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Jan 25, 2015 12:12 PM

Does each State have different disability rules?i have many people telling me I need to apply... I have to modify chores at home, shopping and at work to get through the day but I am still hesitant to apply, it's hard to face this... Does fibro, migraines, Costcochrronditis, back sprain, tinnitis or vertigo qualify?

Jan 25, 2015 12:29 PM

A lot depends on what your doctors paperwork says. I have also been told to apply and got told not to be discouraged if I am denied at first. Apparently almost everyone gets denied when they first apply. I do know there is a lot of paperwork involved and with my concentration issues it takes me longer to get through it. My PCP was who told me I should start the process cause it can take some time. I had a local veterans advocate help me get it started. And to answer your last question the issues you listed that you have from what I have read should qualify but it depends on paperwork evaluation. I was also told it helps to be very detailed with your paperwork. Hope this helps some.

Jan 25, 2015 12:46 PM

I live in washington and the application is online. It wasn't to bad and I didn't have to do it all at once which was great I could work on it then save and come back.. In fact I printed out my catch my pain diary and turned it in to them with all the medical records I had. So far they sent me 2 forms to fill out which weren't to bad one on my headaches which I also printed out my catch my pain diary and turned in and one on past job history. They have until the end of February to decide. I am finding the most difficult is my retirement that has way stricter rules and guidelines on disability. You have to have multiple doctors and a shrink say you can't work. Multiple doctors because each issue is looked at seperately. I am not very hopeful about the ssi and already have an attorney picked out to call the day I get a denial. I don't know that everyone is denied ssi disability the first time you just need a lot of documentation. I helped my dad apply before what he had was on the approved list and he got it first try, he had a lot more forms they sent and we kept copies and gave the exact same answer every time the asked questions.

Jan 25, 2015 12:49 PM

Oh one other thing there is a max per month you can make working so if you are still working you may want to see what that is. I am not able to work but they asked me when I last worked if I made more than 1700 and something a month. I had a pretty good job and made way more than that.

Jan 25, 2015 1:31 PM

In Texas you are pretty much going to get denied always the first time. Even when your disabibility fits their rules they still deny. Then appeal with an attorney and be ready to wait at least a year before you can see a judge. I think they force you to lose almost everything. It feels like this state holds it against you for being fiancially responsible and having a savings and retirement acount. You can only make no more than 1000.00 a month if still working. That being said it should be a good paying job because if you can work almost full-time you will get denied because that is not disabled. Make sure your doctors are sending in your records to your attorney and get a copy for yourself if possible. Anyone that has successfully been approved please share your information for others who are struggling. It is a long hard road don't give up.

Jan 25, 2015 1:49 PM

Hi Everyone, well I got turned down the first time I had to get an attorney now I'm still waiting I have been out of work a year and a half so if I have any good answer I will share it.

Jan 25, 2015 2:30 PM

I'm actually getting ready for my second disability hearing & have learned some things along this 4 year journey (no, it's not a typo - I've been fighting for this for 4 years).

Social security disability is a federal program & all the rules are federal. Now the judges & doctors who make the decisions are more local (regional at least). If you are trying for Workers Comp, then it's managed by the state & the rules may vary.

What disability you file under does have a lot to do with how hard you're going to have to fight. If I could go back 4 years I would have gotten a lawyer first. Social Security lawyers know what can be filed & what it's going to take to get an approval. They don't get paid unless you win & they are very selective. If one of these attorneys do accept you as a client then they believe you have a case.

I live in Ohio & my attorney told me that it seems like everyone is being turned down the first time around. A friend of mine got turned down the first time thru & we have the same lawyer AND my friend should have medical personnel checking on her instead of her being medical personnel (she's a nursing assistant).

You don't have to get an attorney - you can file all on your own but having an attorney makes things SOOOO much easier. And they know how to "play the game" so to speak, so even if you are turned down the first time they can immediately do whatever is needed to file the next step. I honestly wished I had contacted an attorney first.The only reason I didn't was I believed I could do just as well without one.

Whatever you decide, figure you are going to have to fight for at least 2 years, probably longer. On their website (www.ss.gov), they list reasons for filling. There's actually a lot of info there so look around.

The amount of money you will get if approved is set by the federal government & is based on how much money you've made over the years (it's actually like the last 2 or 3 years). The more money you made (& paid into the social security system), the more you will get on disability.

I wish you luck & a lot of patience. It's frustrating & aggravating at times. But maybe in your region of the country things will move smoother & faster.

Jan 26, 2015 8:48 PM

I had to get on disability a few years ago my only requirement was not being able to work because of illnesses

Jan 26, 2015 9:35 PM

Right now I am out on a workers comp claim with a disabled status and when my doc released me for 4 hrs a day with restrictions my employer all of the sudden didn't have any modified work for me ... That has been for December and January ... Then I got a nasty email from HR stating they WILL NOT have any work for me until I am released at 100% by my doctor. I k ow they have plenty of work for me due to the nature of my job and the previous HR person had me working modified duty. Although I must admit that I'm pretty sure even 4 hrs would cause too much pain. I'm having all kinds of issues rearing their ugly heads

Jan 26, 2015 10:03 PM

I filed for disability over 8 years ago. I filled out the application that I printed out from the website, called and made my appointment and gathered the paperwork they needed. When I arrived there, I had to see a psychiatrist, have X-rays and sit down with a doctor. Since I had so much going wrong with my joints, they told me to choose two areas for the X-rays (to which I replied my left shoulder and my left knee). When I was all done, I asked the doctor how long it would take until a final decision was made and would know if I was approved or not. The doctor looked at me and said, "you will get your letter in the mail in the next 7-10 days but you're approved right now... You have nothing to worry about". So, in 4 days I got the letter and sure enough, I WAS approved!! I've gotten follow up letters from disabity to see if I still qualify. The docs send in what they need and then I get a letter stating I'm good for another 5 years and they're sorry for the fact I've declined so badly. Hope whoever is applying or appealing a denial, that you get awarded your disability, and soon!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Jan 26, 2015 10:11 PM

That is a very encouraging story, thank you so much for sharing Alwayzinpain

Jan 27, 2015 5:43 AM

No problem.. I hope it goes smoothly.

Jan 27, 2015 6:00 AM

I have been turned down the first time now I'm waiting on a second appeal so how long I have to wait.

Jan 27, 2015 10:02 AM

I posted on the wrong topic... Could you please read my posts on cortisone injection?

Jan 27, 2015 11:26 PM

So ... I had an appt today with my longtime GP. I have gone to the same family doctor for 30+ years but I will have one more follow up to some bloodwork he ordered today then I will request my entire medical history and find a new GP. ... I have never been made to feel like this by anyone in my life let alone a family doctor who should have compassion and a desire to help. He was unforgivably condescending and rude. I was told when I mentioned the ridiculously distressing costochronitis and how I dread going to bed ( or couch or recliner) for the night because I know the pain I will inevitably feel from the pressure on my ribcage that that doesn't sound like Costcochrronditis... He said it doesn't spread through the ribcage. He is who diagnosed it several years back. When I mentioned the skin sensations I have (and have asked him about before) he looked at me like I had a third eye. Then when I mentioned my daughter wanted me to ask about fibromyalgia he went on a tangent about everyone thinks they are doctors and that he won't diagnose that because anyone who has that diagnosis wants to not work and work the system! Also a comment about my memory was made and he went into "do you forget who your family members are?" I told him no nothing scary just my age and anxiety and he replied "do you forget how to get home?" There were more rude and disrespectful comments before I left. I am so upset that the doctor I have been trusting my family's health with could treat me this way... Not once have I tried to scam for meds from him or tried to have him take me off work... I think someone pissed in his Cheerios!!

But one thing for sure the Medical Director of the Hospital he works for WILL get a very detailed letter of his treatment. I am still flabbergasted!!!

Jan 27, 2015 11:29 PM

Needless to say I did not mention my fleeting thoughts of what I am to do when my organization doesn't allow me back to work...
Heck, I didn't even ask him about the head tremors, the cortisone injection, and a couple other symptoms....

Jan 28, 2015 8:36 AM

New doc, Oregon! Get a new doc! Second opinions, etc! Try not to take it personally. Obviously he is burnt out and needs to take some time off from his job!

Jan 28, 2015 9:12 AM

I recently got asked by my first rheumatologist if I was applying for disability. I said yes on the advice from my PCP. He then looked me in the face and said "don't expect to get it. Your young enough you just have to work through the pain." Yes I am 37 but this pain I have is no joke. I even explained to him trying to work through the pain causes more pain and other issues, and got nothing from him.

Jan 28, 2015 12:01 PM

I am still shell shocked by him! This is the doc who saved my middle daughter from a deadly Stevens Johnson Syndrome and has referred my youngest to OHSU maxiofacial for an underbite that affects how she chews. I an definitely finding another primary care Doc and thank you for that advice...I just don't know how to find one that won't act the same way... Argh, beyond frustrated and feel like crawling under a rockπŸ˜–

Jan 28, 2015 1:20 PM

Holy moly Oregon, how condescending and awful! I'm sorry you had to experience that. On to greener pastures!

Jan 28, 2015 1:28 PM

Oregon i am not sure what part you are in but if you are seeing doctors in the Samaritan health system I don't think you will get very far. We moved from the albany oregon area to the Seattle area. In 2 months here I went to a rheumatologist finally got diagnosed with fibro after 8 years of pain. While they documented the pain well in oregon they didn't do anything. I have had multiple xrays, seen a nuerologist, and am currently working towards a dermatologist for rash hives and other skin issues and a psychiatrist to see if they can lower my anxiety and help me quit "fixating" on the pain per the neurologist . My husband went with me and was shocked he told me she doesn't know you very well you will run yourself into the ground doing stuff. Which of course doesn't take much these days.

A couple of suggestions get second opinion from a doctor in another health care system. Write down your symptoms big or small and keep the list with you, then every doctor you see pull out the list and tell them those are your symptoms. Sometimes I know I don't always mention all of them so I started the list I now have two columns on a sheet of notebook paper. And be prepared to pay out of pocket to get your health on track. I paid for a rheumatologist and luckily have a good pcp so I was able to take a list of all the tests the rheumatologist wanted back to my pcp and she ordered them so they were covered by insurance. Sometimes you have to be a little creative to get the help you need and trying to get the help you need is exhausting. Good Luck and we'll wishes!

