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Feeling let down

Mar 13, 2017 11:52 AM

Ivory soap is not fragrance free, which is something I've been telling my boyfriend since 'the incident' which took my sensitivities from mild to intolerable. So almost a year. I've been telling him that the soap he uses smells and makes me ill. His response has been that it's just soap, there is nothing in it, that's how soap smells. Well this morning he was in the shower and asked me to get another bar for him out of the drawer, i told him that it makes me sick and to just use my soap. He said again that it's just soap so i got him one. The individual wrapping had no ingredients on it, but there was a new unopened package in the drawer, so i pulled it out and read the ingredients. Wouldn't you know FRAGRANCE is listed. I was right. So I told him that it is just soap with added fragrance. He saw me reading the package and asked if i wanted to just trow it out then. I left the package on the counter so he could see. I showered after him and told him that the package was on the counter so he could see. He said he believed me and didn't need to read. Then he said it was only a little fragrance. At my look he backtracked and said that he guesses a little fragrance goes a long way. So i put the unopened package of soap outside and my brother came and got it because the boyfriend didn't want me to throw it out.
I'm not happy that it took him seeing me read the package to believe that it was fragranced. But the soap is now out of the house.
Just have to convince him that applying deodorant a couple times a day is ok and that he doesn't need the smelly stuff and i have to find fragrance free hair gel. He went and bought some a couple months ago saying it wasn't smelly but it really is and fragrance is also listed. He won't let me throw out the deodorant or hair gel because he doesn't want to waste money and he doesn't like the deodorant i use (he's never tried it).

Mar 14, 2017 12:17 AM

You might try a soap brand called "branch basics" literally there is no smell. Also for laundry I use Nellies I absolutely love it.

Mar 14, 2017 12:25 AM

I use All detergent and Dove soap.
I use coconut oil as cream and night cream!

Mar 14, 2017 9:18 AM

Having allergies and sensitivities I have to read labels too. I bathe with Olay soap and use Ecos detergent. But I found a product at Walgreens called "Simple" & purchased their face moisturizer. It says there is no artificial fragrances. With Sjogrens I have lost my ability to smell anything much, it has to be a super strong odor. On the one hand that's a good thing (can't smell nasty outdoors) but on the other hand I can't smell cooked food aromas either. I love the Simple moisturizer and plan to look for bathing products. I believe Target stores sell it too (USA products). My hubby has to be careful too. He use to wear Aquavelva aftershave products but can't anymore.

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