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Disability and preserved work

Dec 30, 2015 4:02 PM

So the question I have is as I understand the disability process is first u have to be unable to work . however I e hears that disability can apply a dollar amount to any activities u do. Even if you are volunteering or just helping out . and if they feel you are able to do a certain amount of work then u are denied.
The reason for my question is my uncle has asked if I could come with him on his work trips as a cpr instructor. He just want to get me out the house and want to use this time to get to know me again since I've been away at school for years. But if I go I don't want this to affect my disability process.
Does anyone have any input on this? Or how I can insure I won't have any issues with disability.

Dec 30, 2015 7:29 PM

It might- My mom was denied disability the first round because she did very light gardening, even though her spine was fused. She ended getting a lawyer...

Dec 30, 2015 7:32 PM

Ravenrose that's awful. The system is so flawed.

Dec 30, 2015 9:56 PM

I'm not sure about the meats and potatoes of disability, but I think most disability lawyers will consult for free. Also the .gov website has a plethora of information. Maybe your answer can be found there. Good luck

Dec 30, 2015 10:00 PM

Thanks lovespeas. I've got a lawyer now although I've not asked them about this mostly because I don't fully trust them . I know its bad. But that's what it is for now. And the internet is where my sister read about the assignment of monetary value to random acts. But I suppose I'm just praying that this action won't go against me . I've been waiting for a year now and I've gotten my first denial and am now waiting on my hearing.

Dec 30, 2015 10:08 PM

When I applied for my SSD in 2003 I was denied 3 x saw the judge 4 x when I finally was approved on the 4th time. I had a lawyer through the whole thing. I got mine in 2006. They don't ever get in a hurry. My husband applied for his in 2013 and got his in 2014 the only difference between ours was his Dr sent in a letter helping him get his. Good luck I hope you gets yours soon. Praying,sending hugs.

Dec 30, 2015 10:08 PM

No problem. Seems like you already know the answer, but just need affirmation from anyone who's been denied because of that. I'd hold off on any activity until I was sure I've been approved.

Pray, and He will provide what you need (may not be what you want 😉)

Dec 30, 2015 10:58 PM

Dear Newfibrogirl,
This question has come up in the past by people using this sight. I was denied 2 times for sure, maybe 3. I am now on a disability. I live in Canada. There are different companies that deal with disability claims. With my situation my doctors needed to prove that I was no longer able to work permanently. My insurers needed to have evidence of this.

I wonder where people live, what states or countries the people who say they use lawyers. It seems to me many do and I wonder about their process. This is a thought I think about but nobody needs to tell me if they wish not to share.


Although sometimes it might happen here that a lawyer would step in. My insurance usually uses info from doctors. I am able to volunteer or make a minimal amount without being penalized. I have volunteered but not worked, since being accepted under my insurance.

Dec 31, 2015 5:30 AM

Beetsrgood. The lawyers I use are actually a group in which they handle all types of cases. From bankruptcy to personal injury. The lawyer I have now has told me I could make up to lime 1,000 a month and still be able to be eligible for the process. My concern is mostly that even though I will not be getting paid when I travel with my uncle, I wonder if disability will assign an amount.
Lovepeas. I suppose u may be right ..like I've told beets, I know the basics but since I've never gone through anything like this I'm not sure how serious they take activities. I'm not gonna be building houses nor will I be doing any major work. And yes I guess I do just want a thumbs up to go on the trip.. Lol..but I also don't want to hurt or mess up this process. Because right now its the only true source of income I'll have.
Weezie..how did u find the patience to wait through 4 denials.. I suppose if u had no other choice but still that had to be hard.
Thank you all for your input it is appreciated.

Dec 31, 2015 6:01 AM

Umm, Newfibrogirl, I was wondering why SS admin.would even need to know that you get out of your house and tag along with your uncle? I mean, it would different if you set up an organization to help educate others learn CPR. And you were actively instructing these classes. I hope I am not adding to confusion here, but why would they need to know at this point? I do realize you are very honest and want transparency ...but right now all I se from your Post is that you are going to hang with your Uncle while he teaches CPR. Love and Blessings, Terri

Dec 31, 2015 6:04 AM

Terri u r absolutely right on all accounts. I suppose I'm nervous because I've heard that ssi has investigators and they are watching you..or maybe I've been watching to much TV..lol I certainly am not gonna be calling them up . that's for sure.

Dec 31, 2015 6:07 AM

Lol,that cost much more money that the government wants to spend....no I don't think they are spying on anyone, they are overworked as it is.!!/so go enjoy your time with your Uncle. I am in the same process as you. I got denied, now I am awaiting my appeal decision. Love,Terri

Dec 31, 2015 7:22 AM

In NY its to the point if you can hold a computer mouse, you can work. I have been on SSI since 2002, but just this month (even with 20 new debilitating diagnosis) they have decided that I can work and will lose it all February. It doesn't matter that the only way I can control my anxiety is to stay away from people, or that my wrist dislocates many times a day, or even that I can tear a rorator cuff by shutting a car door. Good luck with your fight.

Dec 31, 2015 8:19 AM

Wow Scaryann ,I am so sorry for you...can you appeal? I, mean, that seems so cruel..please hang in there something good will happen for you, do t know when or what just keep hanging on!!! Love and Blessings, Terri

Dec 31, 2015 8:36 AM

I did file the appeal, but it's going to be another long fight. I had to file within ten days of getting the notice and if that wasn't fun during the holiday season. I'll make it somehow, I refuse to give in right now.

