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Family problem support .

Mar 13, 2017 5:35 PM

Hi I am new here. I have bipolar disorder on top of other mental stuff. I am living with n laws and it is very stressful . I guess I am looking for ideas on how to deal with flashbacks of bad times and getting upset all over it again. It's like I'm upset with the past and having troubles letting go. .. it feels like it just happened but it's has really been a few months ago ..

Mar 13, 2017 5:54 PM

Am so sorry hun. I wish I had an answer for you. I know Sezzy may have some helpful suggestions for you to try.

Mar 13, 2017 6:20 PM

It is beneficial for you to move on bc in the end the stress hurts you!

You can't control others but you can control how you react and feel.

Your giving away your power. If possible avoid contact . Be polite.
Don't expect good from in laws.

I can relate my ex mother in law liked me until we announced the wedding plans. Through the years she referred to me as " what's her name" , what's her name kid".
Oh, there is so much more to tell.
To this day I gave never cursed or yelled or disrespect in any way.
She was never worth lowering myself.

Be strong

Mar 13, 2017 6:29 PM

Cougarlicious thank you so much for that advice . That means a lot to me. And I understand. My mother n law called me that wife and her granddaughter that baby . Very hurtful words . But I agree with you. I need to rise above and teach my daughter how to handle life the healthy way. Thanks again 😊

Mar 13, 2017 6:31 PM

💋I wish you all the best.
I know it's not easy.
My kids are my strength and the reason i try to be a good Christian woman...
I want as much time on earth with my kids

Mar 13, 2017 8:45 PM

I hope you don't mind me asking but roughly what's happened? You can private message me if you like or you don't have to tell me if you don't want to but I would like to know what type symptoms you're getting so I can see what I can do to help (I've already noted the flashbacks), do you also get night terrors as well?
It's very good that you have recognised that you're having troubles with letting go and that's the first bit but you may not only have the flashbacks but you'll probably also have "emotional memories" where you don't actually remember much about the incident but your body remembers the feelings from the incident.
I'm working with my primary care mental health nurse to go through some different techniques to try and help me move on.
It's not so much the memories of the things that have happened because a lot of the really bad stuff my subconscious has blocked the memories so instead I have lots of blanks in my memory from blocking the bad stuff but I still have the emotional memories where if something or someone triggers my emotions I start to shutdown and sleep....I try to block out the world!
If you could tell me a little more whether it's about the incident or about what your body goes through then I can try to help.

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