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finding a new doctor? advice?

Feb 06, 2017 8:48 PM

I'm graduating high school in a couple months and after that, I'm moving to a new city for university. I've been with the same doctor since I was a week old and I really have no clue on how to find a doctor. I want to try and find a doctor who has some experience in patients with chronic pain because my current GP doesn't and I really feel like its stopping me from getting what I need.

does anyone know where I could start looking? or any websites that could help?

Feb 07, 2017 12:00 AM

For me, I dealt with the doctors at our campus clinic. That way, I was automatically a patient & didn't have to look in the city. Plus, having the clinic right on the university campus was super convenient. Because I was dealing with a chronic issue, they wanted me to book appointments instead of just using the walk in clinic. I met with a couple of different drs for meds refills, until I found one I really liked. Then I stayed with her for the rest of the 4 years. After seeing her, it made me realize how awful the care was I was getting from my dr at home - one I had been a patient of since birth. And although she didn't make me "better", the dr I had at university really did help me get through those 4 years with fantastic support.

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