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FIGHTING FLU SYMPTOMS... Hard to have a sense of humor

Mar 02, 2016 10:22 AM

I am fighting flu like symptoms today. On top of the everyday chronic pain it is no joke to have the parts of my body that normal does not ache to now ache because of the flu! I am looking for a wood chipper to run my body through... I will show it! Two can play this game!!! LOL.

Mar 02, 2016 10:46 AM

No wood chippers allowed!! You may lose parts you wanna keep!! LMAO!! 🤔😜😳

Mar 02, 2016 1:08 PM

I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon. 🙂💕🙏🌼

Mar 02, 2016 5:53 PM

Thank you! Already planning not to go to work tomorrow.

Mar 02, 2016 8:54 PM

Rest & fluids. Don't let yourself get dehydrated.

Mar 02, 2016 10:15 PM

Ooooooh can I borrow the chipper after you?😊

Mar 02, 2016 10:17 PM

My sister's keeper, you should join our fire circle chat,we keep it going almost 24 hours/day.would you want to join a bunch of whackadoodles?I can easliy add you or any other pain warrior by Facebook!! We do have a great time, some serious zsometimes we are laughing so hard, Alwayz pees on herself... Lol

Mar 02, 2016 10:20 PM

May I join in?? Could use some humor in my life. And the friends.😊

Mar 02, 2016 10:26 PM

Umm...it's just my name...lol...hope that's ok jodie barroby

Mar 02, 2016 10:27 PM

Thank you! !!!!!😄

Mar 02, 2016 10:50 PM

I will friend request you in the morning...talk to you later!!!! I am way sleepy.Terri

Mar 03, 2016 8:34 AM

Alwayz... I am looking to rebuild ... Like the bionic woman...how cool would that be?

Mar 03, 2016 9:28 AM

I'd love to replace everything that was damaged so I could be the way I was. One day it will be possible. Jodie, I added you to the fire circle so you can come in any time you'd like!!

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