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fibro question for my wife

Aug 29, 2015 8:32 AM

Hi guys,

I was hoping you can giving me assistance with my wife. I don't usually look a lot at the therapies for fibromyalgia because it usually doesn't pertain to me. I think I have been wrongly diagnosed with it even though they swear that I have it. I think they just say I have it because they are tired of looking further for my chronic joint and muscle pain. They said because I did not have elevated sed rates, I can't be serious. But I has a history of elevated sed rates before them. I just did not have elevated sed rates the days that they took them. But I never had trigger points like so many of you have talked about. But my wife reads like a textbook case of fibro and she has been diagnosed with it. I am trying to get her on the right course of therapy. Like the rest of you, I live and understand pain. My wife suffers with pain all the time but hers is different then ours, I think. She seems to have many good days. She is able to function well. But when weather changes, or something that affects her fibro comes on, it consumes her. Her pain is so very bad. I would say it happens at least twice a week. Sometimes when it happens, it will last a good while before it calms down. But it has not caused her to be limited with pain like so many of you described. True, when she has flare ups, she can not do anything but her life is not as many of you describe. But her diagnosis sounds accurate. What I am looking for, when you all get flare ups, what do you find to help your systemic pain?and individual pain sites, especially the trigger points? Has there been any real supplements that have been commonly used across the board by many people, not just a few, that appear to provide relief for this disease? What prescription medications appear to work on this disease except for narcotics because my wife doesn't want to be on these? I feel if her pain was really as severe as many of ours are, she would not care about narcotics anymore. She takes them from time to time but she doesn't want to take them regularly and she doesn't mind me taking them. She thinks that I am a very responsible narcotic user. Is there any therapies, like ultrasound, tens, exercises, or others, that help reduce the pain of fibro? Last question, does anyone know of any affordable maintenance medication that can help with this disease? I was trying to recommend cymbalta. Has anyone found success with that or others. Thanks for any of these questions that you can answer for me. My wife can use any help you can assist her with. I love her very much. I hate to see her in any amount of pain. Being in terrible pain, I would rather just add hers onto mine so she could live a regular life. I wish it were that easy. So anything you know about this, I would like to thank you in advance.

Aug 29, 2015 10:21 AM

Honestly if she is having more good days then bad she needs to stay away from the stronger pharmaceuticals, they seem to cause more problem than they solve. Only when there is no choice should she go on them and then the goal should be to get off of them.
Nothing stops getting hit when the weather changes. And I personally feel those are the worst flares.
Even when feeling like crap exercise is important. A nice easy walk on a soft surface or swimming is great. But it gets worse when movement stops. I find yoga very helpful because you are doing both stretching and strength training (both are painfully necessary).
Clean eating! There is usually some hidden food intolerance making everything worse so if she can find that and stop consuming whatever it is that'll help.
Ummm. Bad days usually mean a mild muscle relaxant for me and some time in a sauna or hot tub or epsom salt bath. Heating pads are a good investment. I use the reusable ones that you can click to activate then boil to reset so that I'm not tired to an outlet.
I found mint oil to be great. Rub it onto the area that hurts and it'll feel a little better temporarily. I usually use it when i take advil or muscle relaxants because it's almost instant relief and then when it wears off the other stuff has started to work.
I go to physio and massage regularly. I find the tens machine helps when placed on my neck on bad days. But as you know for that pad placement toy have to be laying down... so i generally use it when trying to sleep while flaring.
As you know the is no cure, but if she gets ahead on the management and KEEPS MOVING she will be able to slow progression. Of course the extreme weather and weather changes we can't do anything about... unless someone has a time machine and we can go back and stop industry from ever starting. :)
I'm sorry both you and your wife are hurting. And just remember that you only need to keep the house clean enough you don't get sick. Keeping things 'perfect' with both of you being down and out is impossible (I'm finally learning this with both of us being 'broken' after 12 years. He has severe RA and his drugs recently quit working and I have moderate fibro)

Aug 29, 2015 10:35 AM

Oh supplements. I forgot about those.
Most fibro people are on lots of supplements.
The most common ones i found fibro people use are:
vitamin d
Vitamin b12
Folic acid
Potassium - has to be monitored because you can have too much
Live probiotics

I take omega 3 and iron in addition to the above because i don't consume enough in my diet.

Juicing is helpful. I haven't bought a juicer yet because i don't have space but once in a while (usually pay day because it's expensive) I'll go to a local juicery and pick one up. It's a vitamin packed drink that usually gives me a tiny increase in energy. When people say juicing most people think the cleanses, I'm talking in addition to eating full balanced masks and lots of little snacks.
Oh and keeping a consistent schedule is almost necessary. I find if i don't eat on time my pain gets worse and i get really cranky and then i just can't handle it the way i usually do and end up getting upset about stupid things and making it even worse.

I find a lot of people seem to give up on the alternative treatments because they only help a little. I'm of the opinion that every little bit counts and if i feel a little better after exercise and a little better after massage and a little better after eating a certain way and a little better after taking certain supplements then i should be doing all these things that only help a little because they do add up and together it helps enough to make it manageable.

Aug 29, 2015 10:40 AM

Oh and i should mention that it took almost a year for me to be able to tolerate massage and physio. I would feel worse for a few days after treatment but since my muscles were so locked that i had very little movement i forced myself to stay with it. I don't regret my decision at all. To me it was 'short term pain for long term gain'. It makes me sad when people give up so quickly because they hurt for 3 days after. That being said there are different quality therapists. It took me 8 tries to find a massage therapist i like and i went through 3 physical therapists before i found the one i see.

Aug 31, 2015 11:06 AM

Profiler, Gotobef has pretty much covered it. You know I have major allergies to heavy pain meds so instead I'm using Tylenol Arthritis on a daily basis, rotating it with Aleve. I also use voltaren gel. I hope your wife can use Gotobefs suggestions and find what helps her. 🙏🌼

Aug 31, 2015 6:23 PM

Eating clean making fresh organic juice several times a week helps. I still eat in addition to drinking juice I am just VERY aware of how I feel when I eat something processed. Epsom salt long baths help usually. I take Co-q10, sublingual b multi vitamin and a good quality magnesium with calcium supplement. I am careful with the magnesium calcium because of how much I juice we all know the enemy of good is better lol. My typical juice mix is all organic- large beet, granny Smith apple, lime, carrots, celery,handful of spinach and red romaine. I was adding tomatoes from the garden but found some research showing that they can aggrevate RA and joint pain. I have been trying to stay on a Paleo diet but I have to be careful not to lose weight. Yes, I said not lose weight. If I could put some fat where I wanted it I would take some there have been several offers. Hope this helps your wife out. My biggest problem is doing too much on good days. Apparently I am one of those type A people that do not learn how to stop.

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