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Fibro Woman

Jan 21, 2016 10:04 AM

I've had fibro since the early 90 and now it's unbearable. The hardest thing for me to accept is, all the pain I'm in everyday. Sometimes I feel that the doctors don't believe I hurt this much. I can barely walk, sit, or stand.Fibro is a silent disease. I still have difficulty accepting the disorder. I was so active and now I need help with everything I do. I get depressed sometimes due to my illness but I try not to let it depress me too much. I do many spiritual things which keeps me motivated, such as meditation, read my bible, as well as watch Joel Osteen. Although I'm limited to my activities I still do the best I can and try to remain a positive person. There are days when all the positivity doesn't work at all. I'm not giving up bc I'm not a quitter, science is going to find a cure, and one day I'll be back to normal.

Jan 21, 2016 10:39 AM

I understand maplewood.. I. Haveing one of those hard days myself. And I feel the same way u do most days. In addition to what u have said. My concentration is so off. And no one understands how that feels I was/ no I am a pasrty chef even though I have not worked in over a year. And now I have trouble making dinner for my family. Even typing this reply is taking forever. I wish for us all it was a reset button so we could all get our lives back. I too try to stay focused and positive I'm trying that today. Ha..but not working so hard. I'll stand with you to help us both be strong today. It is well..

Jan 21, 2016 10:45 AM

I truly understand, my left arm is hurting as I type. My knees hurt so bad, the pain is unbearable. I go to the pool 3-5 days a week when my body allows it. Lately it's been three days due to the driving. I also write in my journal daily of my pain. I also brought a cane to assist with walking so I can get some independence back. I've been out of work since September, and I'm scared every day I'll lose my job, teaching license etc. this is all due to fibro

Jan 21, 2016 10:56 AM

Imdso understand.. Fear is horrible but for us its real.

Jan 21, 2016 11:36 AM

Maplewood93, I am sorry that your Fibro has gotten so bad that you are in agony. I feel your pain, literally. I want to welcome you to our pain community. I have been in chronic pain for 23 years and have had 29 surgeries. (The surgeries all took place within the first 18 years). I still need more because of the issues I have. I'm glad to hear that you allow yourself to remain positive. It's not easy. I had a very difficult time accepting all of my diagnosis and finally with the help of a psychiatrist, I was able to move forward and realize that even though my life is different, this is my "new normal". It varies day to day, sometimes hour to hour. It's an adjustment to say the least. I have found purpose in my life helping my pain family. If anyone needs a hand to hold or an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, I'm here. It makes me feel good if I can put a smile on someone's face or know that I helped their day be a better one. I hope that you find the support and love you need here with us. We are a zany, fun, loving, understanding and caring bunch. Personally, this group of people had been a Godsend to me. I consider many to be dear friends. Sending warm welcomes, gentle {{Hugs}} and prayers that tomorrow is a better day. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Jan 21, 2016 12:42 PM

Maplewood, yes, for others not in pain it can be hard to understand what you're going through. But herein lies the value of this community. I like your attitude and see you practice meditation. I posted an article on meditation and chronic pain with a link to a patient story. It might be useful to you. keep up the spirit!πŸ‘

Jan 21, 2016 9:21 PM

Welcome to our community Maplewood93! I'm so sorry your fibro has taken such a bad hold on you. I completely understand your fear of losing your credentials/license. I am a certified medical coder, and was afraid of losing my credentials because I wasn't able to take ceu courses. I wrote to the licensing board and explained how my health has deteriorated since surgery in 2010. They've allowed me to keep m credentials, but if I ever get to return to work I will be expected to start ceu courses then. Of course that's a moot point now, as several docs have confirmed what I've suspected for 2 years; I'll never be able to work again.

I have always been a positive person. When my health kept deteriorating I started having to fight negative thoughts. I took struggle now and then, especially during flares. My fibro started in 2007 but wasn't dx until 2012. Now I have Sjogrens, hypothyroidism, and many other issues, including memory loss/dementia. Ha, no need for credentials now! Lol I can't remember what if be trying to remember to code! I do exercise every day I can, walking on a treadmill 10-20 minutes, depending on my pain level. I also love watching Joyce Meyer's because she is so down to earth normal, like us. I oppose you will rely on us to help you on those not so good days. This community is awesome! Hugs & prayers you'll have a good day tomorrow! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 25, 2016 11:52 AM

Good Morning, maybe someone can help me, I have days where I wonder, is fibro causing all this pain in my body? I hurt every single day. I haven't experienced in a very long time," A Good Day"
Since August 18th, I've had difficulty walking my knees hurt badly. The most severe pain is behind my left knee it pains so much at night, I'm up four to five times a night rubbing out the pain. The inside of my knees hurt too. A slight rub bring the pain, sitting on a chair, couch or in the car makes it worst. I normally slouch to keep the back of my leg front touch the surface.

