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Ever get the feeling...

Aug 31, 2015 11:05 PM

I know in public I get really nervous normally, but after finding another friendly spoonie (but nothing too severe yet) at my friend's party, I started thinking. ... .How can so many people be so normal so often? I'm just trying to walk, I'm obviously quiet. I have had people call me antisocial or stalker-ish. I'm not normal, ever.
Met another girl who was really sweet, and offered to help me with some of the things I can't physically do in my own if I decided to stay the night. I almost cried. She gets headaches, and various injuries from dancing. Weird to randomly meet someone I can relate to.
She's home schooled, like my friend. Very social, and cuddly. Hmmm...I didn't stay the night because it's still easier to sleep in my own bed.
I remember making a presentation about my experience with chronic pain, other people, and doctors. People seemed to understand, and several people had similar conditions. I had not known before then, and it surprised me. I feel like that was when I really started looking at every person differently.
Small nods in the hallway. The redhead, recently diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. The girl with a back surgery who has PT in Portland every other week. My teacher with Fibro, the only person in the school organised enough to keep track of 400+ ADD teens and adults. The guy who's always quiet like me, but I didn't talk to because of cigarette smoke.
It's just weird. I think "spoonie" half the time when I'm meeting someone. It just seems to add a level of respect I can't always find.
Think I just met another spoonie, maybe we'll become close. Who knows?

Aug 31, 2015 11:53 PM

Its like i posted in my blog today, that person you see not able to sit still in a restaurant may not be high, they may be in pain. And if they don't fidget they may just scream or cry.

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