Jan 28, 2015 4:17 PM

Thank you so very much... I am not real good at standing up for myself and consequently I am currently on the verge of a mental meltdown, frightened, tired and hurt. I really appreciate you and everyone else's help!

Jan 28, 2015 6:21 PM

Oh Oregonhomestead, bless your heart! I hate it when doctors say things like yours did to you. I've heard mine say "you're just getting older" and "you have some symptoms and slight elevation in labs, but no you don't need to have anything else done." Today the asthma doctor blew the PCP docs words right out of the water...he's sending me to a rheumatologist & endocrinologist & back toy cardiologist. Check on who else you can go to, and if necessary drive a little further. Pray for you! The Lord's going to carry you through, just look to Him!

Jan 28, 2015 7:05 PM

Thank you Flappys... I'm still utterly confused by his attitude.

Jan 29, 2015 11:06 AM

I'm going in for my blood draw Friday morning. I am going to request a print out of all the tests the GP has included in the draw, and I'm requesting a complete copy of results sent to me. Then I'm not sure if I should go back to him for the follow up or not. Also the medical group he belongs to is governed by the local hospital and I'm not sure if there are ANY doctors in The Dalles, Oregon that aren't part of Mid Columbia Medical Centet. My question is should I travel farther and find a doctor not affiliated with MCMC? There is a Providence hospital another 20 mi Utes away

Jan 29, 2015 1:27 PM

Does anyone know if ssi disability sends you to a doctor if that is a good or bad thing?

Oregon if there is a naturopath in your area that would be another option. They go more on how you feel than your test results. If you like the doctors in your group and you think one would give you an unbiased opinion then you could also try that rather than travel.

Jan 29, 2015 2:01 PM

Is SSI sending you to one of their doctors? I don't know anything about that as I haven't gotten far enough to apply yet. I hope someone can help you and thank you for the advice. My back doctor that my comp claim is through has referred me to a physiologist 3 hours away. I'm not familiar with that speciality either.

Jan 29, 2015 4:25 PM

Yes, ssi is sending me to a shrink and a medical doctor. They are suppose to have an answer if I am approved or not by the end of february. It has been almost 6 months since I applied. Definitely not a fast process.

Jan 29, 2015 6:14 PM

I had my psych eval over a week ago, and today was my physical eval. I'm about 6-7 months in waiting also. The doc actually asked me if I'd had a stroke due to symptoms he observed.

Jan 29, 2015 7:50 PM

I am sorry I mistyped the specialist I am being referred to ... He is a "physiatrist", any experience?

Jan 29, 2015 8:12 PM

Sorry Oregonhomestead, but I have no idea on that. Today as my husband & I sat in the waiting area for the physical exam, the other ladies waiting to be seen got to chatting about their problems and why they were there (6 of them in all) for disability. We heard many legit reasons. Then one said, "I slipped at work over a water hose, as someone jerked it. I broke my ankle. I got a lawyer and I'm suing, plus I'm going to get disability. I won't ever have to work again," Another lady's daughter added (after her mom explained what sounded like real reasons for disability), "What my momma won't say, is when her song comes on she gets up and gets down, then she's really down for days!" They all laughed at that. My husband said after I got called back, one said to him, "Your wife sure looks young to be on a cane." When he told he what all I'd been going through, and the number of surgeries I'd had, they all looked shocked and she said, "Oh #@*%#&', she dang sure needs disability!" 😱

Jan 29, 2015 8:31 PM

Right! Everyone has their story... Unfortunately there are some users that make it difficult or impossible for many like yourself who are hurtin for certain and in no way shape or form asked for any of this... I never judge and sometimes I feel alone in that respect... I am blessed and could be so much worse than I am. But I sure as ##ll didn't go back to school and graduate with my degree 4 year ago at the age of 50 throw it away and use the system... Unfortunately I wear my heart on my sleeve and live in a tiny ol town where everyone has opinions and 99% judge.

Jan 30, 2015 7:32 AM

Don't worry, Oregon, I had to see their psychiatrist when I went to apply for my ssi. They do it as part of their process to see where you are mentally and how you are dealing with your pain. It's nothing to be concerned about. I don't know about other states but when they wanted to review how I'm doing, they have the pain management doctor send the office notes from an assortment of dates, times of year and always the most recent. I don't even get letters any more because I've degenerated so very badly, they know there is no way I'm getting better or that I'll be able to work. I hope you ALL get approved for your ssi (and soon) if you're not already on it. Good luck and God Bless.

Jan 30, 2015 10:18 AM

I'm like you Oregonhomestead, I didn't get a degree and job just to throw it out the window & still owe $16k in loan debts! I have no choice.

Jan 30, 2015 11:06 AM

Physiatrist, according to what I see its a bone, muscle , nerve doc..?

Jan 31, 2015 2:48 PM

I have fibro, knee surgery, and having back surgery do anyone know if I can get eligible.

Jan 31, 2015 3:16 PM

Shady it depends on what they decide. They have a list of what is just approved straight up on their website. I say if you can't work and you have worked in the past you should try. I have had 2 knee surgeries, low back problems from a car wreck, fibro, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, hashimoto's thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on and I applied because the pain is so bad somedays it is all I can do not to cry. I also have severe joint popping that hurts including on the back of my head that the doctors won't even address even though my husband went with me and told them that the back of my head pops so loud from across the room he thought it was my knee popping. It seems like we are all stuck in doctor's not addressing issues or documenting them which in turn makes it hard to get disability.

Feb 01, 2015 8:22 AM

Someone told me it is nearly impossiable to get disability in the USA for fibromyalgia alone, you have to have more diagnosises. My question is this: wouldn't the complexities of fibro ( IBS, sleep issues, fibro fog (cognition/memory), etc) be enough to count for more than one thing. It is not just the pain and total fatigue that we are dealing with here!

Feb 01, 2015 9:28 AM

Jesswoo, Do you have bladder or bowel control/loss issues? I have both and because of the IBS & 2010 mass/adhesion mess my pelvic floor muscles are damaged. Its called pelvic floor dysfunction, and a urologist or gastrologist would be able to run the tests to check for PFD. It mostly affects child bearing women, but women who've not had children & men can get it. Its usually connected to IBS.

Feb 01, 2015 9:35 AM

If you have it & don't get treatments it makes your issues worse. Even with tx there's no guarantee it will last. I'm about to go through my 3rd round but due to the damage I have its not likely to last more than 1-2 years.

Many people on disability have told me the least amount of issues usually have a harder time getting on disability. And I know many people with both fibromyalgia & IBS that work. I ran into a lady I use to work with, and when she saw me on the cane she asked what was wrong. After I told her she reminded me that shed told me I had symptoms of fibromyalgia back then. She has it too but she looks in great shape...she moved from KY to GA for a warmer climate. I can't work because of all the conjoined issues going on with me.

Feb 02, 2015 6:19 PM

I have had couple issues with, sorry to be frank, soiling my pants b/c I was not near a bathroom. I would say 25% of the time I have to poop it is fairly urgent ( like better get there in 5 mins, sometimes 30 seconds)! I have wondered about IBS as I have struggled with this off an on since a teen. My bladder is pretty good with holding, but I have to go usually every hour. And I've never had kids! Thanks Flap. I just know a lot of Fibro peeps have bowel issues. Hope you are well Flap! My pain intensity has been a lot lower lately! Med increase and change??

Feb 03, 2015 1:27 PM

I was told by an attorney that it also has to do with age. The government is more likely to approve women over 49 because it is harder for them to get retrained in a different type of work. Also the education level plays a factor. It seems to the government that the greater your education level the better the chances to make a liveable income regardless of your illnesses and pain. Sounds pretty sad but that was what I was told. The rules and diseases are clearly written on the SS website but even when you qualify good luck. Like always they have no problem taking your money, good luck getting it back if you need it. Yes, I am jaded on this topic. Too many years in healthcare taking care of patients while I was in more pain then many of my patients and they were on disabibility.

Feb 06, 2015 7:40 PM

Ugh I got to go in for the disability required shrink. The first thing she says is I am not sure why you are here it looks like your issues are more pain related. Some of the weirdest questions and little tasks. Count back from 100 by sevens...I bet she was bored watching me count on my fingers. Then some I say a group of words then you repeat them. I don't think I did so well. Also a basic run down of my life from a kid to now and the meds I an taking. I am not sure what that is going to tell them. She said it would be a half hour appointment which turned into an hour. Not feeling very confident in this process.

Feb 06, 2015 7:46 PM

I hope all turns out well for you.

Feb 06, 2015 10:47 PM

I recently found out, after getting rejected on my first appeal, that the only records Social Security collected were from the past year. This means they didn't see that I have an almost 30 year history since getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Apparently it is vital to politely check, in person if possible, that all relevant records have been gathered and have copies with you in case they have not. Now I get to find a lawyer and gather the stuff myself. GRRRRR.

Feb 06, 2015 10:47 PM

I recently found out, after getting rejected on my first appeal, that the only records Social Security collected were from the past year. This means they didn't see that I have an almost 30 year history since getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Apparently it is vital to politely check, in person if possible, that all relevant records have been gathered and have copies with you in case they have not. Now I get to find a lawyer and gather the stuff myself. GRRRRR.

Feb 06, 2015 10:49 PM

Sorry for the duplication.

Feb 06, 2015 11:27 PM

I sent them 10 years of diagnoses so hopefully that will help. I have been diagnosed with pain since 2005. Even the shrink said I have multiple health issues that cause pain. This process sucks. I forgot the shrink also went over my finances she was surprised to learn we are flat ass broke barely making rent. Honestly what do they think you get when you are not working a green money fairy?

Feb 10, 2015 8:43 PM

Did anyone get eligible for ssid for fibro

Feb 11, 2015 5:52 PM

Hello everyone.

In my personal journey, I would have to say be prepared for the battle of your life. More than likely you will be denied the first time because the system is broken. Document everything and get copies of everything. Write down who you spoke to, the names, dates, telephone numbers, rep IDs, and departments. Start a filing system separating medicine receipts, insurance, physician visits, procedures/surgeries, MRIs/Scans, and disability info. Get copies from lawyers, and every single physician, specialist, and ER visit spanning at least 10 years ago-dates, times, etc. When you have this master file, keep it updated and keep the originals. Never give your original X-rays, scans, receipts, documents to anyone. People, assistants, interns, paralegals, and general dumbness is found in the healthcare system. Go to Office Depot or similar and make a copy of your master file and give that to someone if needed. If you can, scan the documents and put on flash drive with encryption and put in a safe place such as a safe.

