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Does anyone know any good doctors, supplements and medications?

Dec 17, 2014 2:27 PM

I need some good doctors, supplements and medications please
Also please look at my other threads "Help me NOW (giving up)" and "STUPID STUPID STUPID DOCTORS" i really need everyones advice on all of my threads

Dec 17, 2014 3:01 PM

You are looking for answers for release of pain. I too felt just as you do thirty. Years ago, I thought there was no hope, no answers, the tears came, the depression started taking over my life. Then I became a grandmother twenty five years ago and the need to be a part in her life was soooo important. I will give you my helpful hints as others already have but You must find the answers within yourself! I learned deep meditation many years ago I guess you could call some of yoga methods. I keep a focal point across from my bed and when it gets bad itry to focus. I have a dorsal implant.. Installed in 1993. It does help with the pain, again it is useful if you use it correctly. Prayer sounds mushy but your faith, your God can assist. Journaling is the greatest help you because you can see how it's going. 😅 I have over 40years of journals, my poor daughter. Lol
I have had over 14 surgeries I lost count of the number of invasive procedures until a few years ago. The did a myleogram this year as I felt something different. The results were devasting....the Aracknoiditis has moved up into the thoracic area and cervical. There is nothing any doctor on earth can do for me. The spinal canal and disc are filled with disease,spurs the list goes on. So medication is my journey now, wheelchair, most times , but I am still here....yes most days it is hard to smile, to move, but I am able as you are. I tell everyone the solution is taking one day at a time, if that is too muc take I it minute by minute whatever you can handle. May God bless you with knowledge of your inner strength for you can beat it day by day
Roz from cold NJ☺️🙋

Dec 20, 2014 6:50 PM

Kernan hospital in Baltimore only does ortho work plus Johns Hopkins in Baltimore both are great places for ortho work. I have had 87+ surgeries on back, hips! and knees. I only trust those places with my body. I drive two hours one way to see those doctors, so they are worth it!

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