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Feeling hopeful with new Dr

Dec 01, 2016 6:48 PM

Since my last GP sent a letter saying he was dumping me and my son this fall I've been trying to find us a better fit ... Aka someone willing to work with me and help ... So after .meeting a Miss prissy Dr last month who was pushy hurried and a.bit cold (fail) I set aside my panic and waited to met another GP.

So I was going to ask about his experience with my top concerns ... Experience with Autism and fibromyalgia.
Didn't get to ask about the autism since he volunteered that is son is autistic (seems very open and interested in what has worked for my son and wrote down my suggestions). Big win!
I liked his response about fibromyalgia that its such an individual treatment and I believe he is willing to really work with me.
Not pushy and wants to have a met and greet with my son not sign him on as a patient site unseen.

I didn't cry!!! That's a win!

Thought I'd share something positive!!!

Dec 02, 2016 12:05 PM

Awesome!!! That's great news and sounds like this doctor will be a good fit. Best of luck.💕😊

Dec 02, 2016 1:15 PM

Foggurl I really hope this Dr will truly listen and help you.
By the sounds of it he's already listening and also asking for your advice for something that may help his own family.....now you don't get many Dr's who will do that!
The fact he likes to meet and greet his patients before signing them up also means, to me anyway, that he does take an interest in his patients and isn't so much a money grabbing numbers sort of Dr.

I'm going to pray that this Dr is the one who will truly help you and your son. Sending you positive vibes and hugz xx

Dec 02, 2016 1:26 PM

Thanks Sezzy ... How are you feeling today?

Dec 02, 2016 2:02 PM

I'm feeling more positive today even tho I've upset a friend today....he seems to only call or message when he's having problems and expects me to drop whatever I'm doing to help him. As you know I've not been doing great recently and I just wanted someone to talk to, I didn't really want to do it here because I felt I'd moaned soo much and I've been soo down I didn't want to bring anyone else down on here as well but he fobbed me off anyway each time I tried which thinking about it probably made my mood lower.
We'll today he started messaging me and was moaning about stuff and I turned around and said "oh I'm really sorry you're going thro that but I'm busy atm can you message me later?" He kept pushing me and I just couldn't help myself....every response he'd given me I gave back to him so now I'm an uncaring bitch but do you know what I actually feel ok about it and I don't feel soo drained for taking on his problems!
Sorry didn't mean to go on...again!!

How are you doing? And how's your son?
I really admire how well you cope with everything, coping with your own conditions and that you are your son's main carer as well and you push thro to do the best for both of you xx

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