Above all, go to the physician and your specialists as much as possible. Being financially strapped is the epitome of why most disability cases fall through the cracks. There are times where we can't afford medicines or go to our own doctor-and this is even with insurance. But the more it's documented you're going to appointments,the better chance you have.

I say all this to you because I'm going through absolute hell. You can have everything documented and numerous diagnoses. The system doesn't care. This is why I am a US Pain Foundation Ambassador and advocate for change. I am trying my hardest to help anyone not live the nightmare, because no one should be punished for living with chronic pain. We deal with enough.

Feb 11, 2015 8:26 PM

God will open doors for us all.

Feb 20, 2015 6:41 PM

SSD just screwed my day...got denial letter, based on 8 different doctors reports, two doctors reports counted twice. All because I have a college degree, have the ability to think and speak and act for myself, use my hands etc. They think I'm totally capable of returning to any of my previous jobs, but I used 2 canes to balance & walk with vertigo today! Screwed up system for sure.

Feb 20, 2015 6:53 PM

Flappyslady, I am sorry you are having to deal with all this. Talk about a screwed up system! I have heard time and time again not to give up. That most everybody gets denied the first time....it's hard not to get discouraged but know that I am pulling for you!

Feb 20, 2015 7:51 PM

I'm so sorry Flappy! That sucks! Don't give up though! Eventually you will prevail!

Feb 20, 2015 7:52 PM

I'm irritated that they only chose a few doctors and those weren't even the most important, and they duplicated 2 of them. Incompetent oafs!

Feb 20, 2015 9:06 PM

I do not understand why it is so difficult for folks who need disability to get it!!! You PAY for it every paycheck and if you physically (or mentally) can't work, you should be helped. I'm sorry for your horrible day... Sending you healing vibes, gentle hugs and prayers that these people see the error of their ways and approve you.

Feb 20, 2015 9:15 PM

Yes, keep all your own medical records! Social Security denied me because my medical records did not support my claim but I found out they only had a small percentage. I had written down every date of service and provider on my application but when I pointed that out their response was it wasn't their responsibility to get my records. Second time around I got ALL my records myself and submitted them. Along with medical records document how the health issues are effecting your day to day ability to function - especially ADL's, if you have had to file bankruptcy, etc document that too. I had two prior employers write statements about how much sick time I used, how many unpaid sick days I took how my condition effected my work performance, etc. They say they only look at medical records but all of this other information was in the record at my hearing and showed that I wasn't just "choosing" not to work. I would also get an attorney early on because they are familiar with the shenanigans Social Security will pull and will be able to spare you from a lot of stress and aggrevation.

Feb 20, 2015 9:24 PM

Furhold farm a hint about getting your own medical records: a very nice records clek at my Primary care clinic shared with me that if THEY requested records from another hospital there was no charge. So I got a blank release of info request from her, made copies and faxed them to all my other providers and facilities where I had been seen. Since it was a request with my clinics letter head on it they sent all the records to my clinic which didn't cost anything. Then the clerk burned the whole record to disk for $9. Had I gone to the other providers and facilities and requested the records as myself it would have cost me a couple hundred. Be sure to keep that blank records request for future use!!

Feb 20, 2015 11:16 PM

I'm sorry Flappys!! The system is a screwed up deal!! Get back on it as soon as you can get the energy to do it. Maybe while your mad is a good time to start round two prep?! And I was followed around all morning by a PI for workers comp.

Feb 21, 2015 11:07 AM

I was working in housekeeping and my pain management doctor put me on light duty and my job told me they don't have light duty so they separate me a year an half ago

Feb 21, 2015 11:11 AM

They want me to be in full capacity. I never progress at all I have fibro, knees surgery, I'm about to have fusion to my lower back so what they want me to do.

Feb 21, 2015 11:13 AM

Thanks AlwayZ, iathompson, blessed, & Oregonhomestead for the support. If you could see the letter for why... it's utterly ridiculous! I intend to get everything together and make an appt for a lawyer.

Feb 21, 2015 11:25 AM

Ican relate to all of y'alls agravation. I applied for SSD I lIHHh in Texas and I was in my 40's I was turned down. I was hurt on the job. Was denied workers comp because I waited to long to file and had tried to go back to work but couldn't hold up to it. I worked in one of our local hospitals as a nuses aide.I hurt my back on Jan.21,01 and still tried to work, I had MRI and it showed that I had hearniated a disk and up rooted a nerve in my lumbar spine. They gave me steroid injections in my backthey helped for a couple of days, then the pain became unberable again. I went to a pain specialist and he had me on about 4 different pain meds. where I didn't know anything I was durged out. I stopped going to him and stopped everything but the hydrocodon/apap.I continued to try and work by forcing myself. I finally had to quit it took me that long to accept I can't do my job anymore, and put my fellow employees in danger of hurting their backs. So on April 02 I

Feb 21, 2015 11:55 AM

Using educational background is ridiculous. Just because you have a piece of paper, are a certain age and so on doesn't make the pain any more or less. I just went to a doctor disability sent me to. I was having a fairly normal bad day...couldn't remember the meds I take or dates and times things happened or get it in the right order. On top of it I was shaking all over because my pain was so bad. He didn't ask me to do a lot of the things cause he knew it would hurt me. He just kept shaking his head back and forth and writing stuff down. I have no faith in this system that allows people who fake it to get disability and denies those who really need it. So here I sit (actually laying down due to pain) waiting for my denial letter. I already have an attorney picked out. On top of that my retirement plan also has disability but their requirements are completely different than so I am trying to fight that battle too. I don't wish my pain on anyone but wish the adjuticators at disability could borrow it to understand. The doctor finally added hydroco/acetaminophen to my growing list of meds and I might as well not take them they don't even come close to touching the pain. It is nice having this place to come and/or turn to where others understand without question. I am sorry to those who have been denied I will be adding my name to the denial pot shortly I am sure.

Feb 21, 2015 11:56 AM

Sorry I accidentally hit the wrong button. I felt like a failure
felt like I let my family down. I was diagnosed with Syringomyelia in 04 after having an MRI the Dr., found a syrinx in my lumbar spine the Dr said that I needed to have another MRI because it looked like it was going up into mt T S, so I had another one and sure enough it was . Dr told me I needed to take another MRI this time a C S because it looked like it was going up my CS. So I had a third MRI of my CS and yes it was in there also. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2011, I have Arthritis, and I was diagnosed with nerve damage in both arms and carpel tunnel in both arms last year. I had anteriordiskectomy on CS 5-6-7 in 05. Ihad Gastric Verticle Sleeve surgery July 29,13 I have lost 80 lbs still have about another 56 lbs to go. But I have been able to stop all but one of my diabetic meds and down to 10 units a day as needed.

Feb 21, 2015 12:25 PM

Shamm, I'm sorry you are going through all that! And weenie it sounds awful. I am not afflicted as many of y'all are on here and I truly hope all of you get the help, relief, assistance and whatever it is that each of you needs. My heart aches for all of you

Feb 21, 2015 1:02 PM

Shammagren I understand where you are coming from. It is so disheartening when you go to a Dr for help and they look at you and think you are faking it just to get pain meds. Like you dayssid I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone not even my worst enemy. When I got my first denial letter it made me want to scream they said we agree you are disabled but you aren't disabled enough by our qualifications. I couldn't believe it, when I finally was able to see a judge they denied me and said I could work a job taking tickets for 20 hrs a week. I looked at my attorney and said how could I do that when I can't stand or sit for maybe 10 min on a good day. Lol I told the judge that I had worked since I was 18 yrs old and if I was still able to.I wouldn't be here in front of him I would still be working. It has taken about 15 yrs to get my pain meds pretty well where they help with controlling my pain to where I can live my life. I have taken just about every pain medication there is the majority of them is like taking Tylenol. I take Hydrco/apap .7/325 two tablets every 6 hrs around the clock. Gabapentin 300 cap 4 x day a month ago my Dr increased up to 600 mg 4x day,4 yrs ago I saw a specialist who treats Syringomyelia and he added Savelle 50 mg 2 x day. He said that I needed all of my nerves treated right then only the nerves in my upper body was being treated andI also need the nerves in my lower half treated. It took about a month before I could tell a difference, now don't get me wrong I still have pain but it's enough relief where I have built up a resistance and go on with my life. I am having trouble controlling my blood pressure and my Dr thinks it's due to my pain so he add Fentanyl patches he started me off on 20 mg.,change them every three days. It took a week before I noticed a difference and I wasn't using the Hydroco/APAp as before I was down to taking just 4 doses a day instead of taking it every 6 hrs a round the clock. I saw him the next month and he had to increase the patches to 50 mg. change every 3 days. It took about a week before I noticed that I was taking less Hydroco/APAP I was down to taking just 1-2 doses a day for break thru pain. It depends on what I am doing during the day. My pain levels have dropped from a 9-8-7 ,to 7-6-5. Im hoping that my blood pressure straightens it's self up and he doesn't have to put me on more meds. Don't give up keep fighting and you will get your Disability started. God Bless Best Wishes

Feb 21, 2015 1:15 PM

I'm so sorry I just saw my big fat typo weezie I really didn't mean to call you weenie!!!

Feb 21, 2015 1:52 PM

That's alright I'm always making typos. I've been called worse.lol Like my husband always says call me anything you want to just don't call me late to eat.

Feb 21, 2015 2:36 PM

Lol... Glad you have a good sense of humor!

Feb 21, 2015 6:12 PM

I applied for disability in sept 2014. I am still waiting on a decision. Do you all know how long it took to get your first decision? Also I am 42 years old. Do you know of anyone this age has been approved? Thanks

Feb 21, 2015 6:55 PM

Berryjl, I applied either late July or early August 2014. Just got my denial letter yesterday. They contracted out to a company to make the determination. That company didn't bother to get records from my 2010 mass surgery, the orthopedist, cardiologist, urologist, or neurologists (multiple).

