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Feel like every muscle and most joints have declared WAR on the rest of me!

Dec 26, 2015 10:56 PM

I made couple post like a year ago, started with new pain clinic, started the entire injection dance, feeling pretty rough! Typically bounce from barely tolerable to a miserable hell! Sometimes hour by hour! Originally, laying down greatly reduced my pain, any activity increased the suffering building and building. Have known issues to L4/L5/S1. T9/T10. Recently had RFA rt. side lumbar, small patch felt better for like a week , everything else still misery then bam it all came back and everything everywhere is worse.
Anybody have a clue? I'm suffering and miserable! Also a cancer survivor, A1C 6.4 new diabetic, major depression, anxiety issues,chronic pain!, lost job ending a 16 year career, "Medically Retired" financially drained, father and husband. Over last year I've watched so much be taken from me, struggling to hold on to what's left! Anybody have any clues what's causing this sort of pain.

Dec 27, 2015 9:20 PM

BubbaVW, I'm sorry to hear your treatment didn't bring better results. I've not had the RFA treatment. I did 2 series of 3 epidural steroid injections (ESI) at 4 locations of my spine, starting in 2012 and ending in January 2014. I'm just beginning to get symptoms back. Have you tried the ESI series?

Most of my spine pain is due to DDD, osteoarthritis, facet stenosis, bulges/herniated discs, & injuries. I've taken several bad falls in my 54 years, as well as auto accidents, which started my first problems with surgery. I worked until 2010 when I took FMLA for pelvic mass surgery. It turned into 5 surgeries in one, and long story short, I'm now unable to work and have fibro, sjogrens, hypothyroidism, osteopenia, and many other issues. All this led me into depression and anxiety, and until last year I kept dreaming my life would improve and return to normal. Then I had a "wake up call"... This is my new normal for the rest of my life. I take everything one step at a time, one day at a time. I'm blessed with a caring, understanding hubby, though he has to be reminded this is my new normal now and then.

It's hard on all of us to come to grips with our new lives. But in our community family, you'll find complete support and no judgement. I will be praying for you, that you can get answers to your questions and treatment that helps you much better! (((Hugs))) πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Dec 29, 2015 12:10 AM

Bubba, are u from West Virginia? I grew up there. Now, have you seen any of your mri's and read any reports. Look for cysts, because if you have Tarlovs you should never have the shots in your spinal area. They make those cysts become active.

Dec 29, 2015 1:10 AM

FlappysLady81, Thanks for the response! My former pain management provider did the ESI set on the L4/L5/S1 , absoletuly no relief my general experience with that Doctor resulted in 14 months of misery and wasted effort. He was one of those that enjoyed sound of his own voice, and even more enjoyed his name in print, little to no concern for patients. I finally fired him and as result must travel 160 mile round trip to see my current Pain Mannagement specialist, so far ?i thank God for these people! My initial visit to their primary Doc was by far more help than the 14 months with the last guy. My only frustration with current situation is related to my insurance requiring two weeks wait, add in doctors scheduling and my wife's work schedule (since I require a driver on procedure days) and I am only able to seek help 3-5 weeks between visits. This leaves me with lots of misery in between. I've begged, just admit me to Hospital, I will stay till you find the root of the problem. But of course insurance would never allow that! So I guess unless you are independently very very wealthy, you are doomed to lay around miserable until the next opportunity the insurance approves.

In last 9 years I have had several bad falls, the last was 5 years ago. I did well managing that pain but once I had the cancer surgery and kidney reconstruction and it's like it just lit up anything that can hurt. I've been fighting full force chronic pain for 3 years. Beyond spinal disc issues they have also done injections to the SI joints and the steroid helped that area for almost a month. Which means the progression of treatment in that area would be RFA, BUT my insurance that will cover RFA at spinal levels will NOT pay for RFA at SI . Today I went in for a follow up to my RFA rt lumbar. They are now looking to change the anti inflammatory meds and have ordered labs to test for rheumatoid factor? As well as anything that falls under that arthritic hat. Thank You so much for the prayers. The lords love is all we truly have!

Dec 29, 2015 1:23 AM

Zetarlov - I am indeed full blooded West Virginian, both sides of my family roots run deep into the coal camps that built this state! I have had a great deal of MRI, CT, and X-rays haven't seen or heard mention of such cysts. I will look into it though, I do appreciate your tip. I have had more spinal injections than I can count at this point so I pray we have not set off something worse. zThank You

Dec 29, 2015 8:26 AM

Lordie, we might be cousins. My parents are from Wyoming cty

Dec 29, 2015 1:38 PM

Hey Bubba, I am so sorry you have to travel so far to get to your pain management team. You will conquer today! Well what I mean is you are conqerring the WAR. I have travel through West Va.... BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL country! Have hope and please remember you are not alone!
Love and Blessings, Terri

Dec 29, 2015 3:09 PM

Bubba welcome to out family of chronic pain. There is always someone to talk to . Th I s is a no judgment zone where you can say anything. I have a Syrinx, Syringomyelia, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative disk disease, Spondylosis, Herniated disk @L4S1 . Several other medical conditions. I

Dec 29, 2015 4:37 PM

BubbaWV, I'm sorry you must travel so far and so few between visits. You mentioned autoimmune issues and SI joint issues. I have SI joint problems and was dx with Sjogrens this year. I've been having flare ups in my SI points and my fingers. My PCP told me and my hubby that Sjogrens likes to settle in the SI joints and those of the fingers. I already have OA but in recent weeks my fingers are twisting, distorting out of position. He said the Sjogrens is likely the culprit. I don't know if you might have this, but I knew nothing about it until I was diagnosed. And thankfully for this community I'm learning more all the time. I wish you the best and hope you can find better relief soon! πŸ™‚πŸŒΌπŸ™πŸ˜·

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