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Fed up and anxious

Nov 19, 2016 6:22 PM

Morning all, it's 00.12am in a freezy cold Scotland and I can't sleep as usual. I'm feeling really anxious and out of sorts. I managed to get tickets to go and see the Christmas 🎄 lights being switched on in Glasgow. When I got the email saying I had been selected for tickets I was excited, but, now the day has arrived I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make myself go out. I'm thinking of the crowd, there has been 14000 tickets sent out so it's going to be busy.
It's taken me nearly all night to shower and straighten my hair, usually a friend does it for me but she has her grandson this weekend. Now my upper body is screaming in pain, I really struggle to hold my arms above my shoulders for any length of time.
My new medication is making me very disorientated and a my brain feels like cotton wool. I have to drive in the morning which means I can't take any pain relief as I'm not fit to drive if I take it at the correct time. Just writing this is making my palpitations worse. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just stay home and let someone else have them.
Sorry for moaning and whinging to you all.
I hope this finds you all well and as pain free as possible

Nov 19, 2016 6:35 PM

What new medication are you on? Am asking because you just described me.. And I just started Amitriptyline.

Nov 19, 2016 6:41 PM

I've been put back on to pregabaline 300mg in the morning and at night plus Nortriptaline 25mg at night which is from the same family as amitriptaline but supposedly has less side effects. I think it's the combination of them all.
What dose of amitriptaline are you on?

Nov 20, 2016 4:08 AM

I can't take pregabline or any of those family of medications. When I was on them the vertigo I had was soo bad I couldn't stand for long without falling, I couldn't drive at all and they made me soo tired that they counteracted what good they were meant to do.
I've found Amitriptyline (110mg atm it changes depending on pain) at night is the best med for me along with morphine mst....I can vary the dose of the morphine but my maximum is in 20mg morning and 30mg at night and as I'm in a flair atm it's maximum doses all round!
Apparently I should be knocked out at night but I still wake up thro the night!!!!
I can drive with my meds but I have to be careful especially if I'm driving for more than an hour....if I need to do long distance I reduce my night time and morning medications before hand.
Yesterday I took my kids to London where we met up with my siblings and parents. As my next sister down is over from Switzerland and it was her birthday Friday we met yesterday and went to a restaurant, it was very busy and my anxiety was so bad that my stomach turned.i felt sick I started to get a touch of diarrhoea and I could bearley eat. If I hadn't promised my kids that I would take them we wouldn't of gone and I'm still suffering with more pain today and still have stomach cramps.....1 day out with 2-3 days to recover.
Each of us reacts differently to medications so it's finding the right balance for you.

I hope your feeling better today xx

Nov 26, 2016 8:15 AM

Thanks Sezzy, You take a very high dose of amitriptaline, I would I definitely be knocked out at night. don't like it as it increases my appetite and brings my eating issues to the fore.
Did you enjoy the catch up with your family? I hope that you are now feeling back to normal again xx

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