Feb 21, 2015 7:00 PM

Oh no. I'm so sorry. Did you have an attorney?

Feb 21, 2015 7:30 PM

Berry when I applied they told me when I would hear something by which is basically 6 months not like they are going to answer before they have to. My 6 months are up at the end of this month and they just sent me to a doctor a few days ago. I am 45 almost 46.

Weezie we have a few things in common. My blood pressure has been on the rise and they keep up-ing that med. So far my gabapentin is 300 am and afternoon 600 before bed. The hydroco is every 6 hours and is a joke. They also up-ed my anti-depressant added another plus I have anxiety meds. Anxiety brings on my ocd which causes me to organize and reorganize and drives my husband and son crazy. Then I have thyroid meds, diabetes meds, a handful of different supplements. I think that is most of it.

No one wants to live like this, watching life pass you by. Seeing the look in people's eyes. Missing everything and not being able to plan anything. Having to give up almost everything you use to enjoy. Worst of all is not being able to really hug the ones I love and sometimes just sucking it up and doing it knowing it will hurt. And the exhaustion alone is a disability all on its own. It is like the adjudicators at social security know this and figure a good portion will be too exhausted to fight or will have brain fog and forget to appeal. We paid into it working our butt off watching "the man" take a good chunk of our check we have earned it and in this condition more than deserve it.

Stepping off my soap box now ( :

Feb 21, 2015 9:25 PM

@ berryjl, not yet, but I'm getting one asap.

Feb 22, 2015 10:05 AM

Thank you Shammagren.

Feb 22, 2015 11:41 AM

Flappy- oh my - I am irritated for you! I just read back on these threads. So they based your denial of SSDI based on the fact that you have a college degree and the use of your hands?! Ugh- what is wrong with this system?! You will get what you need. Keep
Fighting flappy! :)

Feb 22, 2015 1:25 PM

I am. A friend I know got her disability & SSI 2 years ago, based on never graduated, hx of drug abuse, busted ankle with plate & screws, and the same exact neck surgery I had in '92 & '95, but hers was done 2-3 yr ago. She lost her SSI after she started receiving her deceased husbands retirement benefits.

I'm so weak I can't open a new drink bottle or jar, or push open many public doors. I saw this lady hoist 4 huge trash barrels up to her shoulders and empty them in a dumpster! I stood there with my jaw to my feet, and my dad (who also saw her) said, "well you must be feeling pretty good today huh?". She realized we all saw her and then played hurt later in the day. My own freaking friend!

Feb 23, 2015 12:30 AM

Oh my, FlappsyLady, that had to be like a slap in the face!!!! Especially, like you said, your own friend. It's people like that who created problems in the disability folks approving people easily. I can tell you, as a point of information that after I was approved, there were people (2) who would park on my block and watch to see if I was going out, doing yard work, shopping and carrying heavy bags, raking, etc. It's so sad that people get watched, do things they claim they couldn't do and were collecting money for a disability they claim didn't allow them to work. I hope all of the folks on here, that need to go on disability because they can no longer work, are approved Despite the existing problems. Keep us posted on your progress.

Feb 23, 2015 7:51 AM

I agree AlwayZ. It really angered me but I was so stunned I couldn't speak. My dad did though. I pray all of us get it too.

Feb 23, 2015 12:05 PM

It really breaks my heart when I see that people who are good and honest and dealing with these nightmare problems and pain can't get the disability that they deserve. You have worked and paid into the system and therefore, who are these people to deny you the benefits that you have already contributed to?? I'm sorry for getting upset, but I am upset for all of YOU who are suffering and trying to get your disability and are not getting it. Praying for all of you to have success at getting what you need.

Feb 23, 2015 9:03 PM

After fighting for 5 years I got mine in 2006, but they only went back 3 years on my back pay. My husband filed for his in 2013 and they turned him down 3 times we got an attorney but they told him that they agreed he was disabled but he wasn't to their standards of disability. So I talked to my husbands Dr. and he told me what to get him and he would help get it and in about 6 months he recieved a check from Social Security and about a week later that he would start getting a check in Dec.2014.I truly believe that he would still be waiting if not for his Dr. Dishonest people have worked the system for so many years that honest hard working people who truly need the help can't get it. Before he got his we tried to get food stamps they gave us $15.00 I'm sorry I digress I think it's a shame but that's how our government works,we work our whole lived and when we need help it's like pulling teeth.

Feb 23, 2015 10:35 PM

I totally agree with you Weezie12. There are so many honest and hard working people out there who have contributed to disability and social security all of their working years and they are entitled to get help when they can no longer physically or mentally work. I really believe with all the advertisements on TV for lawyers to assist in getting you your disability if you have been turned down has become a big business. So, you are unable to work. You take your records and go to Social Security and see their doctors, shrink and have an exam and xrays, etc.. They tell you that you are not disabled to their specifications and deny your claim. You call one of these lawyers, they go in with the same records, get you approved, get a 30% cut of anything that is given to you as far as back pay and then you are set. (Personally, I think its all bullshit!!!). After I was approved for my disability, I saw two different cars outside my house at different times of the day. One was a blue sedan that looked like an unmarked police car. There was a young man with messy light blonde hair and a stubby beard and mustache that hung out across the street waiting. When I would get in my car, he would follow me and realize I was going to the doctor and then he would follow me home and sit a while. Then, there was a very deep green SUV with a woman who had shoulder length dark (almost black) hair and she would also sit across the street and watch and she would also follow me when I got in my car and either went to the doctor or to get gas (which I've always had pumped for me). Then, of course, back home to sit there for a bit to watch and then they would be gone. That went on for the better part of 18 months and I am sure they dont do that to everyone, but randomly pick folks who have been approved to make sure they have not received their benefits fraudulently. I've gotten so very much worse over the years that they no longer even call me in to have an updated exam and/or to see their shrink, etc... They get reports from my doctors, which I know because the doctors tell me when they are requested to send them and that is all they need and I continue on with my benefits. As I said in an earlier post, I am hoping and praying that whoever is going through the process of trying to get their disability and has been denied or its the first time applying, I pray that you get what you need. There is nothing worse than being left in Limbo when you are in pain, cant function physically, cant work and then the government, who has been taking your money for years (in taxes, etc) will not help you. Best of luck to you all... I'll be praying for you all.

Feb 24, 2015 5:28 AM

I'm meeting with an attorney today. Praying he will do this the right way instead of leaving info out like the ssd board did.

Feb 24, 2015 9:24 AM

Let us know flappyslady, praying it goes in your favor today!

Feb 24, 2015 10:13 AM

Keep us posted FlappsyLady!!! I'll be praying for a positive outcome for you.

Feb 24, 2015 11:35 AM

Ok, so the lawyer asked me to bring the rejection letter & a list of my doctors & medical diagnoses. He clearly did not expect to see such long lists! 😱Lol He took the lists, asked basic questions, wrote some notes and had me sign documents. He said, "I wasn't prepared for all this so its going to take me & my secretaRIES several days to get your information together." Hes going to file for an appeal, which could take 6 months, & appx 85% of appeals are still denied. If that happens we'll file for a hearing, which usually takes another 19 months or so. Basically I'm looking at a 2 yr waiting period.

Feb 24, 2015 12:55 PM

Well its ridiculous what they put you and so many others through. But persistence will prevail! Also its nice not to have that.stressing you out. Let the lawyer do his job now. In the meantime we will focus on our strengths and prayers up to the One and only! God is aware of this. Let's show him our faith! Miracles do happen!

Feb 24, 2015 1:06 PM

Oh man flaps RIDICULOUS! All of these stories are ridiculous. I hope you have other financial support coming in from somewhere?

Feb 24, 2015 2:47 PM

As long as my husband has a job well be fine. I thank God every day because while I'm so sick he is very healthy. And yes, the stress feels lighter so that's all on the lawyer. There's a saying about patience & endurance, but my fog brain won't turn loose so I can remember. I trust that Iwill prevail if I keep my faith in God. I'm praying for everyone to prevail.

Feb 24, 2015 6:04 PM

Thomas Edison said..."many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up". Just a reminder to us all!!

Feb 25, 2015 12:11 AM

FlappsyLady, that is so rediculous!!! All that time... Don't they even think about folks who may not be able to function for that long because the money will run out?!?!?! It's completely absurd... I'm praying for you and I hope that it doesn't take that much time to get your approval. With ALL the proof you brought to the lawyer, if your claim gets denied, he doesn't deserve to be a lawyer!! Keep the faith, it's all going to work out. πŸ’•

Feb 25, 2015 9:42 AM

AlwayZ, I just found out a few days ago that my brother-in-law didn't receive his disability benefits until 2 months before he died. He had terminal pancreatic cancer, was wheelchair bound, and outlived the expected timeframe by over a year. SSD wsd just hoping he'd die first so they wouldn't have to pay benefits.

Another person I know took a minimal hours part tijob just to keep a room & food. Because she did, when she went before a judge he denied & told her she could take on more hours.

Rediculous doesn't begin to describe our broken system, where people who are dishonest & lazy get the advantages but honest people who worked and paid into the system do not.

Feb 25, 2015 11:44 AM

WOW!!! That is absolutely heartbreaking to me. I'm so sorry for anyone who is having such a problem. Perhaps there is a way we can get this community to petition for better help getting disability for those honest folks suffering and need it.

Feb 25, 2015 12:46 PM

Hey guys The system needs to be fixed but I don't think that will ever happen. I think the way they see us is if we keep rejecting them hopefully they will die before we have to give it too them. When I was waiting to get my Disability my husband was healthy and had a good job. But when he had to take a medical retirement at age 57. He only got a portion of his retirement after working for 35 yrs . he drew $929.00. And with my Disability of $946.00 a month this is what we lived on from May 13- Nov 14. I applied for food stamps and we got $15.00 a month.

Feb 25, 2015 1:10 PM

Oh weezie12, I'm truly sorry its so hard on you! I use to earn $40,000/yr, besides my husbands income. And I'm very thankful for my husbands income. We had to adjust our lifestyles, first to get use to the loss of my income, and second to allow for my continued deterioration of health. This month alone has cost $450 in office copays, and without his job/insurance I wouldn't get 1/2 the medical care I do. If something happens to him I wouldn't financially survive. I have 2 siblings who live together just to make ends meet, barely earning just over minimum wage. I get angry at myself, over how well off my husband & I had before I got sick, and what $ we wasted on luxury/selfish living! I now thank God daily just to have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and medical expenses covered. I now know what's truly important to everyone's life. Although my husband still dreams of vacations we can no longer afford, I only pray God helps us with our needs. We've let many non necessities go just to make ends meet. If I get disability it will go strictly to my medical needs or old school loans (degree) I'm paying for that is useless to me now. I pray you & your husband will be blessed financially so you don't have to struggle or worry!