Jan 25, 2016 11:55 AM

I've been researching fibromyalgia looking for answers, I have DDD, facet syndrome, something called anterolisthesis at L5-S1, disc bulge, I need help

Jan 26, 2016 9:08 AM

Maplewood93, I would think some of your pain is from the DDD, facet issues & anterolisthesis. I have the first 2 but not the least, and they cause pain daily in my spine. I went on to develop DJD from OA. My knees were affected years ago, and recently my left hip. Have you seen an orthopedist regarding your knees? If you have degenerating joints it will cause tremendous pain, especially walking and standing. I'm going to get injections to help cushion the joints. You could also have a cyst behind your knees. I have a small one behind my left knew and it does hurt to put pressure on it. If suggest you see an orthopedist and possibly a rheumatologist. Hugs & prayers you will find the cause and a resolution to reduce your pain! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•

Jan 30, 2016 3:43 PM

I am MRI on my left knee and I have a large tear in the meniscus. I was given a cortisone shot, it lasted for maybe four days, now the pain is back. I have severe pain at night. It wakes me up screaming. The pain is like paralyzingly as if someone was beating me in the knees. My bck pain is worsened. I'm thinking about going to a psychiatric. Any help you may can give me anyone

Jan 30, 2016 10:43 PM

Why go to a psychiatrist? Are you having depression? If so that's a good place to start. Have you been to a pain specialist? They can do nerve block injections, and it usually takes 3 about a month apart, but they've done wonders for me. Have you tried sleeping with a pillow or rolled towel under your knees so the legs aren't flat? If I like down with my legs flat out causes the bone spur to push under the kneecap and cause pain. Other than these suggestions I'm not sure what else to tell you. I'm in a sjogrens & fibro flare right now and struggling to think. Hugs & prayers! πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸ’•πŸŒΌ

Jan 31, 2016 12:48 AM

I have fibromyalgia that was finally diagnosed after more than Six years of pain. I also have chronic low back pain. Bursitis, planar faciatis, adhd and over 30yr battle with depression.
Yes our Fibromyalgia pain is real. I recommend you get a treatment plan from your doctor that includes physical therapy. First they evaluate you from head to toe. Then work on relaxing the sharp pain areas and teach you how to stretch your mucsles with gentle exercise and you stop when you feel pain. They are very understanding when you cant do something. They modify the activity for your ability then change it up to get you to improve your ability. I have been going 2x a week for 6 weeks. I did not realize it but when they re-evaluated me i had improved. Still not ready to go to an exercise class or work a part time job. But i have been avle to cook 30 minute meals for my family.
Also pain management should know all the meds you take and over the counter supplements you take. New treatments may help reduce meds and side effects. Good luck.

Jan 31, 2016 1:16 AM

I can so relate I was diagnosed fibro and told the dr. No really figure out what is wrong with me. 5 plus years later I woke screaming having seizures like things from pain.

Over a year later and I am still not sure where I weigh in with fibro. Is it a symptom or a diagnosis only time and more studies can say for sure. I have autoimmune issues and they are finding some fibro connection to thyroid. I have switched up my thyroid treatment and I am seeing improvement with the fibro fog and the pain. Unfortunately I have other issues that will never allow me to be pain free.

Feb 13, 2016 12:16 PM

You're inspiring

Feb 16, 2016 8:31 AM

Hi I have the same pain its allover and hard for me to move. I have to stay extremely warm in oder for some of the pain to subside a little. Also with me exercise seems to make it worse. I too have depression which can make it worse. But no matter what I try to keep going

Feb 16, 2016 10:24 AM

I like to thank you all for the in Support you provided thru this chat. I've been going through a lot of pain lately sometimes I don't even want to tell anybody my husband give me an amazing support taking care of me constantly making sure I don't do anything, but you know it's hard I used to be very active now it's difficult even to cook. I love baking and always making the cakes for the family and people that orders them! Now it seems that the medicine and I'm not even working I'm constantly complaining my arm hurts my knee I pack my stomach the back of my neck my God it's so stressful. But I'd like to share with all of you that God gave me the strength that I need to get up in morning and work from 8 to 5 take care of my four daughters thanks God I have my husband helps me out a lot continue to search for natural medicine that can help with the pain I also have fatigue syndrome and it's terrible! Lord heal all of us suffering from this terrible condition that is Fibromyalgia in the name of your Son Jesus I pray!!!

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