💕🙏🏻🌺

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