Feb 26, 2015 4:17 PM

Thank you Flappsy I appreciate it. I know it's so hard getting used to living on a fixed income. We down sized our 3 bedroom 2 bath double wide to a 1 room cabin with a loft it's 14 x 32. We have been working on it for a year. We are putting up the paneling up now. It's slowly looking like a house. I know I told my husband that I wished we had saved more money instead like you said just blowing it on things we didn't need. You know when you are young and healthy people don't think of things like we are living with now happening to them. I tell my kids please get a savings account started put 20 or 30 dollars a paycheck and before they realized it would have a good bit of money of in it. I'm afraid there won't be social security checks by the time they are old enough to draw them. What will they live on. I am planning a garden this spring we have it broken up I've got to buy my seeds to plant. I dread all the hard work but the food will sure taste good. I'm going to buy a dehydrator since I don't have a lot of room.

Feb 26, 2015 7:07 PM

Hi Everyone, I just got my second denied letter from social security now I have to go for a hearing next in front of the judge

Feb 26, 2015 7:24 PM

I first apply April 1 2014 then got denied August 2014 appeal second in August 2014 and just got the second appeal denied today now I have to wait for a hearing with AJL

Feb 26, 2015 8:16 PM

So sorry, Shady. I hope that they are able to get you the disability you rightly deserve. I'll be crossing my fingers and praying for you.

Feb 26, 2015 8:40 PM

I filed for disability in 2007 and after 2 denials and appeals, I got an attorney. I had to go to court but after 2 1/2 years I finally got approved. I had all my doctors on board but I also had 30 years of medical records. My doctors all included in their notes that they believed I needed to file because I could not continue to work. I had extreme deformities of hands and wrists and have neck and low back disc degeneration. Get the doctors to include as much medical documentation as possible in your records about how your illness affects you and if you should be working.

Feb 26, 2015 9:06 PM

Shady, don't get discouraged. Stay strong & have faith its going to come through. I'm praying for you too.

Feb 26, 2015 9:06 PM

Thanks Alwayzinpain God knows what's right if it for me he will give it to me social security ALWAYS giving people hell

Feb 26, 2015 9:08 PM

FlappysLady81 thanks for your encouragement and prayers .

Feb 26, 2015 10:18 PM

No problem, Shady.... I'm here for all who need someone to listen and any time I can be of assistance, I'm happy to be.

Feb 27, 2015 10:41 AM

You're right on the SS shady! Lol

Feb 27, 2015 7:10 PM

I applied in Jan 14...I've been denied 3 times...the last denial they said I could do the job I last did. I'm waiting for a hearing--it could take up to a year. I'm also fighting my work for long term disability. I'm having to go to court to prove I'm sick.

This is what I've learned so far. Only give them the name(s) of the doc that support you. I put down the doctors I'd been seeing. I now know, don't put everyone down.

I have a neighbor who had a neurosurgeon tell him he could go back to work- his pain doc supported him applying. He only gave SSI the pain doc. They didn't talk to any other doc but the pain one. I question that insanity.

I have Crohn's, degenerative disk diseas, fibro (which I was told not to put down until I already had). I had back surgery last year and will have my neck fused next month. I have so much going on, I can't believe I could hold a job because I see so many doctors. Oh, age does make a difference. I'm 53, my lawyer wishes I was older.

I also wonder if I have a good lawyer. I question how does anyone know. I'm lucky my husband is supporting us. I lost a well paying job. It's all hard and none of us want to get to the place where we want to be disabled.

Feb 28, 2015 2:59 PM

Well my job let me go to

Mar 01, 2015 11:07 AM

Why not put down the fibro? I thought they recognized that now? No?

Mar 01, 2015 5:09 PM

My rheumy said even though it's recognized, it's hard to prove.

Mar 02, 2015 9:28 PM

In Oregon the income requirements for disability include all household incomes. For ssi if you've not worked because of pain your benefits drop or go away all together. I had my first brain surgery in 2008 and had worked only part time the 2 years previously due to pain. I thought all would be better after the surgery and waited through 2 more years. At that time I no longer qualified for ssi because I hadn't put in enough in the previous 10 years. The 17 years before that counted for naught.

Mar 04, 2015 8:37 PM

Since I'm having surgery on my L4-5 can I still get disability

Mar 04, 2015 9:36 PM

Yes my husband got it

Mar 05, 2015 4:44 PM

Thanks Berryjl for the info

Mar 05, 2015 10:23 PM

Shady and Berry be sure to get all of your records from every Dr. you saw and hospital or clinic you went to. Ask your Dr to help as well as get an Lawyer. Then be prepared to wait my husband waited 20 months before he got his, me it took 5 yrs. Wife 1mom3 that's so wrong!! Are you trying to get you disability started. Hope you can find a good lawyer and Dr to help you.

Mar 06, 2015 5:33 AM

I applied hired an attorney as soon as I left the SSI office and four months later I was not only approved but had my check. The biggest mistake people make is trying to do it on their own. Once the application is filed let an attorney deal with them, he/she will know better what is needed and have an easier time getting it. Everyone who gets denied the first time did not have an attorney I can promise you that.

Mar 06, 2015 6:41 AM

Wishing you the best of luck and success. It hasn't worked for me but I surely hope you're successful! Keep positive. Remember additional stress and stressing about things increases pain! We don't want that!!

Mar 08, 2015 2:48 PM

Got my denial letter they say I have limitations but in their opinion can work. I just ordered all my medical records back to 2005 when my problems began. The Dr finally started documenting my pain in 2008. Had a lawyer picked out and have a call in and have a back up attorney picked out if this one doesn't work out.

Mar 08, 2015 3:52 PM

Shammagrin I know one time they told mm e yes you are disables but you don't meet our requirements of disables. That I could work 5 hrs a day taking tickets now where would that be. They kill me. I hope you don't have to fight as long as I did. It took me 4 years to get mine.Good luck

Mar 08, 2015 11:43 PM

Thanks weezie that is way to long to make anyone suffer through this hell. They keep giving me more drugs but the pain will not stop. I couldn't work on the drugs let alone the pain. I am so angry that people abuse the system and get it.

Mar 09, 2015 8:29 AM

Makes me sick that people "work" the system and get it!

Mar 09, 2015 8:36 AM

Amen blessed. There was a couple around here and she was getting disability with no health issues and her and her husband were running a business. What tipped social security off was they got greedy for free money so the husband applied too. It should be a jail sentence think of the money the fakers are stealing.

Mar 09, 2015 9:41 AM

Its absolutely ridiculous how broken the system is! People who need it don't get it but those who are scammers do!😀

Mar 09, 2015 12:49 PM

I totally agree with you Flappsy. It is almost impossible for a honest person to qualify, that truly needs to be on Disability to qualify when someone who knows how to work the system will be qualified the next day. It's the same way with Food Stamps I see people at the grocery store paying for $300.00 food with food stamps and get in a brand new car. When all my husband and I could get was $15.00 a month and at the time we didn't even own a car. Wife of 1 Mom of 3 my sister in law never worked every much but was able to get SSI as well as Disability she was in hospital and the social worker helped her get hers. I was rereading my post and for some reason I said it took me 5 yrs but it was 4 yrs to get my Disability started and they would only go back for 3 for back pay.

Mar 10, 2015 1:36 AM

My boyfriend and I got 30 a month in foodstamps for us and my son and because he took this job with lower pay we got bumped u

Mar 10, 2015 1:41 AM

Oops had a twitch and posted. We just got upped to 120 woo hoo. We are the ones with a nice newer truck. The only thing i have left to show for all my years of working.the house and pretty much much everything else has been sold

Mar 10, 2015 7:43 AM

Many people have many reasons for needing assistance. I've been there as a child and adult. My mom stood in line at the county office to receive the beans, rice, peanut butter and powdered milk we got every month. Now its cash on a card that in many places and by many people is being abused & misused on nonnecessity foods (junk foods & stuff). This is mostly done via convenience stores. The system is broken.

Mar 10, 2015 8:21 AM

I don't think there is any government system that isn't broken. It is sad all the way around. I am happy to see some states are finally drug testing those on cash and food assistance. I have been saying for well over 20 years. People use it now as an income it was set up to help in a time of need.

Mar 10, 2015 9:43 AM

I've heard or read frequent commentary on SSI fraud and fakers making it hard for really disabled people to get their awards. I have to say, as hard as it is and as long as it takes to get approved,The Social Security Administration is among the best runner government programs, far exceeding statistical fraud losses in private sector. It's really disgusting they are trying to reduce case processing to roughly 270 days on average, but as for fraud losses, it's less than 3%, and most of that is from overpayment and not from actual fraud. As for their fraud investigation and overpayment review, they get back about $11 for every one dollar they spend pursuing the funds. I'm not any happier than anyone else with the process, and I don't work for SSI, but there are a lot of misconceptions out there. All the bad, excluding pain as a reason for disability, of waiting a year for the full process to resolve and the losses we take on a daily basis, as a whole the picture of the agency isn't as bad as people think it is, largely due to inflammatory media mis-reporting. I wish you all luck and 2nd everyone in recommending that you do as much as you can to answer the questions in the disability application first, but that you hire an attorney to represent you from the first submittal to the final appeal. Know that most everyone gets denied in the first review, denied in the appeal and finally gets approved or denied before a judge.

Mar 10, 2015 9:46 AM

I wish I could edit my earlier comments. I foolishly trusted talk to text to accurately record my dictation. Please forgive the missing letters, incorrect tense and flat out wrong words. Grammar police, I know it's a mess!

Mar 10, 2015 12:06 PM

I went before 3 Judges before I got approved, and I had a lawyer. It is just tuff in Texas to get anything

Mar 10, 2015 12:47 PM

It tears my heart out how aweful it is for people who truly need the help can't get it. Look, I don't care if you were born here, immigrated here or whatever. If you worked, paid into these services and get turned away, it flat out sucks!!! I will pray for all of you who need help, get it.

