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Diary export problem partially solved

Dec 01, 2016 11:20 AM

Dear community members,

(Note: If you have only used the new Pain Companion app and have never used the older CatchMyPain app, all of the information below should not concern you and you shouldn't have encountered any problems with the diary export feature. If you did encounter problems anyways, please let me know ;-))

The diary export feature which is available in our CatchMyPain and Pain Companion apps hasn't been working properly for some of you. A few days ago, Andreas (our former developer) was able to make a couple of improvements to the export feature in his spare time. We hope this solves most of the problems and allows you to view the export again.

But unfortunately, we weren't able to solve the following problem:
In the old CatchMyPain app you can use existing diary entries to create new ones, not having to draw the pain from scratch. While this is a handy feature, we had to learn that if you use this feature over and over again, it can lead to huge pain drawings because it saves all changes to the drawing on top of the original drawing plus all the previous changes. If you always use your previous drawing as a template for a new drawing, the file gets bigger and bigger with every copied entry... Those big pain drawings can cause the Pain Companion app to crash when viewing the pain diary list or it can prevent you from loading the exported diary.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to fix this problem in the near future because it would require too much work and as I have mentioned in a previous post, I had to let go of all my developers because of our financial situation (in summary: the app revenues are very small and we've lost a big development contract which was supposed to finance our further work).

However, there are a few workarounds and recommendations that might help:

- For those of you who use the CatchMyPain app, I recommend to NOT use the "copy previous entry" feature every time. E.g. create every third entry from scratch and then use that entry NOT more than 2 times as a template for a new entry. This way you should not run into problems.

- For those of you who already have big entries which lead to the Pain Companion app crashing when viewing the pain diary list: Create up to ten new pain entries from scratch either in the CatchMyPain app or maybe the web version of the Pain Companion app can handle the big drawings: https://web.paincompanion.com The Pain Companion app loads the last 10 entries by default and if those entries are not too big, the app should no longer crash, unless you scroll down to view the big entries ;-)

- If the export page (the one you got the link for by mail) can't be loaded, it is worth giving it 2-3 more tries. Sometimes it can't load the export on the first attempt. But every time you try it, you should give it enought time until the error message appears.

- The last resort is creating a new account and following the suggestion above (creating a new entry from scratch every third time). I can give your new account the same screenname as you have used so far and I can change the email address of your first account if you only have one email address available (you cannot use the same address for a second account).

I hope the above information will help some of you. Please let me know if the export still doesn't work and in that case please let me know whether you have used the "copy previous entry" feature or not. I might be able to fix something and it will help me to find out if there are other problems.

I apologize for all the inconveniences.

Kind regards,

Dec 02, 2016 1:01 PM

No apologies Daniel.. you're doing everything you can to make this all work (all while being in pain yourself). Thanks for all you do!! It'll all work out in the long run

Dec 02, 2016 2:14 PM

Daniel you do soo much so please take a moment to stop and take a breath.
We understand that there's going to be glitches here and there so don't worry about it, you will get there in the end so please don't make yourself ill trying to do everything yourself, we understand and stand by you at this time to give you strength and spoons xx

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