Dec 31, 2015 8:43 AM

Scaryann, I am happy to hear that you got the paperwork in for your appeal. I am still waiting for my initial appeal decision. It is very stressful, the waiting,etc... But I know I have been honest and transparent, without the help of my former advocate, he did nothing...long story. So , I have surrendered it to Gods hands now, I have done all I can do. I hope your process is faster and there is no interruptions in your monthly disability check. Terri

Dec 31, 2015 10:54 AM

Newfibrogirl, I hired a lawyer because my case involves 33 doctors and a huge list of diagnoses since 2010, when I last was able to work. I've heard working at all does affect it, which is stupid. Your think they'd at least part you less when you were able to do some work & have income. It's a messed up system. Good luck! 😷🙏🌼

Dec 31, 2015 11:16 AM

Yes it really is..and the thing is ..not tonsound judgy but those if us who really need these benefit have to struggle for years and to sometimes still get nothing but others who lie and take advantage bof the system get it with no apparent issues. That upsets me.

Dec 31, 2015 11:30 AM

Oh yea I agree Newfibrogirl, I see many many people get disability and they lied to get it..and we have to document , and fight to get ours. I have been actually told by people that get disability for mental illnesses say, go into your visit and fall apart, forget things etc... It is sickening. It took my three years with no ability to work to end up filing. It was a hard decision. For me at least. I don't know why some get it, and others have fight over and over again. It is a shame. I just keep holding on to the truths and in God. He will be my advocate.. He always is. My job right now is to trust him. Love and Blessings, Terri

Dec 31, 2015 11:34 AM

Terri I'm still working to get to that point. Well I'm trusting in GOD but I am worried and scared I'm angry and all of the above. The thing is all those who came or exaggerate symptoms. If they actually blived a life we live for one hour not even a day they would probably jump off a building. Because beven if ur bodynfor once is not is excruciating pain. U still feel like poo.. Your mood is off your still not yourself. So its never ending . it's just very frustrating. Thanks for listening

Dec 31, 2015 2:54 PM

you are aloud 20 hrs a week or you only can make certain amount of money a month

Dec 31, 2015 6:13 PM

A friend of my sisters, after being denied 3x & waiting on a hearing, took a part time job. The judge told her to just increase her hours until she was able to work film time... Denied! 😷🙏🌼

Jun 30, 2016 8:01 PM

I called my lawyer to see what the status of my hearing she told me I have to wait three more months because Georgia have a back log I already waited 15 months WoW

Jun 30, 2016 9:37 PM

Leolion..I'm sorry you have to wait longer. I'm with you. The waiting is so haed

Jul 01, 2016 2:27 PM

Leolion, I've been waiting since 10/2014, 21 months. Two months ago my lawyer told me that once SS decides to give you a hearing then it's a minimal 17 months wait but could be longer. I'm in GA too. At these calculations it will be 10/2017 or later for me. Learning to twiddle my thumbs very patiently. 😉

Jul 01, 2016 2:34 PM

It may not even be the work time. It may simply be the fact that you can make the trips. Just being able to be comfortable for the travel could be what's held against you. Be careful.


Jul 04, 2016 9:43 AM

In Texas how long between denials do you have to wait to refile a claim? My son has been denied once and appealed the process. This is frustrating because of the financial strain on my finances. He is not physically or emotionally able to work.

Jul 04, 2016 9:56 AM

It's a Federeal decision. I realize some states might get backlogged but really it shouldn't be that long. I literally called my local Social Security Office, got a girl here locally and that's what moved me. She gave me her business card which included her private number what days she worked phones or walk in and that pushed me through. Every time I called she was able to email who was making the decision on my claim. You definitely got to kill them with kindness.

Jul 07, 2016 2:31 AM

I have read and re-read this original forum post...my first initial response was given based on information I was receiving, I am a trusting soul so it does take a bit for me to catch on to someone who is being less than transparent and authentic. I have had conversations with my friends over this particular kind of problem regarding people who claim "the pain is why I can not work" ,it sickens me to no end to learn or just sit back and watch offenders get away with lies and utter dishonesty in order to PROFIT. I have seen people set up GoFundme accounts and ask for money handouts to help with their "medical cost" ...then have tons and tons of activities they do...and then want to use up what little emotional reserve I have to be needy and in pain. I am sorry for the rant. I do want to back out of any comments that I made on this post since it was birthed. I was wrong. Social Security will use any means they have at their disposal to gather information about anyone who applies for disability, including, social media. Posts about volunteering, party going, dog walking PT sessions helping, etc....may actually tell them you can work part-time. I was told by a Social Security agent, that working disqualified me immediately, I had to be unemployed. Now, after you get approved, you can work up to a certain amount..but Social Security has to be informed. In all, I am tired, I have real pain, I am financially ruined and a burden to my family for assistance, I am unable to even walk outside now without a cane for my left hip. I can't sit for any period of real time without having to shift and stand and lay down ..etc. everything goes numb, tingles, hurts progressively worse thru the , etc. O have had a horrible week or two. So , please note this and please remember that I want to give out love and support cuz that's who I am...i miss being a nurse, and I miss the way it use to be for me..but all that is over and now...I am waiting, on Heavenly Father, on the Social Security judge, on my pain med to kick in, and I am sorry I have Offended someone. I love strongly and honestly. I love the friends I have made here. If I have Offended anyone here it was not out of malice or just cuz I was in a bad mood that day...Love and Blessings, Terri

Jul 07, 2016 5:36 PM

True words Terri X 😊❤️

Jul 07, 2016 5:59 PM

I hear ya Terri. It is a sad fact that because of the actions of others, those of us in need are often ignored and punished.

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