Mar 10, 2015 1:16 PM

I was told that in Germany everyone pays for unemployment & medical insurance. That way no one is left without either when its needed.

Mar 10, 2015 3:11 PM

I don't know what we would have done if my husband hadn't had a good job during that time. When I was finely on disibility I went on Medicare and drug coverage. When my husband got his in Nov 14 he is not eligible until either April or August I cannot remember exactly what month I've slept since they told me. So he has to keep his crappy insurance until then.I hope to get him on Aarp's insurance then.I have to keep Cigna Health Springs because that's the only one he will take. This year is the first one that I have had to pay a premium on my insurance.

Mar 11, 2015 4:36 PM

I called an attorney today to help me on disability. He said that people with fibro have to jump through more hoops. He will be handling mine I was surprised to hear they only get 6000 or 25 percent which ever is lower as set by social security. Had I know that I would have started this with an attorney. Well worth the price.

Mar 11, 2015 6:01 PM

That's good Shammagren. Praying we all get approved.πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Mar 11, 2015 11:44 PM

Flappy anyone with fibro hell should be approved. No one on the outside can understand how bad it is. Knowing now an attorney does not take all I think starting with one from the beginning of applying would be the best. If for nothing else I can't believe the weight lifted off me when he said those magical words...let us deal with everything with social security you take care of you.

Mar 30, 2015 7:08 PM

I have been told by many people that an attorney is the way to go, but my psychiatrist said to me today "so you want to give part of your money to a lawyer?" *sigh*. How do you find out how much you get if approved?

Mar 30, 2015 9:28 PM

I live in Oregon. I'll be 42 in six days. I applied for SSI in January 2013. I was denied three times. And after I received notification of my judge was, I got a lawyer. My court is June 2, 2015.

I have an autoimmune of the liver, four disk degenerations in my neck which are on the left side, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and a few other lovely things.

My back is pretty bad. I only have one problem in it at L5/S1. However it's pretty bad. I have a prolapse of my L5 on my S1 over 5 mm. My L5/S1 Herniation is to the left as well.

I'm bed bound. Been this way for two and a half months. Seeing neurosurgeon next Tuesday. New MRI on Monday. Surgery by end of April? Hopefully.

Mar 30, 2015 9:33 PM

Padffot, in my research, people going without a lawyer, usually cannot prove their case sufficient enough to win. The Lawyer can only take 25% of your award. Is it worth losing, for a little bit of money? But it's your choice. My therapist was glad I finally broke down and got one. It seems that yous would be happy too.

You can google payouts for each state, because they are different. And it also depends on how much you were making at the time you were deemed unable to work.

Mar 30, 2015 9:45 PM

AnnalidaMitzen in Texas there is a cling put on how much a Lawyer can get. When I got mine in 2006 all my Lawyer got was $5000.00

Mar 31, 2015 12:10 PM

So is it a if you don't win the lawyer doesn't get paid? That's what the workers comp lawyers do I believe. I am wondering about what mine would be like because the mri and X-rays don't show damage at the injury spot on my back. I have Costcochrronditis which interferes with sleep, back pain, Barrett's esophagus, barometric migraines and anxiety. What are the chances that that combination of things would be accepted?

Mar 31, 2015 1:01 PM

Yes if you do not win the attorney does NOT get paid.

Mar 31, 2015 6:30 PM

OrganHomestead, my lawyer's office has the main office in Eugene (that's where I am), and offices in Coos Bay, Albany, Roseburg and Corvallis. I chose them from personal references.

My best advice for anyone/everyone, is APPLY NOW! You can go in to a Social Security office, or do it online. They will then send you a packet. I suggest that you get some help filling out this packet. Doesn't need to be a lawyer. You don't NEED a lawyer until you ask for a trial. Why pay someone for what you can do yourself? The paperwork you get is very thorough, it's not complicated. Just remember you will be DENIED three times before they offer you a trial.

The first part (the denials) are quick. 6-12 months. The wait for a trial is 12-24 months.

I can answer questions or give advice. Can you private message with this app?

Everyone, hang in there! We all know life is hard, we all know life hurts, we all know life is sucky right now. Hugs to those who need or want one.

Mar 31, 2015 6:34 PM

Cici, please don't make blankets statements like that.

Each state is different, believe it or not. Your case was a miracle. Not all people are going to be that lucky. Not all people with lawyers are going to be so lucky.

Mar 31, 2015 6:41 PM

Wheezie12, I believe it is a federal (all states) cap of 25% of an award (back pay) that any lawyer is allowed to take. Although, they can charge you for other things, and you will have to pay these fees. In my experience, I've seen an average of $100 due. This is usually for things like medical records.

I got all my records for my lawyer.

Someone said to not give them all your doctors info. It's not up to your doctors if you qualify, it's up to the state doctors.

I found out that the state didn't bother to get copies of my records, like they were supposed to. My lawyer made them add all my records. That was very disappointing. I have gotten, and kept, copies of EVERYTHING now.

Mar 31, 2015 6:55 PM

I have also heard/seen that the more wrong with you the better. I have my back pain (which has caused me to lose my job, lose my home, and almost lose my dignity).

I have been ashamed of my PTSD. But for disability, I've push it to second place on my list of ailments. My Autoimmune is a non-alcoholic for of cirrhosis, it's on my list. So is my anxiety disorder.

I'm an open book. I have no shame when it comes to how I am living now. It is what it is.

Mar 31, 2015 8:59 PM

Thank You Annalida, I think there are some people asking the app people to add a way to message personally but so far I don't see that option... I have been told that I should call a disability advocate. Do you know about that by chance and whether they charge or not? I'm so overwhelmed it's totally adding to my anxiety and pain. Thank you for the advice this is exactly what I need. I also have heard that if you are over 50 (I'm 53) they are more likely to approve it. I spent time today at the hospital and at the family medicine office signing releases for medical (1 for the new pcp I am going to see out of town and 1 for a copy for myself).

Mar 31, 2015 9:21 PM

OregonHS, I'm 53 and just got my first denial. I hired a lawyer now so I'm not having to stress about all that on top of my health. πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Mar 31, 2015 9:21 PM

Your welcome! I have also heard being over fifty betters your chances.

I had an advocate help me with my paperwork. She said to not hold back about anything.

TMI disclaimer.

I told them how I have to pee in a cup/bedpan or diaper, as I am in excruciating pain in any other position than lying on my good side. Or I told them how I need help wiping myself if I even make it to a toilet, but that I mostly use my bedside commode.

I told them how I cannot walk more than ten steps without encompassing spasms. How my leg will give out on me out of the blue. How when I'm using my cane, I'm forced by pain to my wheel chair. How I cannot make it into a store frond the from handicap parking space.

The best person to fill the papers out with you are the people with you every day.

Now this is very important. I am not telling you to lie! However it is important to think about how you are going to progress (degress) during the time it takes for your appeals and application to get you to the court part.

I would try asking the SS office or a Senior Center if there are people in your area that help with things like this.

I want you to hang in there! You can get this done. You can survive this, it might just be hard.


Apr 02, 2015 2:21 AM

Thank you for the valuable knowledge and generous encouragement! I'm am so grateful πŸ’—. I am so sorry for all you go through and wish all of everything good to come your way, heal your pain and wipe away the trauma.

Apr 02, 2015 6:29 AM

I feel the same. So glad I'm not alone, yet sad so many people hurt like I do!

Apr 02, 2015 9:37 AM

At this point in time, fibromyalgia isn't qualifying applicants for disability. History of Childhood sexual, Physical &/or Emotional abuse, Triggering Event, (e.g. Accident, Surgery, Illness, Grief, Loss, Head Injury), history of difficult relationships home/work, anxiety, depression, inability to focus, insomnia, fatigue, PTSD, alopecia, insomnia, & a myriad of side effects of the mess we take - in otherwords, the fragile & explosive emotional state brought on by living with chronic pain and loss of active self, being unemployed & over 50 are things that are factors more likely to receive benefits for people with fibromyalgia. You will need documentation of your path to diagnosis by a Rheumatologist. It is generally a long trip to diagnosis, beginning with your regular physician, followed by those dozens & dozens of tests and appointments to rule out other possible diagnoses (X-ray, MRI, chiropractor, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Neurologist, Gastroenterologist).

I highly recommend that you use an attorney from the first application. It's the triggering history or event and the host of symptom & sideffects of fibromyalgia they are considering. Think about it, you already look fit, can do almost anything, just not long enough to count as "work", then you complete the complex application and gather all of your records, demonstrating that you are able to work. If your family member most familiar with your struggle completes the application, they'll know WAY more than you want them to know, they'll work their butts off & you'll be denied anyway. Appeal hearings are narrowly focussed on a review of the record and since you pave already been denied on the basis or that info., you aren't likely to be approved. Eventually, you're going to end up hiring an attorney who knows the ropes and they generally still get the same contingency fee anyway, so you might as well let them cobble together your application.

FYI: I fell asleep more than a handful of times crafting this note, I'm on my side bc of back/neck pain, my hair is pulled into a tight knot because the touch of it on my shoulders feels bc my skin is on fire, so if something is out of order, grammatically incorrect or just plain nutty, please forgive me for my lack of focus. (Thank goodness for talk to test and autocorrect. Curse talk to text and autocorrect.)

Apr 02, 2015 3:03 PM

I'm sorry to hear so many people suffering from so much pain and trouble but I appreciate the the advice and encouraging advice. May God bless you all and thank you all for caring!

Apr 02, 2015 11:41 PM

I too appreciate each and every word of advice so generously shared... Truly thankful

Apr 03, 2015 7:37 PM

I know of three people, all in different states, that have SSI and have fibro.

Apr 04, 2015 4:21 PM

I am in washington and my attorney told me fibro is accepted by ssi but for some reason they make you jump through a lot more hoops

Apr 04, 2015 9:31 PM

Shammagrin all I can tell you is get everything all the Dr's have done to you, every Dr you have gone to and give them to a lawyer. Talk to your Dr's to see if they can help you get your ssd. I know my husband filed for his in April 13 and they sent him to there Dr he was denied. They told him he was disabled but didn't, meet their qualification of being dialed he got a lawyer we didn't hear nothing for about 8 months I asked his if he would help get him his Disability he said he would in Nov 14 he received a check in the mail and a letter stating he would receive his first check in dec14. It took me 4 yrs to get mine. Good luck to everyone. Will keep y'all in my prayers.

