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Fibromayalgia and family issues.. Sorry for the length

Dec 09, 2015 5:17 PM

So I had a conversation with my mom yesterday about her health my health and my dad . it was an emotional talk. A lot of topic were touched on. However in the course of the talk I let out my feeling of neglect from before my mom got I'll.
Brief examples are I'm was having major surgery and she was not planning to come with me or be with me at all because she wanted to be with my dad my follow ups she sent me with my sister and my GOD sister who I've not seen in years. Long and short of all my mom has always been very close toe and very attentive. However since I've been ill she has been very much not attenive.
So now we are dealing with her illness and me and my sister are attempting to tend to her and my dad. So the the point to this whole post is she is acting very helpless and sorry but very aggravating. Doing things just not like her. Like today I was in a lot of pain and very foggy.
I admit I should not have been cooking at all but mom and dad had to eat. So I make some egg rolls once prepared I thought I had the ed all the eyes off and went to rest. She was sitting up in the living room and I ended up not turning the eye off. So thenoil begsin to burn and smoke up the house. I got up and stopped the pot. Thankfully no fire. But a whole lot of smoke.
This is turning into a long story..my point for all this is I'm concerned about my mom and her behavior. She went from being super over active to being lack lackluster.
I have fibromayalgia abdominal tumors and possible Lupus. I feel as if I'm not gonna be able to do this alone. I've had some good and bad things happen this week. I am getting some help from a few family members but most of the day and. Time its me. Everyone is telling memto rest a d care for myself but no one is coming to the house to make sure I can. Do that . we get sit down a d chat vists but no coming in and pulling up your sleeve visit. Except my sister however she has a full time job .
I suppose I'm just worried and maybe a little mad at the situation. Frustrated also. I also know I'm exhausted my pain has turned to whole body unawareness.. Meaning I'm very stiff and my body feel numb. And my fogg is off the charts. But I've got to pull it together enough to fake it through a day. My mom's illnes is very new its not been a week since her surgery. She had stents implanted. We r thankf because she could ha e had a full on heart attack so thank GOD for the catching it .
Im sorry did not mean to rant on. Sorry it's so long.

Dec 09, 2015 7:51 PM

Fibro girl I'm sorry that things are so tough right now. This sounds so similar to the situation I'm I'm in. I didn't really have anyone around me (partially my Gault for cutting myself off due to the relationship I was in) when my family realized I was bad in a situation they all promised yes I'll be there to help you pack up and move and out get you I'm a couple of hours while he was at work. Only one who showed up that day was my mom and step dad. It made me cry because most the time she isn't there for me at all and most everyone else cancelled or didn't show up (iI have large family) so I was eventually able to track one of them down and get help from friends to, now that I'm out of bad relationship everyone has disappeared again, blows me off when I ask to hang out or doesn't have time. So I'm living with my bonus family again. They are amazing and help me in so many ways. Hard part is my bonus mom is chronically sick for the last 6 years and bed ridden so everyday I make sure her food is got and errands ran or chores are done. My bonus brother also moved back in with his mom a week before I did after a bad relationship and drug problem. Hes now rehabilitating and treating bi-polar and his meds cause him to sleep and dream really vivid so he will sleep for 18 hours straight if we don't wake him (that's the longest we've not woken him up for the day) so I also go up and down a 2nd flight of stairs (often up to three times) to wake him up and get him started on his day or try and get h involved in dinner making or chores. Trying to clean up after him is like cleaning up after a tornado. On the weekend my other bonus brother comes to visit his dad. He is a high functioning autism, very intelligent and fun to hang out with but also needs prompts for cleaning up after himself or eating. Bonus dad leaves for work at 6 am and doesn't get back till about 6 30 or 7 from Monday to Friday. My bonus sister and her boyfriend have been coming over 1 or 2wice every weekend to help and give me a rest but most the time (being the only one with a car) I end up driving them for the errands or having to help them so don't get to rest anyways. I'm on medical leave from work I'm supposed to be healing myself.
I hope with all my heart you get the rest needed much you deserve

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