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Mar 05, 2015 10:37 PM

Once I hit menopause my b.s. have gone up having hard time controlling them I'm taking metfotmin which is a real problem, it goes right through me. I also take rapid insulin and long acting. Tried to decrease metformin but had to go back to higher doses. Just can't figure it out. Thanks for listening.

Mar 05, 2015 10:57 PM

Sunshine I have Type 2 diabetes I take 10 units of Lantus as needed. But in 2013 I was extremely obese, and was taking 10 units of Byetta, 12 units Humalog before meals and a sliding scale between meal, and 50 units of Lantus. My liver enzymes were over 1000 and my bs uncontrolled. On July 29,13 I had Vertical Gastric Sleeve surgery. I lost down to 177 lbs and the only thing I take for bs is 10 until Lantus, my Ac1 was a 8 now it's a 5. I have regained some of my weight because I stopped drinking water every 10 min and have been eating some things I shouldn't been eating, I have also stopped exercising like I should. Tomorrow is a new day I'm back on the wagon. Everyone please keep me in your pra4.

Mar 05, 2015 11:02 PM

Thanks for the support. I think the sliding scale might be the answer. I've got my weight down to 170, and trying. Your in my prayer's.

Mar 05, 2015 11:13 PM

Will keep you in my prayers Sundhine

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