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Apr 29, 2017 2:36 PM

FML I been dropping weight fast its not good... To date two half weeks 30 pounds, as I was trying loose weight I was happy but that's not normal having hard time eating basically couple handfuls chex mix stuff today that's it I really wanna try I'm afraid to waste food whats the point... I'm exhausted I been sleeping n napping hour n half to three hour at time thru out day that's not normal I I have insomnia most people hear me bitch I CAN'T sleep now I am sleeping alot there like isnt that what u want?? YEA BUT NOT FROM BEING SICK😧😧 UFH... I CAN ONLY EAT CWRTAIN STUFF AS IS.. 9 DAYS TIL FOOD STAMPS... I WISH MONEY CONE WHEN I GET THIS, WAY I USUALLY EAT WHAT I CRAVE, JYST CANT RIGHT NOW... SO TIRED WEAK I WANNA MAKE HOME MADE πŸ— SOUP I USUALLY EAT THAT BUT GOTTA MAKE IT 😧. FUCKING HATE THIS, sigh so sad

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