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Fibromyalgia, cfs and anxiety flair up

May 04, 2018 10:59 AM

I'll start of by saying I have a wonderful best mate who drives me everywhere I need to be. Supportive mum who will despite being mum carry my heavy shopping in. A couple of friends I will go to have a social life with my best mate.

I feel my fibromyalgia is actually flaring up more and it's scaring me which sets my anxiety and pain off. I'm quite moody by nature due to my general mental health but when I flare the only person I can talk to is my best mate.... As we met 10 years ago on same ward. My flares are getting so bad I cry with pain. I use apple cider vinegar, turmeric regular magnesium baths. I'm 37 and used to work as a carer now I'm feeling cared for.

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