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Dr ... Wtf

Apr 16, 2015 6:56 PM

I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and have 5 fractures in my vertebrae. So far so good. Can manage that, but I have a problem with my right hip which feels like the thigh bone is moving in the joint. I understand that this is the biggest bone in the body but I also know what I'm feeling. I'm now not walking properly, trying to cope with back pain and pain in the right hip as well. Dr has put me on anti-inflammatory meds & pain meds but doesn't want me to take them because they increase my already high blood pressure. I've been trying to manage without both but causes stress at home as I'm in constant pain. I take them only once a week to keep my sanity & preserve my blood pressure. I'm at my wits end.

Apr 16, 2015 8:03 PM

Unhappycamper, I'm so sorry you're going through such messed up doctors instructions. Is he your PCP or a pain doctor? Most pain doctors where I live are neurologist and they know how to medicate around other issues. I'm losing faith in all PCPs.

I've been under mine over 25 years and he's closed minded. If it isn't good in his opinion he dismisses it. He's blown off many of my issues, thyroid most recently. I have 3 radiology reports showing my thyroid is damaged, but his reply to my concern, " most people your age have scarring." After my husband pressed him to retest my thyroid levels he agreed, "for kicks and a giggle." After the results he called in a low dose med to pacify us. I asked for a referral to an endocrinologist, because thyroid issues are rampant in my family. He said no because I didn't need one. I mentioned my concern to my psychiatrist and he referred me. I saw her yesterday and she agreed the reports looked bad. Because of my other autoimmune issues, she ran a full panel on my thyroid, not just the basic. She called i n a Rx for Cytomel/Liothyronine today (for T3 function). The Levothyroxine my PCP put me on is for T4 function.

My advice to you is, if you doubt your doctor, find a new one. Unfortunately I have to stick with mine until after I'm sent to Mayo by a third doctor. Too much stress all at once. But I will be finding a new PCP asap! I'll be praying for you to find a doctor who can help with your pain and BP. 🙏🌼

Apr 17, 2015 8:22 PM

Hi Unhappy Camper,

I don't post here much, but I have some similar issues and I wanted to share the advice my rheumatologist gave me about anti-inflammatories and high blood pressure.

I have arthritis that the rheum suspects is inflammatory. I also have high blood pressure that is well-controlled with meds. His instructions were to monitor my bp at home and to call my gp if the numbers crept up. If that happens, he wants my doc to increase the dose of the bp meds, not decrease the anti-inflammatories.

You need to see your doctor again and see if you can create a medication plan. The pain, sleepless nights are no good for your bp either. Are you on bp meds now?

I hope you get some relief soon. I know how complicated it can be to manage two chronic conditions.

Apr 18, 2015 1:29 PM

Unhappy camper I have high blood pressure and I have chronic pain but am unable to take anti-inflammatory medications on ancount of my stomach. But my PCP say's he worries that my uncontrolled pain makes my blood pressure go up.

Apr 24, 2015 5:31 AM

I wasnt able to find any meds apart from non prescription ones which only help a little that i could take and still drive and do my job which requires being alert and not sedated. So i am not always in the best of humour!

Apr 24, 2015 6:49 AM

I am new to leaving messages so please forgive me if i am rubbish at this. I have patella femoral syndrome where my knees go out of alignment. This was manageable until i was in an accident which created back problems which means two years later i still have problems sitting and standing. Also degeration at L4 & L5. I was given exercises by a physiotherapist to help my knees go back in alignment. After the accident my hips start to go out of alignment. New exercises helped. Now i have a new problem with one of my hips which is definitely affecting my walking gait. My problems with pain and especially fatigue have a hugh impact on my family. What helps me when in pain is quiet and being given space and time to rest. I also distract myself as much as possible with hours of audio books. Tv. If i lie down and rest for long enough the stress of being in pain lessens. I couldnt do this without the understanding and practical support of my family. They free me from guilt about not being there for them the way i used to be. They give me the peace and quiet to recover every time i overdo it and end up lying down all day. They do the physical chores. I can now do the other chores like planning and dealing with finances when i am well enough to focus. If it wasnt for them i wouldnt be able to keep my job and the roof over our head. Stress at home is a horrible debilitating side effect of chronic pain - it makes everything harder. So in the last few months we started trying out breathing exercises and anything that helps us re-connect to feeling calmer and closer. It is helping and we need it. I hope you feel better and have less stress at home. Apologies for rambling i dont really know how to do this yet. Best wishes.

Apr 24, 2015 8:03 AM

Garden, you sound like you're finding ways to work through and handle the pain & medical issues. You are blessed with such a supporting family.

I'm sorry your hips are now a problem, but I can certainly understand. I have chondromalacia of the left knee patella, and arthritis in both. The left lower leg bone has a large bone spur that presses under the kneecap when its straight. That makes it collapse. I also have right side whole body weakness and balance issues, requiring I use a cane. Compensating for the imbalance/weakness puts more pressure on the bad knee and hips, both now grinding and clicking & hurting. Its like you try to deal with one thing and it sets something else off. But I'm blessed with a helpful and understanding husband. Occasionally he doesn't understand but he tries to. I'll say a prayer for you. Have a good day! 🙏🌼

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