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Fibro & PIP benefit in UK

Sep 20, 2016 10:20 AM

Is anyone else having an Issue claiming the pip benefit with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia? They have just stopped mine following an assessment id asked for as my health has got worse since the one i had last year. The answers they state are blatant lies. I have complained to the secretary of state for the DWP and had a crap response.

I get the distinct impression that they will lie on their reports in the hope that they can get away with paying you.

I believe in taking action and am wondering if a petition needs to be done as the pip benefit, even though specifically states is for unpredictable conditions, does not seem to be used as such and i certainly believe it to be discrimination....

Sep 20, 2016 10:20 AM

*with not paying

Sep 20, 2016 1:40 PM

Have you asked for the re-consideration yet? If that still comes back as no points then take it to tribunal

Sep 20, 2016 2:17 PM

I only recieved the letter today, but iv typed up a rant email, so will re-read and send that off.

I had issues with the report and outcome last year, plus know others, hence why it feels like sonething is wrong.

I just think something more than just individual complaints should be done, hence trying to figure out if there is a major problem or not :)

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