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Aug 28, 2016 6:33 AM

I am tired and it is only 6:30 am.

Aug 28, 2016 6:35 AM

Awh hun. Have a cup of tea or coffee and just relax if youre able. I'm the same, go to be tired, wake up tired. I hope that you feel a little better soon x

Aug 28, 2016 6:38 AM

Thanks sounds like a good idea. Hope you feel better too.

Aug 28, 2016 6:41 AM

Also, if you haven't already, try to cut out simple sugars and eat complex carbohydrates. So instead of white bread eat wholemeal or seeded wholemeal bread. Alternatively, and probably best for you due to its higher protein content (protein makes you more alert, carbs make you more sleep - in the "long run" so to speak so after a couple of hours) is sprouted grain bread with or without seeds.

Aug 28, 2016 7:33 AM

Any other tips to reduce fatigue (in the UK if possible due to being able to access the suggestions)? I'm so fed up with not being able to concentrate due to being so fatigued: i live on my own and have a pending court case to deal with :(

Aug 28, 2016 10:18 AM

This is going to sound backwards and kinda like the crap doctors spew but.... I find that exercise helps my fatigue a bit. There is a fine line between doing too much and doing what you need to to feel better and it changes every day but it helps. I have an elliptical and do yoga dvds. I need to do some weights but I struggle with that.

Aug 28, 2016 12:05 PM

Ive tried doing just 3 minutes on my exercise bike, and that was too much :-/ so im at a loss as dont have the time to be ill :-/ (sorry, just fed up)

Aug 28, 2016 12:31 PM

So do no resistance and do one minute. Then do one minute again the next day, then try a minute and a half the day after that and see how you feel. The saying is ''start low and go slow" and it is so true. Took me years to work up to 60 minutes at a fast walking pace in my elliptical. And some days is a slow walking pace for 15 minutes.

Aug 28, 2016 12:33 PM

I just winder if theres a point in doing just 1 minute :-/ its so frustrating :-/ but thank you :)

Aug 28, 2016 1:14 PM

Every little bit counts.

Aug 28, 2016 6:41 PM

I agree with Gotobef, that exercise actually makes me feel more energy, and doing it consistently helps reduce pain. I first realized this during the 12 weeks of physical therapy. But then I started walking my treadmill, starting slow and steady. I first walked 5 minutes, then after 3 months went to 10 minutes, and now I'm up to 15 minutes, nearly 9 months later. Some days it's hard to push to 15 so I just do 10, or skip if necessary. And on really good days i might even walk twice at 10-15 min each. I listen to my body as to whether or not I should skip. I've had to stop for 2 weeks twice since May for surgeries, and restarting I've reduced to the original 5 minutes. The hardest part of exercising is getting started. The other hard part is finding what exercises are best with your own physical issues. I had lost so much strength & balance ability I was falling & stumbling more, until the 12 wk PT sessions. I have an imbalance caused by my Cranial nerve but my body weakness was making it much easier to stumble and fall. Now I have the leg strength & balance training that is helping me not fall even if I stumble off balance. Slow & steady is important key. And if you can't do it daily, try every other day or every two days. It's just a matter of listening to your body of how long, how often, and what kind of exercise. Doing stretches is very helpful before and after. Hugs love & prayers you find something to work for you! 🙂💕🙏🌸

Aug 29, 2016 9:57 AM

Thank you...its just so hard when my body is telling me im too exhausted to do anything :-/ and when i do have a bit of health, i need to prep for my court case so cant take the risk of using energy on trying to make energy, just incase i over do it-i didnt think doing 3 minutes was over doing it, but it wasnt helping :-/ just feel so trapped and lost

Aug 29, 2016 10:41 AM

Its not an instantaneous thing. It takes time and it's slow so you might not notice the increase in energy. But it's there. That's why logging is a good idea. Then you can see your progress over time. Is there any way you can do some of your prep while on your bike? Or do a bit of prep and then do some stretching then do some more prep. No one should be still for very long anyways, it's really hard on the body. Stretching is wonderful and helps with both energy and pain. Maybe start with some stretching. It's good to get things moving. But remember to do less than a quarter of what you think you should be able to do and slowly work your way up

Aug 29, 2016 10:52 AM

I think il have to wait until the case is finished as i just dont have the physical or mental energy to keep track now. But thank you for the suggestions

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