Apr 04, 2015 10:43 PM

My Dr said I was disabled and couldn't work so even when a doctor says it social security doesn't listen. I am sorry he was denied for so long. If mine goes that long me and my 9 year old will be homeless. Loosing everything I own is one thing but having that type of life for my son who has been spoiled by me having a great job all his life would be to much to bear.

Apr 04, 2015 11:20 PM

Shammagren, it is good that you are working with an atty. my case took about a year from beginning to ending. They do provide a certain amount of back pay if/when you are approved, back to your award date, unless they try to negotiate you to a lesser amount. They take you right down to zero before they approve you. As if going from vibrant to varmint isn't enough. The thing your atty. may have difficulty predicting the date of appeal before the judge. The way the course runs, for almost everyone I know, first you are denied on your application, then there is a written appeal where they review the denial and you are denied again. Then you request a court date (how long you have to wait for this depends on the court's case load) and this is where you have to re-order everything because it has taken so long, everything is expired & you appear with your atty.

Apr 06, 2015 10:48 AM

Also, it isn't that people with fibromyalgia can't get disability, it's that the system is suspicious of anything that can't be confirmed by a test. So, they focus on the mental, emotional depressive effects caused by living with chronic pain, side effects of medication & mimicking illnesses, like IBS, flu, and all of the symptoms surrounding fibromyalgia. Heavy emphasis on the mental/emotional impacts. If you haven't considered it before, please consider counseling. It helps from a human compassion perspective and shows the judge you're trying everything, and that you have significant limitations from that side of fibromyalgia. We all HATE owning the personality impacts, but you'd be hard pressed not to be depressed when you're taken from active, creative, intelligent, fun, and hard working to fatigued, forgetful, pained, and living life as if you have the flu for the long haul. We go through self shaming in excess of what anyone else puts on us. You may not be your own best representative - you need professional reports to back up your spoken words to the maximum extent possible.

Apr 06, 2015 3:46 PM

Shammagrin my husband didn't even get a court date, I honestly believe that even though he had an Lawyer that getting his Dr involved was what got him approved. He applied in April 13 he was denied so we got him a lawyer we never hear fom him we would go by and they would tell us they hadn't heard nothing from them, so it was probably around June July 14 . We talked to his Dr and asked him to help he told us to get him the records from the Social Security Dr and he would try he got his back pay check in Nov 14, and his first check in Dec 14. It took me 4 yrs to get approved I was denied got a lawyer,saw 3 different judges finally I got approved they only went back 3 yrs on my back pay. If my husband hadn't had a good job I don't know what we would have done. Just don't give up I think I would get a good lawyer and after I was denied and had seen their Dr I would ask for a copy of my report and then would ask your Dr to help maybe you will be lucky like my husband.

Apr 09, 2015 1:10 AM

I ordered my doctor records for the last 10 years it is full of listing my pain and doing nothing. I was surprised to find in 2009 my Dr discussed fibromyalgia with me. I wish this would get results but right now I feel pretty hopeless.

Apr 09, 2015 7:16 AM

A good letter from your doctor is critical. It needs to address how fibromyalgia, specifically in your case, prevents you from working, not just the fact that you have pain. <3

Apr 09, 2015 11:02 AM

Shammagrin have made an appointment with your Dr to discuss him helping get you on Social Security. Maybe he could give you some ideas to what else you may get him like if you have already seen the Social Security Dr you could get the results from them to give to your Dr then he could add his findings to it and hopefully you would get approved. Praying for you.

Apr 10, 2015 12:38 AM

Thanks weezie right now I can't even think straight. Everytime I go to a doctor I get hit with something else I am ready to avoid them all. I ordered my medical records for the last 10 years and interestingly found where they discussed fibromyalgia with me. It shows almost every dr appointment I was complaining of pain. Feeling frustrated with my health, trying to get disability through my retirement and social security. Now on to learning about ptsd my newest diagnosis.

Apr 10, 2015 6:16 AM

Shammagren, I'm in the boat with you. I'm praying and trusting. πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Apr 10, 2015 10:51 AM

Shammagrin and Flappsy I wish that there is something I could do for y'all. It seems that every time we turn around we are hit with a new diagnosis of some thing.

Apr 10, 2015 10:55 AM

Oops I accidentally hit the wrong button. It makes it where you hate going to the Dr because you don't know what your going to be hit with next.

Apr 13, 2015 9:48 PM

Well I got my 2nd denial letter today. They stated since I hadn't had any new appointment or worsening problems the second investigation also deems me not disabled. They apparently didn't bother to request any more records. Oh well the lawyer gets to handle it. I'll call them first thing in the am. Goodnight everyone & praying for blessed painless sleep for all! πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Apr 14, 2015 12:30 AM

Persistence of a bulldog Flappys! Sleep well 😴

Apr 14, 2015 1:10 AM

Best wishes Flappy you are one step ahead of me in the disability roulette. I am learning the squeaky wheel gets oiled. I drag myself into the doctor for every change or send her emails. I ordered my records back 10 years and am post it noting pages. I believe you got to jump on your own bandwagon driving picking up those you need ie..Doctors specialists lawyers and so on. It is a hard task but there are some things i can do laying down. It seems like you have to prove pain,tenfold for disability to believe you. It is dehumanizing, and demoralizing begging for something you paid into to be for you when you needed it and being told nah you don't really need it. I wish they had a program to spend a week with the applicant and see the reality this is not fun and games this is desperation trying to survive. Sorry for dragging my soap box out I have been terribly sick all day and my pain is through the roof and we are living so far below poverty level we can't see the line. I had a job that paid well, good insurance and so forth why would anyone choose to live on the piddly amount you will get on disability. I hope your lawyer can work well for you. Wishing you decreased pain and decent sleep.

Apr 14, 2015 8:05 AM

I hear you Shammagren! I too lost a very good paying job with full benefits. Its been like playing "let's make a deal" and we all got the joke door! Really? We want this? Its because they've never had to go through it. I hope you'll feel better soon. Praying so! πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Apr 14, 2015 9:57 AM

OMG, FlappsyLady.... I can't believe that you are still being denied disability!!! I cant tell you how that really angers me. I keep seeing posts on this thread of so many of you who NEED to have disability and aren't awarded it. I know from my own experience that I went from making almost $50k a year to now less than $19k and that is after 10 years being on disability. It certainly doesnt pay the rent. (I had to move home but at least i can help out my folks who thankfully are still with me). I pray all of you who are struggling to obtain your rightful disability wages that you get them and very soon.

Apr 14, 2015 11:33 AM

AlwayZ, thank you for your thoughtfulness. I'm not stressing because I know Gods going to let it come through. My lawyers applying for a hearing now. My hands are both hurting and trembling as I try texting this. I'm praying everyone else gets theirs too. πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Apr 14, 2015 1:03 PM

Flappsy I too hate that all of y'all are in desperate need of your disability they act like it's coming out of their paychecks while we worked all these yrs and paid in so if we needed it it would be there if we needed it . I mean who wants to be in our positions,just to get a pentince of what we could make being a productive member of society. Don't be surprised when you finally get your court date and go in and they tell you that they agree that you are disabled, but you don't meet their qualifications of being disabled. They told me I could sell tickets like at the movie theater, when I could not stand for 10 min before having to lay down to get a little relife, the same for sitting down. I spent most of the day in bed. But I could sell tickets. The judge asked if I would like to say anything and I said, I have worked a full time job since I graduated from high school. That I would still be working if I was able too I sure as heck wouldn't be sitting here today.

Apr 14, 2015 1:09 PM

Oops acidentally hit the button. Needless to say I didn't get my Disability until 3 other court dates that stretched over 4 yrs., and they only went back for 3 yrs for my back pay. I hope that y'all don't have to wait that long, hopefully it will only be a short time. Will keep y'all in my prayers.

Apr 14, 2015 3:23 PM

Flappys, i'm so sorry that you're having such a struggle getting disability. It makes me sad since it was so easy for me. I have an accident where my foot was practically all the way off and it took a long time to get it back together and since then have medical problem after medical problem. So I got it right away.

The one advice that I've heard from others. Is that a good journal about your limitations and your medical visits and medicines is really a good thing. But persistence is the key. Even if it doesn't happen this first time around despite a couple denials. Do it again, let them see you're not going away. Eventually you'll see the judge who is human. He will be able to reach you and see if you are an honest person and not trying to get over the system. Which I can tell by our communications you are definitely not. It is so sad to see all these drug addicts getting disability and I having to work. I know it's a disease and I should have more compassion but it is like they don't make them get better. They just except the fact that the drug attics.

Don't give up!!!!!! I don't know what your financial situation is. I don't know why you don't go to the doctor more often. I'm going to make a guess. Here it is and I'm sorry if I'm wrong. It is expensive. If that is the case, I was wondering if you could look at a place that has sliding scale programs that go according to income. I used to be able to get free office visits. If that is your case and I'm not suggesting that is, then maybe he would be able to see the doctor more often.

Apr 14, 2015 6:07 PM

Thanks Weezie & Profiler. I can't get on a sliding scale because "my husband makes too much money." Hes got good enough income that were not worried of losing our house. I pay the house first, auto second, utilities (necessary) third. Anything left goes to gas, clothes, food & medical...and it doesnt stretch far enough sometimes. They don't care that its all going for my medical needs.

Apr 15, 2015 2:33 AM

I know exactly what you mean flappy. I make about $50000 a year. That use to be good money. But with all the medical bills,mothers is hardly anything left. I would get so mad because when the kids were young enough, we would be a family of four. We were so close to qualifying for free medication and extra help. I wasn't to prideful to take it. My dad taught me to work hard for my money. Whether it was $20 an hour or a cent, he said it reflected on you as a person. So I worked real hard. So when the time came and I needed it, I made like $75.00 too much which like they said doesn't take into account what you are putting out for medical bills and medicine and supplements.

