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Exhausting day: Sciatica & Hands/Feet Flare Up & Painful Big Toe

May 22, 2015 10:27 PM

I woke up feeling pretty good compared to the past week. By the time I walked to the kitchen I was hurting in my Lumbosacral areas, both sides. Within the first hour of being up, sciatic pain was shooting down my left leg. By lunch it was going down both legs. I bent over to place laundry in the dryer and I felt & heard a horribly painful pop in the left Iliad crest area.. Brought tears to my eyes. As I straightened up I realized the sciatica was weakening even as I walked. Good!

Midday I began having tingling, stinging & semi-numb sensations in both hands and feet. The later it got, the worse the symptoms. Right hand was is worse than the left, and the opposite for my feet, left worse than right. I can't say it's all painful, just a smidgen of pain and a lot of nuisance. Possible Sjogrens symptoms?

Just relaxed in my chair and I notice my big toe on the left foot is throbbing. That's unusual so I decided to change from my sneakers to slippers, give my toes room to spread. The big toe cuticle in one corner of the nail bed is angry red. I had just filed my nails shorter the night before. I touched it and it hurt so bad I flinched. Thinking it's an ingrown toenail I soaked it in Epsom salts twice. Between soakings I actually pressed blood or bloody pus out. Infection? When I got through soaking I stepped into the shower to wash the salt off and then put moisturizer on both feet, but not that toe. My rheumy doc told me it's important not to get damaged dry skin, kind of like diabetic care of skin. I'm sitting on the bed and notice a small red streak just behind the big toe going up my foot. I guess if it's there in the morning I'll be going to the urgent care, just to make sure it's not a staph infection.

I am exhausted. Everything I've done today has drained what little energy I built up in between activities away just as quick. Yesterday I had to use my emergency inhaler because my spirometer was low. Asthma flare maybe. But I'm covered in bruises all over where my 14 lb pup sails into my lap at full speed, and everywhere his feet hit leaves bruises behind. I know I'm anemic because the doctors office called after the last labs and told me so, and said take OTC iron. I'm thinking the way I'm bruising so easily and badly, maybe it's not just simple anemia, in light of the easily fatigued and sheer exhaustion.

Opinions? Advice much appreciated. I have five doc appts between Tuesday and Thursday, one being the endocrine doc who identified the anemia.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday weekend (USA memorial day), and a restful night's sleep to all! 🙏🌼

May 23, 2015 9:15 AM

I slept hard last night, waking only twice and didn't get up until 9:00 am...10 hours. Wow... First time in a long time! I feel more rested but we'll see about the energy after my shower and grooming. All the tingling & stinging is gone, but I have pain from my pinky & 4 thy finger to halfway up my bicep on the left arm. The arms is tight and stiff muscles. The big toe nail bed is still very red but no streaks. I'll be in flip flops today. Hoping for a good day!!! 🙏🌼

May 23, 2015 5:17 PM

Flappsy, It sounds to me like you ended up with an infected nail bed. Sometimes, where the nail starts to become ingrown, that area will become so red and angry and tender to touch, it can be agonizing. I had that happen with an ingrown toenail and every day for a week, I soaked my foot in warm water (as warm as I could tolerate) and epsom salts. I squeezed it out and got out some blood and pus. After that, I would put on peroxide and then neosporine. It took that entire week to clear up. Just make sure that you don't have that runner and that it doesn't come back. That is usually indicitive of blood poisoning and can be very dangerous. I know you said you have several doctor appointments this week. While you are at any one of them, have someone check that toe just to be sure there is nothing more that you need to be doing for it. I have to go to pain management on Tuesday morning (I usually go Monday but due to the holiday, it is what it is). Next month, I will be going back on my normal Mondays and things will be back to the way I am used to them, I hope that you have a peaceful and less painful weekend. Try to relax as much as you can before the week begins so that you don't have to be too worn out. As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. By the way, just to let you know, I have to go to the eye doctor on Wednesday and they are going to be "peeling" the pseudo membrane off of my eyeball... EWWWWWW!!! I'm really nervous because I've had it done and it hurts like hell and there is nothing but a HUGE mess left of my eyeball. It is actually covered in bubbles and holes and the holes are all filled up with green and white gooey thick and stringy gunk that keeps breaking off when I get it with a Q-Tip and goes back into my eye. The holes is all the way across the bottom of my left eye and travelled into the outside corner and up the side of my eyeball. I am in alot of pain and of course, all of that area is connected between the ear canal, the tear ducts, the sinuses, your throat, etc... What a freaking nightmare. (I was actually invited to go to a BBQ today with folks I graduated high school with and I could not go because I am contagious. I couldn't believe I was invited to begin with since none of these people had a nice word or even bothered with me in school. I gave the benefit of the doubt and accepted the invite and then ended up not being able to go at all. Well, I guess we'll see how many people contact me on Facebook to see if I am alright and that I will join them for the next party. Sorry I got off topic and also went off on some kind of tangent.... I'm getting off my soapbox now. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend.

May 24, 2015 6:12 PM

I think the toe is an ingrown nail. It was doing better until I put sneakers on this morning. I'm in flip flops now.
The sciatica is still around the sacrum and thigh but not as bad.

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