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eosinophilic esophagitis (EE) or schatzki ring

Nov 30, 2016 3:51 AM

So I had an upper GI done. I either have schatzki ring or eosinophilic esophagitis (EE). I'm really really freaked out. They have to confirm w/ the biopsy which one it is. But I may not have the information for 2 weeks. I can't sleep (unless I drug up and I don't want to eat (it won't hurt to loose weight though)

On top of that SSD denied me again. I believe because the attorney office put the wrong dates on the paperwork. My long term insurance stopped paying me saying they overpaid me $5000 and I'm told this 2 days before payday and 5 days before Thanksgiving. Put in a complaint was told corporate officers would call me in 48 business hours. 😂😂😂 it's been 9 days. No call & only VM any other times. The Hartford long term insurance sucks. The company they hired to handle my ssd sucks along w/ the attorney office. I met & spoke to my attorney 3 minutes before my courtroom hearing.

I now have no choice I have to go back to work. I can't loose my home too!

My dad was bragging the other day about all his new toys, (which he totally deserves) he's finally retired and living. He's been working since he was 8 yrs old. But I was so pissed off at him. I just couldn't understand, he knows financially I'm drowning and it's like he was rubbing salt in my Wounds. No my dad doesn't owe me anything. I just can't find the I'm happy for you button right now. Ik horrible right!
On the other hand my mom is as broke as me and cried her eyes out that she had nothing in savings to offer me.
I would never ask her nor my dad(they're divorced from each other) for $. But I can't lie when they ask how things are either.

Anyone out there have EE or schatzki ring?!?! Any advice? I don't smoke (anything)nor drink alcohol. I'm not allergic to gluten nor dairy.

Ugh 😑 just had to get this off my chest.
Rant overload Ik! Thanks for reading!

Nov 30, 2016 5:41 AM

Oh mzladybug I wish there was a way I could help you. I can't even offer any advice as I don't have either of these conditions.
The only things I have to offer which isn't very much at all are my prayers that things will get better for you, that the angels lift you and help you move forward and hugz to say I'm here and listening to you xx

Nov 30, 2016 8:03 AM

Thanks Sezzy I appreciate it. Prayers are welcomed! Thank you for taking time out for me.

Nov 30, 2016 4:40 PM

Mzladybug, I was dx with Barrett's Esophagus earlier this year after having an EGD procedure. It's erosion of the esophageal lining, which can turn to cancer. It's caused by GERD, so my doc told me to be careful eating any foods that causes GERD, acidic and spicy for me. I'll have an EGD every year or sooner to keep watch on it. Talk to your doctor and research diets that might help. Lol for support groups for your diagnosis (dx) too. Hugs love and prayers you can find helpful suggestions and have less worry. 🙂💕🙏🌸

Dec 04, 2016 12:48 AM

EE is actually caused by allergies so next test will be allergy testing to see what I'm allergic to. I have minor GERD and the meds help that.
Did you know dill pickle juice helps heartburn! It really works.

Dec 04, 2016 12:53 AM

FlappysLady81 it looks like the only difference between EE and BE is the cause.

Dec 04, 2016 9:42 PM

Ugh ever since the upper gi I don't want to eat. I mean nothing. I force myself A little every day to eat a little but I'm never hungry.

Dec 06, 2016 4:56 AM

Well I got the biopsy results today it's confirmed I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis. I'm so exhausted 😩 and sick and tired 😴 off adding a new illness to my long list of conditions.

Dec 06, 2016 5:02 AM

Hypothyroidism (hashimoto)
Chronic migraines
Gout(worst thing ever)
Non-alcoholic fatty liver (side effect of PCOS)
Starting to become agoraphobic w/ panic and anxiety attacks
High blood pressure
eosinophilic esophagitis
Please let that be the end

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