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Feel Crazy

Aug 14, 2015 11:28 AM

What to the doctor because I am still in pain and having new problems and she basically told me it was all anxiety. I know that I have an anxiety problem but does anxiety really create all my problems. I have chest pain, headaches, earaches, jaw pain and cheek pain, dizziness and nausea. Thought it was a sinus infection but no sign of that. I feel so lost.

Aug 14, 2015 12:03 PM

Firemustang21, bless your heart! Some doctors are just very insensitive when our how they speak to patients. She's right in that chest pain, headaches & nausea can be triggered by anxiety. I have anxiety and I've felt those symptoms when I've been extremely anxious.

I have TMJ & it often causes ear pain, cheek pain, and teeth pain. It can even cause a headache. I have tinnitus and dizziness, separately. Is it possible you have TMJ? I began having problems in my early 20's, from clenching and grinding my teeth together. Do you ever notice yourself doing this? If you do then talk to your dentist. My jaws grind, pop and occasionally lock. I'm 53 now and have severe deterioration to my TM joints. I wasn't referred to an orthodontist until last year, but the damage is irreversible. And because I now have osteopenia they said surgery to put in an artificial joint would likely not heal. If you possibly have this going on, you should see about it now so hopefully you can prevent damage like I have. (((Hugs))) 🙏🌼

Aug 15, 2015 7:09 PM

You're not crazy. Anxiety and stress can trigger pain, but the pain is not your fault.

Aug 15, 2015 7:10 PM

Thank you sometimes they make me feel like I do these things to myself.

Aug 15, 2015 7:47 PM

Firemustang21, I suffer badly from anxiety. I had it before I had chronic pain and now after suffering for over 20 years and now going through menopause, it is over the top. If you look at a post that I wrote called I was never afraid before, you will see that I went completely off the rails last Friday because I made plans to take a very long road trip with a friend and once it was set, I was so beside myself, I stopped eating, drinking, sleeping, etc. all because I was in pain and I never know how one day will be to the next. It was a week of hell and thank God I have this wonderful community family that supported me and helped me get through it. The day was very hard on me and my pain levels were high but I had fun and I am glad I went. Monday morning I go to pain management and I'm always in a bad way when I leave there between the waiting in the waiting room, the exam, the questions, the new pain that has popped up or changed from the prior month, the range of motion measurements, etc.. It's rough. I pray that you get the answer to your pain. Anxiety can make existing pain worse and can certainly cause some pains such as headache, jaw pain (from clenching or grinding your teeth like I do), Stomach pain, nausea, etc.. The body's normal responses to stress overload. However, that being said, that does not mean you don't have an underlying condition that is causing you to have pain. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you the best. 💕🙏🏻🌻

Aug 16, 2015 1:30 PM

I think feeling like your going crazy is quite common when you suffer from something you know doesnt feel right and the docs can't seem to find anything. I felt that for years. .. they tossed me from doctor to doctor and kept coming up with nothing or they'd put me on antidepressants. . I wanted to scream because i wasnt depressed I was frustrated that i couldnt get out of bed ..that i was in so much pain all the time and I knew something was wrong and they kept telling me nothing was wrong .. finally they gave up n said you have fibromyalgia and sent me to a rheumatologist .. she took one look at me... we discussed symptoms and she believed I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, did additional blood tests the regular docs don't do and started me on an aggressive treatment right away. It had been going on for so long I have ra nodules on my fingers and ankles .. even in my lungs.

She saved my life to be quite honest and I'm really lucky because even though its still hard sometimes I know now that i wasnt crazy, imagining or causing the pain myself. Trust your body. You know it better than anyone else If its telling you somethings not right then keep pushing. If your not satisfied with a doctor's explaination and whatever treatment they recommend doesn't help and you can then get a second/third/fourth opinion if need be. Its a lot of work but one thing i learned through my experiences are docs are like meeting new friends. . Many seem uninterested if they cant solve it the first time aroumd but eventually you find the one that becomes the one you thank god you met because they will try and continue to try to help you.

Anxiety can cause many problems but so can't a lot of other problems .. i had bad anxiety for a long time. . In the end most of it was due to all the crazy things that were happening .. the rest were caused by triggers like stress lol

Once i i figured out how to work around triggers started getting treatment for the RA my anxiety really nade a big difference. So much so i havent had to take my anxiety meds in almost 2 years. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can get a resolution soon!

