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Distraction Time!

Sep 16, 2016 8:32 AM

So I'm kind of a walking contradiction, I want to do the least amout of work possible but I want to have my own vegetable garden.
The soil in my place is bad, really really bad, and I'm done bending or squatting to garden. So my plan is to build some raised beds in my back yard so that I can have better soil and sit on a ledge to garden.
Attached is the tenative 'floor plan'.
I'm looking for input on it.
Between the side fences and the back fence and the planter I'm planning on putting gravel. I want to put some sort of divider between the gravel and the grass, probably stone.
I don't know if i should straight line the divider and gravel like i drew and have it in front of the shorter planters or if i should put it at the edge of the planters so the is no gravel in front, just between.
Also I'm thinking cedar for the planters. Should i seal them or line them with something before i put dirt in them? I'm chemically sensitive and don't want to use toxic materials in my garden.
Let me know if the picture is too small and I'll take some split close ups.

Sep 16, 2016 9:55 AM

Left side

Sep 16, 2016 9:56 AM

Right side

Sep 16, 2016 1:58 PM

Hello ... So my type of thing ... I will look over you drawings once my boy is home .. check out hugelkulter ... You could use some yard waste to raise the soil height ... Lasagna gardening another soil building tech ... Flowers veg ... I know cedar here attract mosquitos ... Consider (depending on $$$) installing soaker hose ... I dream of those on my bad days and wished my beds weren't so wide ... On stage 3 of my mom's front yard ... A bit at a time.

Sep 16, 2016 4:25 PM

Sorry just realized you meant cedar wood ... I used some untreated cedar and it has aged nicely ... The layout looks great .
I use black cedar mulch since it has more give underfoot ...
Looking forward to updates.

Sep 21, 2016 9:29 AM

What about monkey grass for the divider? Don't line the planters but do use gravel and/or sand at the bottom for drainage. If possible run a line of PVC pipes (or speaker hoses) from one to another planter, to make watering easier. Take a pic when your done. Good luck! 🙂💕🙏🌸

Sep 21, 2016 10:17 AM

I've never heard on monkey grass so i had to look it up. It looks nice but unfortunately isn't a zone 3 plant and therefore will not survive the winters here. Same reason I'm not putting in any irrigation system. I hate trying to repair things after they freeze when it gets super cold super fast and i haven't gotten around to winterizing. Speaking of which i need to drain and store the hoses and shut off the outside water.
Thanks for the tip about the gravel and liners.
This is going to be a spring project i guess. It's too late now to build the planters and get them in and i have no where to store them so it'll have to wait for warmer weather. Working outside at 3 degrees Celsius is just too hard on these hands.

Sep 21, 2016 10:23 AM

Oops, I forgot you lived north with the chilly cold. Maybe paver blocks or just a line of mulch?

Sep 21, 2016 10:27 AM

I was thinking the charcoal colored icon edgers like i used around the front flower bed. They'll give a cleanish line and some space so the grass and whatever i use around the beds don't get all mixed up. I keep finding rocks in the grass by the gate to the back yard where there is no divider and on the side at the front where there is one of those little plastic edging things. It's really hard on my mower when it finds the rock before i do.

Sep 21, 2016 10:30 AM

The edgers around a shrub in the corner by the deck in my back yard

Sep 21, 2016 12:27 PM

Great idea! I'd wait till spring. Save that energy. I know our bodies don't create enough energy already. Your plans look great. And just think of the research you can do up till spring. Look forward to seeing pictures spring of 2017.

Sep 21, 2016 5:26 PM

I love my garden! Sometimes sitting in it is the best way to lift my spirits. I have trouble standing for long periods so my new raised beds will have ledges for me to sit on. And they won't be wider than 36" so I can reach everything. Your plans look great!

Sep 21, 2016 11:30 PM

Gotobef very cool!

I have raised beds.
I wish mine were a little higher.
They seem to dry out fast. I like the soaker hose idea or even better the pvc piping and drill holes in it then hook up to a down spout or water supply. Trimming around the base of the beds I find a pain because I can't figure out changing the spool 😜 then forget.

I put newspaper on the bottom, no rocks, just rocks on the beds that are on top of our cement patio.

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