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Ear problems

Sep 09, 2015 10:59 PM

I know it was discussed a long time ago here somewhere... but tmj and ear problems.
Went to my bf brothers lake lot for Canada day week (july 1). Went swimming almost every day because it was freaking hot and a boat access only lake lot with no power and no real shade is not great for staying at an ok temp. Got water in my ears every damn day and had a lot of trouble getting it out, especially on the right side. I think it took a week after I got home for my right ear to drain.
It has not felt right since. It pops a lot, it feels full but there is no noticeable hearing loss, its uncomfortable, sometimes it hurts like hell, buzzing is quite often and loud in that ear and the last few days all noise has been highly painful to my right ear.
I had blood in that ear Friday morning and again yesterday morning.
Went to the doctor today. He says there is a tiny scratch in my ear, nothing to worry about and probably caused by dust on my earplugs. This is the second time i went in about the discomfort in that ear since canada day. There is no sign of infection, my symptoms dont match the symptoms of an inner ear infection. He said it sounds like congestion causing equalization issues and that i should take a decongestant and allergy pills to see if it goes away.
I have always had trouble equalizing. Flying and driving through the mountains always hurts so much (and the lake lot is on the other side of the rocky mountains). I struggle when scuba diving too but i find it easier to control while diving.
The symptoms in my ear seem to be worse when my tmj is bothering me. My right side is always the side that hurts more, and thats the side my ear is acting up on.
So I guess I'm asking the more experienced if it is possible that my jaw is causing all of the problems with my ear and what can be done about it. I dont think the allergy pills and advil cold and sinus are going to do anything.

Sep 09, 2015 11:19 PM

Absolutely, your tmj can affect your ears, eyes, nose, and even a headache. Do you have a tmj splint? Mine was made by an orthodontist, but you can get the sport ones in stores that you hear and mold. They didn't work well enough for me. My worst dear aches a are usually connected to my TMJ. But I'm being checked for a vestibular problem to. And my PCP asked me if I'd been swimming in any lakes or streams. I said no and asked why. He said there are multiple bacteria in the lakes and streams that are making people sick. If you don't get better soon, get a second opinion. 🙏🌼

Sep 09, 2015 11:28 PM

My dentist had a splint made for me.
It doesnt stop the clenching but I dont hurt as bad using it. Sometimes i forget to put it in when im really tired and my teeth all hurt in the morning and the headache is worse when i forget.
I'm going to do advil cold and sinus, allergy pills and ear drops for a week and if it doesnt go away he is going to refer me to a ear nose and throat doctor. Im guessing im going to be getting that referral

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