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Exercise and pain

Apr 05, 2017 4:14 PM

Hi - so my rhuemy told me that I needed to try and push myself exercise wise to help my HMS - take it to a 7/10 he said!! So the last week I have walked, swam and today tidied the garden up for summer ... and guess what..... now my hip is so sore it hurts to walk I have a banging migraine and my neck feels like it's about to give way! I'm newly diagnosed and finding this really tough and quite lonely 😢

Apr 05, 2017 4:56 PM

Your not alone; pain is no fun, I don't agree with your doctor. My pain management doctors And family doctor is ALWAYS on me to exercise ( the meds they have me on made me gain a ton of weight; 117 to 164). They tell me to go slow. Walk the dogs, ride a bike, do stretches, swim. Expect some pain but if it's too much stop. The next day you should be a lil sore but not hugely. If you are then you have over done it. Doing too much can make things worse and aggravate the existing issues. Start slow and build up. This is from my doctors. On good days I have a tendency to over do things. Then I pay for it for days. Please please go at your own pace. I started with 10 min a day then 15, 20 and so on. I'm up to 45 min of very low impact.
I know it's hard, and totally sucks. Please know your not alone. We all have felt or do feel that way. I constantly feel alone. And I have 3 kids and a husband and 4 fur babies that won't leave me alone. I believe its the soul/ spirit that is in pain and torn (for lack of a better term; ) not able to relate to family or friends or the world. People push us away when we are hurt or have something wrong. We play it off like we don't care but we do and the damage and hurt is so deep it's hard to repair. This site helps. We are all in the same boat, we won't leave or abandon you. We can relate. We can just listen we can give advice if you want it and the biggest thing, we can love, comfort, and help heal. I'm here for you, pm me anytime. I'll even give you my # if you need to talk out loud and hear a voice.
I hope this helps you; even just a lil bit~ bla bla
( Tracie)

Apr 06, 2017 4:09 AM

Try to pace yourself Sam.. none of us are super woman/man.. take things slow.. i know its frustrating.. Gx

Apr 06, 2017 4:32 AM

Hi Sammi, firstly​, sorry you've had such a disappointing experience following the rheum's prescription for exercise. Nothing worse than willingly doing what they say because you are sure they must know what the right thing is and then so disappointing when it turns out wrong.

In my own experience, following urgent requests from docs to exercise, I went through a lot of gym instructors and physios (who didn't relate to chronic pain) and then I found some people who did. They helped me very very gradually build up a tailored plan of what my body could handle. It can take a lot of research and perseverance to find these kind of professionals but it is worth the effort.

I now use a mixture of workouts, some hydrotherapy and swimming (in pools 32 degrees plus where that temperature can soothe pain and make your musculature more amenable to exercise). Also gentle stretching to begin. Then Pilates fundamentals and core work. Also walking. Cycling is on the cards next.
In the beginning I thought I would never be fit again following the onset of my condition. Very short periods or activity followed by rest seemed pointless. But I have built up and have increased my muscle mass again. I still get flares but they are becoming less debilitating.

You and you alone are the best judge of your body's limits. If only we could find rheumatologists etc who had gone through these sorts of conditions themselves and then they might realise what can happen after a workout.
Best of luck finding what works for you.
Loneliness that comes with it is so tough but you have made a great step in naming it and sharing here.
Finally, I've also been trying to build a mindfulness practice for the last year and while it certainly can't provide a cure, it can give some comfort to be in a group, relaxing in a calm atmosphere.
All the best x

Apr 06, 2017 2:09 PM

Yikes. I'm so sorry. My doctors are always pushing me to exercise because of my weight. I would love to! But I don't think they quite understand how difficult that could be. Remember to start slow and pace yourself. Just small tasks. Maybe try yoga, or just dancing around the kitchen while you cook dinner or even doing simple exercises while brushing your teeth. Every little bit counts, just know your limits.

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