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Fed up

Dec 23, 2016 4:44 AM

Sorry to be a pest and keep posting.
Today I received a text inviting me for a DWP medical assessment next Thursday at 08.50 am! This is going to be yet another night and day that I can't take my meds, a) the night before I can't take them because they make me so discombobulated in the mornings and then the morning meds cos I've got to drive. I really cant take many more days without my meds, there's been too many days of late.
Both my cpn and dr said they would do me a letter of evidence supporting me but wouldn't do it till my appt came through. The text (no letter as yet) came today so I phoned both of them and surprise surprise they are both on annual leave until 05.01.17!
I have no-one to go with me, I hate doing this alone, my anxiety is through the roof with worry about making sure I can get up, get there and be successful in making them understand I'm currently not fit for work. I also want them to realise that this isn't permanent it's a temp situation for me (I hope).

Dec 23, 2016 4:30 PM

Cinders if you go in saying this is temporary they will put you straight on jobseekers then you'll be forced to look for a job now.
Not to sound horrible but you're better off not taking your meds to go in. I went in to mine at the end of august, I was a shaky mess but because I was able to walk the 100 yards from the waiting room to the interview room unaided and I can talk....albeit a bit forgetful and going off into my own word, I could kinda follow the conversation and I was able to sit for a period of time then stand up, even tho I had to use the desk to help me get up, I still got up. I could lift my right arm above my head but my left arm to about ear level and it's weaker than my right.
Even tho I told them my typical bad day which has been pretty much constant since mid august when my 10 year old baby girl was dx with type 1 diabetes and her dad shortly after messaged family saying he was coming to my mums to find us then on top of that I received a call from the DWP saying that I'm capable of doing "some work" !?!
The only thing that they acknowledged was my social anxiety which they gave me 6 points for.
To be able to stay on ESA you need to score 15 points and the point system is worked out as 0 points, 3 points, 6 points and 9 points for each section. They are not being sympathetic to anyone and are basically saying that unless your terminally I'll or severely disabled they are putting people on jobseekers to find jobs.
I'm appealing my decision as I'm so up and down that even if I found a job I'd pretty much would lose it because I'd probably be ill half the time....I'd go in for one day and push myself too much as the job requires then spend the next 3 days in bed!
I'm lucky my GP wrote a letter for me stating that I struggle to do my dishes and housework let alone hold a job down!
At some point in the new year I'll have to go to court for my appeal. The appeals are held in a court chaired by an independent judge which the Citizens Advice have said that if I go to the court hearing I'm more likely to be believed, cases where people don't go are more likely to be turned down and have to stay on jobseekers and get a job.

Dec 23, 2016 4:32 PM

If you go in talking about it not being permanent it may hurt your case. My disability requires permanent status. We both know we have hope to be totally functional again but for now this is our reality & that's why we're asking for financial support. I hope that doesn't sound too negative or bossy. ☺

Dec 23, 2016 4:43 PM

You will normally find out the outcome of the assessment 2-3 weeks afterwards, they call you first if the decision is your not eligible for ESA and from that day ESA is stopped and you have to ring the benefits agency to start your claim for JSA where they'll book you an appointment to sign on.
If you disagree with the decision you still have to sign on while you first put in a mandatory reconsideration, you get a month from the date of the call as that's the date on the letter saying your no longer eligible. At this point it would be great if your cpn and GP wrote their letters to send in with the application for the mandatory reconsideration but if that's turned down then you appeal to a independent court which again you have a month from the date of the letter saying the decision is unchanged.

I'm sorry to bombard you with this info but if you go in prepared then you may have a better chance and won't have to go thro all the rigmarole that I've had and still going thro.

I wish you luck with your assessment xx

Dec 24, 2016 6:25 PM

Thank you once again Sezzy, I will take all of your advice on board. Thank you peeps for your advice and help.
Merry Christmas xx

Dec 24, 2016 6:45 PM

They turn down most people initially. Get help with your appeal. Even if it's not your worst day imagine it is. Ask for a copy of the medical.

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