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Dealing with doctors who have preconceived biases of people juggling with FM

Jun 05, 2016 10:44 AM

This is my first post & I'm hoping I'm doing it right bc I'm so sick, in extreme pain & severely fatigued. I've written a few replies to posts, sporadically, as being on the phone & typing has been difficult for me, sadly, starting last summer. My wrists & fingers & arms hurt & fingers are painfully tingling, but I'm having difficulty with a university/hospital that helps people with no or low income. Well, they're supposed to help. My previous Dr wanted me to see a GI specialist at the clinic last fall after I told him, finally, that I started suffering IBS/D problems last summer. However, my really. Ugh, sorry, I backspaced & last a few sentences 😫
Will get to the point since my shoulders & neck are tightening. My bf scheduled an appt for me in March & I was scheduled for may 5 I think. Mid April, I started having severe abdominal pain, & bf thought was my appendix, so I called clinic to see if I could be seen sooner, they said go to the urgent care attached to clinic. I did & the Dr at urgent care was gentle, but frustrated bc it hurt me so badly when she was touching my abdomen. She said bc she couldn't keep palpating, I had to go to er & get a CT scan. Since I developed a, ummm, not quite phobia, but rather severe reluctance to not only going to new places, but just leaving the house, I waited 5 more days before bf was worried from me screaming & crying out & took me to the er.
Even though I had to be put in a wheelchair & could barely breathe, we were in the lobby a few hours before I was finally seen. Dr scolded me asking why I waited so long to go to er, sigh. Told him I'm so used to trying to deal with FM pain. After CT scan, he told me I had a ruptured ovarian cyst & wanted to know why I had no primary care Dr. I told him I had a may 5 appt with the clinic they were paired up with (previous Dr that I've seen since 2008 & had great relationship with, had hired a new
receptionist last summer/fall that was prejudiced & she started to either not pass on msgs to Dr or when she did, she would pass wrong info & complain abt me. Finally got so bad, the staff started triggering flashbacks by yelling at me. Then, when the office mgr realized she couldn't talk me into going somewhere else, lied to my Dr & told him I called HIM a racist! He quit seeing me this march bc of this! ).
The day before appt, I called to confirm & was told appt was at a different location! 30 miles away. I arrived at the clinic for my 7:50am appt & was told by receptionist that the appt was for 7:15am, not 7:50am. I told them on 3 separate occasions that bf & I were told 7:50am & when I called to confirm, I was told they opened at 7:30am, so why would I think my appt was 15 minutes before they opened? The receptionist called back to the Dr & instead of explaining the time mix up, just told the Dr I arrived late. I was given a business card & told to call for another appt. I asked if I could schedule one with them since I was there, in person, & told no.
They did send me down the hall for financial aid & after 2 or 3 painful & exhausting hrs, I was told I could reschedule with the receptionists on that side of the building. I was the only one in line, 1 out of 3 receptionists had a person to help. The other 2 saw me standing & ignored me. Finally, after a couple got in line behind me, I was acknowledged. When I tried to schedule though, I was told I had to call! I told recpt that the lady in the office behind them told me I could schedule with them. The other receptionist who had ignored me was eavesdropping & said loudly, " that's the girl who showed up too late for her appt. "
I had to explain, again, what happened. People are watching us & I'm getting even more nervous. The recpt calls the Dr, again, & I'm told to come the following weds. I show up weds & the receptionist from Friday asks me if I "showed up on time this time. " I just looked at her & told her yes. She pulls up my file & says, actually ur late. Again. First, I think she's joking & then she tells me, finally, that a note was left saying someone called to reschedule me & I never answered the phone. When I asked what nbr they called, she lists my old nbr that was never even given to them! I explain this, she calls the Dr, Dr decides not to see me again. A nurse is watching this whole display & asks if I'm ok since now both receptionists are laughing at me. I finally started crying & telling her I'm not ok! I have 5 medications I will be totally out of, have driven 40+ minutes both days in 90-99 degree, with no ac in my car to see this Dr. The receptionists stop laughing when they realized the nurse was behind them & then ask if I want to reschedule. I tell them I have to & was told Dr Wont see me until mid June, but that a nurse will call abt my prescriptions.
I apologize for being so lengthy, my phone is dying now. Ha. πŸ˜’ so I don't lose this post, I will just end with the nurse calling back with a "statement" from the Dr saying she refuses to refill my meds (very bad withdrawal effects for each of them) despite them being on my medical records & that she will discuss my meds in mid June.
I was supposed to have a social worker call bc the nurse suggested I "go to another clinic". Never happened. The receptionists deleted the note in my file abt a lady calling the wrong nbr. I found out when I tried to have the other location schedule an appt with a different Dr. I would have had to wait until the end of August. My appt with this Dr is coming up in mid June. Any advice on how to try to get this Dr to see me as a person & not someone " closing to have FM" even though I have been diagnosed for 10+ yrs as such!? Thank u for the patience to read this rambling post & any advice. God bless!

Jun 05, 2016 12:25 PM

I know that you don't like different places, but if you are being treated this way I would find a different doctor! There is no sense in a patient being treated that way! I am currently looking for a new Obgyn because he refuses to even come into the exam room! I know it's scary Hun but you deserve to be treated better! Get a different doctor!

Jun 05, 2016 5:15 PM

I've been looking for a Dr since 2014 & bc of Obama Care, I've actually had Dr offices tell me they don't accept cash! 😨Never would I have thought to hear that. Also, I had to quit working last year with my health getting worse & with no health insurance hardly any options 😞 I'm still shell shocked with the way my former drs office believed every lie & complaint from their new receptionist, considering I used to have a great relationship with every1 there. That's compounded my problem going places. I need this Dr to recommend me to an obgyn & rheumatologist, possibly a neurologist & ugh maybe a therapist. Since its a teaching facility, they're supposed to have drs who are actually knowledgeable with FM.
This Dr, having never met me, makes me seriously doubt this though. I've had drs down here tell me FM isn't an actual physical illness, but quote "a woman's hystrionic mental problem". Or they just refuse to treat u once u mention FM. I don't see any options & to be honest, am so broken down, hardly the energy even though I'm desperate for medical care.
I really appreciate ur post though bc not many people are thinking the run around over there is a big deal! I wish u luck on a better obgyn, sounds like ur current one is in the wrong field πŸ˜‚. God bless πŸ‘Ό

Jun 06, 2016 11:58 AM

I think both our doctors are in the wrong field, and your doctors receptionist's are in the wrong line of work, they need to go to work at McDonald's or something people are used to orders being messed up thier! Those receptionist's are doing nothing but playing with your health and wellness. Call the lady that you spoke with at financial aid office and tell her what's going on as every Doctors office should have a office manager, if you have dates and times written down and you already know thier additude and the lack of relaying all information and deleting stuff out of the notes section you could possibly get something done as far as the receptionist are concerned and maybe the Doctor, because they have to treat ALL your problems, especially if It's already been diagnosed! He can't just pick and choose what he/she wants to treat no matter what he believes.

I'll be praying for you and that something is done about those receptionist's and the doctor! Keep me updated! πŸ™πŸ’•Prayer's and love headed your way!

Jun 06, 2016 1:29 PM

If your doctor does not believe fibro is real, you really need a new Doctor, I have found the best treatment comes from naturopathic doctors. Gentle hugs

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