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Disability - Doctors records

Mar 16, 2015 5:56 PM

Hey y'all. I applied for SS last spring/early summer. I'm still waiting (as we all know SS doesn't happen overnight). I was denied, and my lawyer appealed. Now I'm waiting to see the judge. I'm a little nervous though because from what I've heard it seems like you need Doctors backing you up. While this doesn't stand for all of my doctors, just most, I've noticed upon looking at my medical records that they aren't accurately recorded. Things like "Denying vertigo, nausea, headaches, migraines, heart palpitations, chest pain, joint pain, neuropathy.. etc" and if they aren't saying that I've denied it, they aren't stating what I've come in for at all. My medical records make it look like I'm complaining of muscle aches and headaches.

Two years ago I was struck with debilitating nerve pain after 13 years of IBS related symptoms, chronic infections, weakened immune system, migraines, back, hip, knee, and ankle pain. This nerve pain was unlike anything I'd ever felt in my life and there wasn't any part of me that could physically just "push" past it. I was terrified and the MS neurologist specialist I was seeing at the time told me I was being dramatic. My rheumatologist didn't make note that I had ever had symptoms of nerve pain even though she is the one who sent me for MELT Method (which improved pain drastically but unfortunately it's not long lasting - pain worsens with every move I make afterwards and comes back just as bad and sometimes worse but it has significantly improved certain things). Same went for the muscle specialist, and a few of my primary's (I've been going through them like underwear.. which those of you with gastro issues understand on another level ;)

The question I'm getting at is, can it negatively affect whether or not I'm approved or disapproved if some of my doctors records conflict with what other doctors records are or what symptoms I am actively stating are the reason I am so debilitated? I feel as though not recording a patient's records if a form of negligence but I haven't had much advice from my lawyer other than to keep looking for another Dr until I find someone who is trustworthy. Don't we have rights as a patient paying that kind of money for medical services?

Any information on this would be great!

Mar 16, 2015 6:27 PM

I use to work in medical records. I think the biggest problem is "electronic" already filled in spaces that get carried forward from one visit to the next. I've seen the same type stuff in my records and its disturbing at the laziness and incompetence. While making documentation easier, its creating inaccurate records.

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