Aug 16, 2015 2:33 PM

One more thing id like to say on the subject .. by no means do i think for one second i will be free from any of ir .. i will always deal with side effects even on my best days from the fibromyalgia, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis and the hemacromarosis ( high iron blood disorder) but aa hard as it was to get there ive accepted that i can never go back and it has made things a little easier. Anxiety is tough .. ocassionally a new trigger will appear .. something that didnt phase me before can cause a new problem and sometimes we dont always know that its that.

After i found out about having anxiety i went to a super walmart. . First off walking a place that big when u have pain is bad enough but the place was packed, ppl were running into me and looking at me like i did something wrong lol .. the lines were huge (im patient so normally that doesn't bother me) but for some reason the combo of the situation made me hot, dizzy and panicky .. it was the worst feeling ever. . I tried to get through it but after about 15 minutes in line i thought for sure i was going to pass out or vomit so i pushed my full cart off to the side and ran to my car as fast as i could. .. i cried hysterically for a bout 20 minutes cuz i felt so confused and went straight himr .. the next time i had to go there i decided to take the anxiety med just before and it helped a little but i realized the lines and abundance of ppl was what was making me so upset ao i started going to target instead ... same thing with price chopper so i switched to Hannaford. .. i rarely get anxious over either anymore .... tg for options lol :)

Aug 16, 2015 6:59 PM

Thank you so much for all your advice. I have a few doctors appointments coming up and I think I'm going to schedule on with a cardiology just to make sure everything is ok. My hearts races and pounds really hard alot for days at a time. My primary of course thinks it's my anxiety but I really want another option. I'm 34 and I feel like I have no real life. It just one different problem after the other. My Rhemuoiad doctor put me on methoxate. U heard anything good or bad about that?

Aug 16, 2015 8:03 PM

Hi Firemustang21 - its a great idea to have anything checked regardless of one doctors opinion. Its always best to err on the side of caution and your concerned. If you have it checked and its not that at least you know and you can start getting to the root of the triggers. I have had many episodes like that in the past and its scary!

Anxiety/panic attacks can really scare the crap out of you and many times it feels like thier is no real reason for why it happens. Docs have a tendency to blow off anxiety like its nothing but its your body's way of telling something is bothering you.. in many cases its minor..(stress related, subconscious worrying.. all kinds of things) but that doesn't mean it should be ignored just because they say so and unless they check and eliminate real heath possiblities thier really just guessing. So as exhausting as it you have to be diligent about being your own advocate whenever possible.

I have never been able to take methotrexate because i have rheumatoid nodules and they can make them worse so i can't give any first hand advice with regards to that and from things I've heard from people i know have taken it the comments very from person to person. It seems to work well for some and not at all for others. It depends a lot on what kinds of heath problems u deal with and the severity of them which is really common for almost all types of medications for auto immune diseases.

I had a friend i worked with though who was on it for a couple of years and it really helped her but unlike me her RA was caught really early.

I hope others might have some first hand knowledge of it to share with you. I wish you the best and hope that you will be able to find some answes and relief soon!

Aug 16, 2015 10:34 PM

My heart has been teaching the last several days, and insomnia is back. I think in my case it's partially the smoke because my body freaks out because I feel sick so fast, and I ended up just starting at the ceiling, listening to my heart beat too fast.

I haven't had any meds for anxiety, my docs don't care much about it. Most of them are more freaked out by my depression and pessimism. I think it's just trying to cope. I was getting used to the coast, and now that I'm back on my street big trucks are triggering mild earthquake PTSD.

I know I felt crazy right after the earthquake. It was so short, most people slept through it. Still my brain made all shaking absolutely terrifying. The quake was in the morning on the 4th of July, I'd never hated fireworks like that.

As Linda pointed out, docs are just guessing at anxiety until they can do testing. I was told I had anxiety (which I do) for several years before I got an inhaler and some of the breathing issues went away. I also have allergies that clog my nose so I often feel like I'm drowning.

Getting lots of allergy meds helped, especially Sudafed. When I took Sudafed, it was the first time I was able to breathe through my nose. Now my docs have cut Sudafed and, in combination with the smoke it might make my heart and sinuses stop working. Then that triggers adrenaline, then no sleep and so on.

Aug 16, 2015 10:35 PM

My heart has been racing, not teaching

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