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Esophageal spasms and Barrets

Jan 03, 2015 2:14 PM

I had suffered with horrendous esophageal spasms for over twenty years. They came at random times and I could never tie them to a trigger. They can be best described like Charlie horses you get in your calf but they could last for hours all the while getting longer, stronger and closer together, like labor pain. These episodes (sometimes weekly, monthly or farther) absolutely made me out of my head in pain. They are often mistaken for a heart attack. I have now been diagnosed through biopsys with Barrets Esophagus and am now on a proton pump inhibitor. Thinking back it has been possibly 18 months to a year since my last spasm... Possibly cells changing in esophageal lining could have been causing spasms? I also have bouts of Costcochrronditis that make breathing painful. On top of these rather obscure conditions I injured my back at work on January of 2014 and it was a sprain that does not show on xray or mri. My back doesn't want to heal and I now have back spasms that are agonizing. My Ortho Docyor thinks maybe a Facet Joint with some slack in it is the culprit. Also there is a clunking in about the T-12/L-1 junction when I lay and do a specific movement in range of motion stretches. I am beginning to get very depressed and feel like I'll never feel better!

Jan 03, 2015 2:27 PM

I'm wondering if anyone can share their experiences with any of these issues: esophageal spasms, Barrets, Costcochrronditis or back sprain in the T12-L-1 area that has caused pain for at least a year.

Jan 03, 2015 10:14 PM

Hi Oregonhomestead, I have had several spells of costochodritis and it is very painful. I use heat and massage for them, or a muscle relaxer if they get real bad going around towards my back. The first time I thought it was a heart attack.

I also have esophageal spasms due to my asthma & Gerd, which I take nexium & tessalon pearls for. Its been scary for family members to witness it because I'll be crying tears and gasping for breath at the same time. I find that remaining calm and slowly massaging the throat area has lessened the length of them.

From multiple injuries (falls, accidents, strains/sprains), I've had problems in multiple areas of my spine for decades; c3-c7, T1-T2 & T11-12, L1-2 & L4-S1. Neck discs were fused in 1995 but above & below are deteriorating. An injury while twisting 2 years ago caused a tear in the tendon at the T12 disc, and a chiropractor won't touch me now. I was in so much pain I was desperate. My PCP sent me to a pain clinic where I spent the last 2 years getting nerve blocks. Because I have extreme allergies to many medications, and even developing them towards food, its been a difficult road finding what worked for me. I do take tramadol for pain, & chlorzoxazone for muscle spasms.

Although I am much better than 2 years ago back injury, because of the fibromyalgia I have daily pain at varying degrees, depending on my activity.

I use a TENS unit, voltaren gel & heating pads or ice packs (rice in a sock or baggie, thrown in the freezer or microwave works too) in between.

I know this may not be what you wanted to hear, that it took this long and I still suffer. But remember everyone is different, our issues, our treatments, & our responses. And when I'm having a really bad day (wanting a self pity party), I remind myself to count my blessings because I could still be like I was when all my health nose-dived over four years ago.

Jan 04, 2015 2:33 PM

Thank you for the reply, I am very interested to hear from others with the same afflictions because at times I feel like I'm alone in this and most of these issues aren't the most common. I am sorry to hear how much pain you live with.

Jan 04, 2015 6:58 PM

Hello Oregonhomestead, my husband has terrible back pain due to Degenerative Disc Disease, Kyphosis & bulging/herniated discs (T1-T12). He gets awful back spasms in his lower back because of it and the doctors gave him Valium for it. He's also on Morphine ER tabs twice a day and Morphine short acting for breakthrough pain. I can tell u from experience how difficult and frustrating and depressing it is to be undiagnosed (or misdiagnosed) for a long time. I wish you the best of luck.

Jan 08, 2015 8:37 PM

I feel like one thing aggravates another in my situation... It just gets so frustrating and depressing.

Jan 08, 2015 10:08 PM

Oregon homestead, thank you for you comment. I'm sure it sounds terrible but in all honesty I'm just thankful I'm not as bad as I was. But I certainly hope I never go back by deterioration of health! I'm still struggling to find what's at the root cause and like Amieleblanc said, its frustrating not knowing. Best of luck to you finding DX & treatment.

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