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Diarrhea and sickness and sweating

Apr 20, 2017 8:38 PM

I suffer with sweating so bad I have to change my clothes 3 times a day I get bad stomach pains sickness and diarrhea does anybody else suffer

Apr 20, 2017 8:44 PM

Is it the flue or is this always a problem? Drink lots of fluids--water, juice, gatorade etc. If you can. Praying for you☺

Apr 20, 2017 8:45 PM

I don't feel like eating much

Apr 20, 2017 8:48 PM

I gotcha. Still praying for better health & blessings for you & family especially peace. I send gentle (((hugs))).

Apr 20, 2017 8:49 PM

Thank you very kind x

Apr 20, 2017 8:51 PM

Have you been tested for diabetes? My sis in law had these symptoms and it was early signs. Hope you feel better soon x

Apr 20, 2017 8:54 PM

Also check out the side effects of any meds you're taking. I take phenigan to help with the nausea that my meds bring on.

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