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Disability Label

Apr 27, 2019 6:44 PM

I'm only 20 and I recently was accepted onto ODSP which provides income support because I'm unable to work due to my epilepsy and chronic pain that I've lived with for 7 years. One thing that I struggle with is the label and stigma that comes with having a disability and needing government assistance. It's not just others that question if you truly have a disability, but I find myself sometimes questioning myself as to whether my pain is bad enough to not be able to work and the answer is yes, but I still can't stop questioning myself. Has anyone else had difficulty with this and accepting the fact that they are disabled?

Apr 28, 2019 6:05 AM

Hi Amber yes I have that . I have a Mild Disability. Till this day it’s hard to accept that I have it I’m 48. I have Siatica left nerve pain and L4 disc and seizure I’m take medicine for . I ?a lot and others sometimes say maybe it’s emotional pain that’s cause it all.See my parents both passed away Mom 2014 and Dad 2015. See
If you ever need to vent or chat write I’ll write back. Right now I have ice pack on my back it sure helps and I took Tylenol. I also get leg calf and feet spasms chronic. So I hear 👂 you hug gently 🙏🌈❤️🌸 have a nice day btw I’m Shore I am also engaged September 6,2020 to a wonderful guy)))) later

Apr 28, 2019 11:52 AM

Amber, I had to leave work in 2009 for a pelvic mass surgery, but I'd been having multiple other issues for 3+ years causing chronic pain (Have had chronic pain issues since my last 20s). I was not able to return to work and my health has deteriorated more each year since; I'm now 57. I finally accepted I was disabled and filed for disability in 2013; it was approved in 2017. It still bothers me to know I'm disabled but I stopped worring about what others think many years ago. They do not live in my body, they do not see my daily struggles through the basic daily functions. They do not matter to me. When I'm able to walk I do, but when I need to ride a scooter in stores I will. My granddaughter's father is only 35 and due to tourettes he's lost multiple jobs; he's disabled but fighting to get benefits because of his age. Age is a moot point in my book. Hold your head high at the naysayers; you don't owe them an explanation. Hugs love and prayers of support as you learn your way to have as good a life as possible, and find ways and things to enjoy living (hobbies & crafts etc)! 🙂❤🙏🌼

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