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Feel like I have been beaten with a stick

Feb 07, 2020 7:42 AM

Part Damp ugly weather. Making all the bones and muscles creaky and lot of sol.mo moving about with bouths of dizziness and grouseing. Cramped muscles and swollen legs despite all the water pills. Sigh

Starting my day with pain killers so I can try to get things done that need doing. Still moving in and finding and rearanging storage here. So.lots of...must do..things

Just had to check BP as heart was doing werid stuff. Energy equals negtive numbers right now. I am so far in debt on my spoons i might crash and burn here soon as there is lots yet to..and not enough recharge happening.

Sleep? What is that? Used to know what that was..of late..even with meds..I am up till dawn and down for 4hrs..if I am lucky. Been going on since we started the move..2 mts agp. No amount of rest touches this..its just one flare after another.

The husband went it for a surgey he has had 5 times now..but this time ..a clot broke loose and is trying to kill him..so very bad week in the Middle of it all.

Only good thing I can say is overall I know why I am such a mess right now..and can see a day soon when the extra work with all the bending and lifing ect, will stop.

Just hope the pain killers last that long..only reilf I get and too many days of twice a day needed vs once. I can wipe out a mts worth of meds..in 2 weeks at that pace.

Feb 07, 2020 7:54 PM

estaw, wow that's pretty swollen! I'm sorry to hear all you're going through & wish I could somehow make it easier for you. Do you ever wear lightweight compression stockings? I have vein reflux that cause my blood to pool in my legs due to valves that regurgitate backwards, and it causes swelling. I started out about 7 years ago in knee highs but when they diagnosed POTS (my blood pressure came drop without warning) they made me go to thigh thighs, unfortunately very heavy duty compression strength (I fight just to get them on). They really do help reduce my swelling, so if you haven't tried them maybe you could get a pair of 15-20mmHg strength to try. Being on your feet so much isn't helping either though. Try to take at least 15 min every hour to rest, and elevate you legs if possible.

As for the lack of sleep, I know what you mean. They've run 2 sleep studies on me, and found nothing abnormal except some snoring. But after the last one & questioning me extensively the sleep doctor determined my pain was the culprit. He prescribed gabapentin and lunesta, but I'm only allowed to take the lunesta 2x a week, insurance & federal guidelines. If they only knew what we go through! My Neurosurgeon took over the meds except the lunesta, and he added baclofen muscle relaxers to take at bedtime. I came across a melatonin product by "Natrol" that releases slow & steady throughout the night., without waking foggy headed.
With all these changes I'm managing 4 solid hours before I wake to potty, and when I'm able to fall back to sleep I sometimes get another 2-3 hours although not as restful. Talk to your doctor about a muscle relaxer, because daytime activity causes my muscles to tighten up & become painful & sometimes spasm at night. They did diagnose hynocognic (spelling ??) jerks in my legs & arms at night, and the baclofen has reduced those too.

I'm sending you gentle hugs love & prayers for strength to get through this moving so you & your husband can get some much needed rest!🙂💞❤🙏🌷

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