What makes me so mad, was when I was 25, I could only get a job at Burger King with my family of four. That not the part that made me mad. They told me they would work me full time. They said I worked hard but the place wasn't busy enough so could only give me 14 hours. So I got free Medicaid for the kids, $700 in food stamps, I qualified for HUD and only had to pay $50. Well, I was happy to be assisted but I was taught to work for my money so I took it but was working to get out of it. So I took what little money I earned and bought supplies to clean windows professionally. With our expenses, after the fourth month, we made $500.00. They cut our services in half. Then I kept going I got myself up to $750 and they let me go after seven months. Don't get me wrong, that was my goal. But a family of four can't live on $750.00 a month. I use to and still do resent a little people who make a career out of living off the system but the government almost encourages it. It doesn't help when it should. And it gives when it shouldn't. Isn't it crazy. I am not pointing fingers here. I am a just relating my own experience. Again, when I needed help and if you need help, we should take it. That is what we work and pay taxes for. Just a little rant

Apr 15, 2015 6:58 PM

Profiler, I totally understand. I was raised the same way. Respect yourself by respecting others. Do the job you're being paid to do, not what you think your pay amounts to. I use to work on a military base as a contract worker. It turned my stomach, knowing how much everyone was being paid, yet watching them be lazy because they'd finished the assigned work. The joke in the town was they called it "... Rest Home"... Seriously! My daughter works hard to support six, but she's punished because her income is slightly over the limit, so they cut her food stamps. A friend of mine (on disability, who can toss fully loaded 55gal trash cans into a dumpster), goes out with her granddaughter and wades in a creek...slips on the rocks and falls flat on her butt. Said she's not telling she fell in the creek when she goes to a doctor, because oh yeah, she's in pain! Really?

Apr 15, 2015 10:26 PM

Yea, that is horrible for your daughter. The price for being honest and desiring to work likes she has been raised to do. We raised our kids not only to be good workers but to enjoy working. So many times I wished I sitill worked. The primary reason is for my marriage. My marriage is not suffering. But because we are around each other all the time, we see and hear all the same things. We have nothing different to share with each other.

I would like to go to work and then be able to come home and tell my wife something interesting that happened and she would be able to share with me part of her day and what she did that day. I think marriage is better when you miss each other a little a few times a week. It lets you appreciate what you have. Well Flappy, I hope you are having the best day that is possible in your situation.

Apr 16, 2015 8:17 AM

Same to you Profiler!

Apr 16, 2015 11:38 AM

The system is very broken and we are paying the price. I one asked a doctor if I could live with him for a week so he could see my life. I agree whole heartedly with you all. We must fight for ourselves and it is not fair at all. Good luck to us all and hang in there.

Apr 24, 2015 4:57 PM

I was forced to move to NE from S.CA. I have a half pg typed of chronic very painful conditions. Fibro, chronic daily migraines, CFID, new RA. I was turned down by 19 Drs right off the bat. I can't drive anymore so my husband goes with me. My charming PCP talks to my husband about his troubles. It's like I'm not there. I have COPD & high BP. I can be coughing and choking.....He child my chest and BP maybe 1 out of 4 visits. I get my records every year but "his" notes are never there. They said oh you use to come in every month? Yes I say. I was pushed from 1to 2 to 3 to now 4 months between visits. The RA is so painful I'm barely able to walk, back with my walker. I can't sleep or sit and cry from pain often. I have the condition that "Oregon" has mentioned on post #16. Your rib cage hurts so bad that every single breath or reaching for something causes unexpected stabbing or spasam pain. When he went out of town this year I called and said I need my entire file for Mayo Clinic including my PCPs notes. What a shock reading that was. "I came in with my usual gripes. He checked me over completely ". Their lying in our files folks. That can effect our medicines ins will cover etc. I was in the hospital one time (out of many) with a 3wk irretractable
Migraine. He didn't call Meds in for pain and nausea. I begged everyone to call him but his treatment of nurses is a legend. He came in the next morning and say don't EVER have a nurse call me at 9pm because your in pain again. My heads in a bucket mind you. He told me and I quote " Your too needy being sick all the time! ( almost yelling) write a proposal of what you'll chg and I'll decide if I'll keep you as a patient"
I swear. Anyway I went to a hospital clinic because hands knees nothing was working and I took two falls. They gave me a sample after saying I now have RA and DDD of the spine and have lost 2 1/2". I called my PCP on Mon and asked for a script for these muscular/skeletal pills. The return oh call I was told by the young receptionist that my Dr will no longer write scripts for Meds he hasn't written before!! I've reviewed 4 Drs this yr. Seems my Bible Belt state wants me to pray because they don't write pain Meds unless it's cancer or your dying. I pulled out my med kit and almost took my life. My service dog picked up on my mood I think because she straddled me so I couldn't reach the med kit. She whimpered and oh the little kisses. She saved my life.
I qualify for disability just as soon as we go through our life long savings. The world is going in a terrible direction. I'm 63 and still seeking a new Dr. My husband wants me to pay $4000 a year for a private Dr on call 24/7 but by the way we don't go to hospitals. You would have to use theirs! Really. Get a copy of your hospital records. Wrong Meds and dose, writing so fast they have the facts wrong. We want to move but every time I read it's the whole nation. What the heck are we going to do for care in our golden years? Sorry about the vent but thank you for being out there. Share a smile it's one of the few things I can do.

Apr 24, 2015 5:02 PM

My first post. Sorry my ph likes to chg words and I've got to find the info button on how to use the site.
May tomorrow be better then today

Apr 24, 2015 5:47 PM


Apr 26, 2015 9:57 PM

I forgot to update... My lawyer is requesting a hearing and he's going to meet with me ahead of time. Hopefully we'll hear back soon. I'm nervous as all get out...can't seem to organize my notes or my head! Any advice is much appreciated!!! πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Apr 26, 2015 11:43 PM

Organize your medical records by date, then sub divide by doctor. Put labs separate by date and the same for mri's, CT scans and xrays. Then make your notes and it should all be able to fall in place. Don't forget your pain journal for extra back up. Best of luck. I took all of my lab and made a excel spread sheet by date. Think I blew the doctors mind. Use tabs or a 3 ring binder if you need to. This is a true fight for your life. You have to be your best advocate!

Apr 27, 2015 12:12 AM

Absolutely! You ARE your best advocate! I haven't been through this so I have no words of wisdom just hang tough!! Good mojo!

Jun 30, 2015 9:16 AM

It seems that I'm not the only one. Hang in guys!

Aug 16, 2015 1:13 PM

Flappyslady81 there any update on your disability case status?

Aug 16, 2015 2:00 PM

Flappsy, take your time.. Don't make the piles of records too high that it looks overwhelming because that will add to the anxiety. I agree with LMB, organize them by date and that should make it easier for you. Also, check the "date of service" on the "Explanations of Benefits". This will also help you to organize your records without having to drive yourself nuts with trying to remember off the top of your head. It will ALL fall into place and with all of the hugs, positive vibes and prayers, you know that by the Grace of God, things will have to turn around in your favor soon. You hang in there, my friend, when you need support, you know where to turn!! {{{Hugs}}} to help you feel better and know that if I could be, I'd be right there helping you get everything together. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Aug 16, 2015 7:04 PM

Shammagren, I have a meeting with my Atty in September. We're still waiting for a court date.

AlwayZ, I'm trying to take it one day at a time. Unfortunately being sick last week nothing got done. Thanks for the additional suggestions. πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Aug 17, 2015 2:59 AM

I hope you get your court date soon and it goes in your favor. I just got a denial so next step for me is court. It's like they want to make you lose everything. How do people cheat the system get it and honest people get rejected. Makes no sense.

Aug 17, 2015 7:01 AM

Shammagren, sadly it seems that is the way it goes. It's horrible how many people DID cheat the system, the government paid out a lot of money and these people didn't need it. The ones who have been caught are in jail where they belong. The problem, when you present files from doctors with legitimate diagnosis and your in chronic pain, there should not be all of these denials. I keep thanking my lucky stars that the first time I went, I was approved. Many folks I knew told me to prepare to be told no. It hurts my heart to see all of y'all that have posted here that are in dyer straights and STILL being denied the benefits that you worked so hard for and are deserving of. I will keep all of you struggling with this nightmare in my prayers that you get resolution. Hang tough, I know you'll get it!! πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Aug 17, 2015 10:41 AM

Thanks Alwayz it is rather depressing. I have a double fight going the one with social security and the one with my retirement. Just as frustrating is trying to get diagnosed. Now that my records show fibromyalgia they blame everything on it. I have burning popping spine pain that I don't think is fibromyalgia. I go to a rheumatologist in November hoping he can figure it out.

Aug 17, 2015 10:49 AM

My prayers will be with you. I hope all goes through in your favor and you can get the help you need. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Aug 18, 2015 1:54 PM

I have been denied once also at the hearing level. Im set to have another hearing next month. I have had an attorney through the whole process (4 years) I have worked since I was 14, I am 34 no. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013 from a rheumatologis. He wrote a 7 page narrative report to social security and to my lawyer, he told social security I cant work at all in that report and I was still denied a on the record approval. This process has got tobe the most stressful process ever. I have had to get a job so I dont lose evetything I worked hard for, before I got sick.

Aug 18, 2015 1:56 PM

It sucks that I see all these druggies that get social security. They get it because they cant get off drugs. So the people that need it cant get it.

Aug 18, 2015 2:15 PM

To bad social security decides thier own opinion and the doctors opinion means nothing to them. I have physical and mental conditions that have said I can't work but social security says I can.

Aug 18, 2015 8:38 PM

It seems our government try to make us lose it all or die before we get approved. I guess it is how they keep costs down.....vote the issues whenever possible. Good luck to us all.

Nov 20, 2015 12:12 AM

I'm really confused by your comment which I'm sure was made out of pure frustration and anger at the system. That being said your comment would imply anyone who gets SS benefits are "druggies". There is such a larg population who need benefits and suffer in severe pain you include us and I'm guessing your in pain so yourself. I'm sorry for all of us who suffer and the fakers. We have to unite and write letters, letters and more letters. My pharmacy the big "W" got a new staff and THEY thought my script was to large and allowed to take to often. I wrote letters to the store director (same pharmacy for ten Yrs, look at my history moron) and The big "W's" corporate office. I got personal phone calls and letters but it ease my pain and stress heck no! I'm months behind on this msg but it saddens me to read such struggles. Good luck and may you have less pain today

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