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Dec 09, 2014 12:26 AM

Does anyone think I have fibromyalgia? Please answer!

Im a 13 year old female. I have had pains although my body for 2 years. I would rate the pain 7/10. I believe I have chronic muscle and joint pain. The pains are in my joints and muscles. The pains are all over my body. They mostly occurred in my feet and legs, but also my arms and back. The pains have slowly got worse. They occur everyday. Everything about them is random. They always change. It's so random that sometimes it hurts to touch and other times it doesn't, the pain moves, the type of pain changes, the intensity and where it is. It's a combination of these things at once but it changes. Pains happen when walking, running, jumping etc but also sometimes when sitting down, or not moving. It's rare that I can walk without anything hurting. Lately I feel like my left arm is very weak, (I'm right handed) and hurts when I use the muscle. I also find that roughly where my large intestine is and under my ribs gets pain sometimes. I have glasses for things at school like reading or on my iPad or looking for desk to board because my eyes have trouble focusing, don't know if related. I sit out on most pe lessons because I just can't join in. Mostly I just try to deal with it. Sometimes I have to limp. The doctor has given me supplements because I have some vitamin deficients. I also have orthotics because I have flat feet. I have been wearing them for 4 months and these is no improvement at all. I have been taking the supplements for 2 months and still no improvements. I have had blood tests, and they only show iron deficient and nothing for anything else. They don't show anything for arthritis either. I don't know how to describe the sort pain but I would say aching but the type of pain all ways changes. I get cramps when running sometimes as well. I also get a lot of cracking which is sometimes painful. It happens almost everything I move in an awkward position. Sometimes I also get tingling fingers and sometimes toes. My fingers get numb when easily. They go white then after about 10 mins they go purple then back to normal. In the shower sometimes my skin gets these weird red blotches. They don't hurt or itch. My shower is quite hot, and they only appear a my lower back and left side of my stomach. Sometimes randomly I get this weird thing where my skin feels really sensitive. It hurts to touch, even just the lightest bit. I find it hard to concentrate a lot sometimes. I just can't. I also get memory loss, just after I've thought of something or am about to do something and I can't remember it. This happens a lot, like all the time. I also get random really small muscle twitches. I normally get a small headache at the end of the day. I used to do netball and diving but have stopped because of pain. I have seen many doctors, specialists and no one knows anything. I have seen a peditrition, foot specialist, eye place for glasses, nutritionist and local doctors loads of times and nothing has helped.

Recently I've noticed lumps inside my nose. They don't hurt, but make it a little harder to breathe. I've also noticed that I feel like I've pulled all my muscles. Like I'm bruised all over. They hurt a lot doing simple things. E.g getting out of the car. And I've noticed the I have been getting bruises from doing nothing, they just appear. Or either I'm bruising really easily. They sometimes hurt and sometimes don't. On the 3/11 my hands were tingling for 6 hours. And afterwards in bed I felt like I had a dead arm. This wasn't caused anything. I've been getting lost of headaches as well. I get pulsing points randomly, recently.

I have been taking supplements and wearing orthotics for 3-4 months and I've noticed no difference. It even be getting worse.

I have all symptoms for fibromyalgia apart from fatigue, a might have it a bit, but not a lot. I also don't know if u have tender points. Please tell me if you think I might have fibromyalgia. If it's not fibromyalgia then I think it might be nerve pain.

Dec 09, 2014 12:50 AM

I'm sorry your in pain and I can relate to you I'm not a. Doctor but I think you might have some nerve damage but either way you need to keep telling the doctor about your pains I know it's hard to get the doctors to believe us but stay strong Keep faith and by all means keep up on keeping your parents Involved with your choices. I'm here most of the time sorry I don't know much about Fibromyalgia

Dec 09, 2014 12:53 AM

Ok thanks :)

Dec 09, 2014 9:09 AM

I totally agree! You have to be proactive and keep talking with your Dr. Don't stop asking questions. One thing you may want to read up on is Fascial Dysfunction. I have Fibro and Fascial Dysfunction.

Good luck! Remember you have people here that are going through some of the same things you are.

Mar 15, 2016 1:41 AM

You may have juvenial fibromyalgia. You may have rhumatoid arthritis. You should probably ask your parents to get you in to see a pediatric specialists for joint pain.

Mar 15, 2016 4:12 AM

There's also MS to consider, there's so many things it could be, unfortunately. I'm so sorry for your pain. I hope they can find a way to help you.

Mar 15, 2016 5:21 AM

Hi there. Sorry to hear you're in pain. I can't say for sure if you have fibro but it's possible. You say you're on vitamins and such like.... Make sure you drink plenty. More than you think you should. That may help to stop any headaches. That you mention a nasal issue makes me suspicious of allergies. Allergies can be extremely difficult to manage. Doesn't mean you'll come out in a rash but you'll feel the effect in another way. Like nasal discharge regularly, sore eyes, dry throat, sneezing or coughing. I have a number of inhaled allergies which seriously impacts on my lungs. Anything from pollution, pets or dust to air conditioning! That is very tiring and the stress on your body can cause the aching and pain.
Because of your age, doctors will be unwilling to diagnose conditions in the hope it's puberty causing most of the symptoms. Which is possible. Although not the flat feet or eye trouble. If it is literally growing pains, it will eventually stop which is great news, but not so good short term.
Keep a diary of your symptoms so any pattern can be detected. Don't let doctors speak down to you either. You know your body better than anyone and they need to listen if you need help.
Try to do what you can when you can. But don't go nuts! If you do have a chronic pain condition over exertion will make matters worse. See if you (and parents?) can speak with your school in regards to your current difficulties. It's best to have them on your side and understanding why you forget things or have trouble concentrating.
I wish you the very best and live in hope that your health problems melt away.

Mar 15, 2016 2:18 PM

I agree, if you are in that much pain (I have fibro) keep on at your doctors. It was my aunt who looked it up for me and I took the idea to him. I had so many scans, Xrays, MRIs... I'm surprised I don't glow in the dark. That's why we took it to the doctor and got tested for it because we were all out of options. Keep trying to figure out what it is and don't give up x

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