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Fisher Wallace CES -brain stimulator for pain, anxiety, depression / Alpha-Stim CES ?????

Dec 14, 2014 4:45 PM

I was already disabled with chrronic pain and then I got hit by a car twice on Nov 21.
My Dr. doubled my Fentalyl and Oxycodone over the phone that week-end since I spent Friday night at an unfamiaier hospital.
Several weeks on double meds didn't even take the pain away AND I got painfully constipated.
I am looking into this pocket sized pain killer, anti-depressant that is FDA apprroved and drug free

Has anyone got any experience with either

Dec 15, 2014 7:27 AM

I haven't but please let me know what you find out

Dec 15, 2014 7:01 PM

I am getting information that differs considerably depending on what condition(s) the CES is treating. I have the impression that with the FisherWalace that extra gear is an additional purchase such as the sticky patches the electrodes connect to when using it simlar ( or maybe the same ) ans a TENS UNIT that is promoted for pain alone and i found the higher end model very effective for 8-10 hours a day.

I was hit by a car twice in 10 seconds just the other day..totalled the drivers side. She is at fault, no doubt, and got a slew of tickets. i have been living with 24/7 Chronic Pain since 2009. Very slow progress in some areas and NONE in others.

So, this lady smashes us twice and I am reinjured aka additional returned pain from the past and some new ones as well. I am only 100lbs and I take 40mg oxycodone and a 25mcg of Fentanyl Patches a day. The meds were both increased with the on call Dr. previous to Thanksgiving, no appointments until the next week and have continued seeing a Chiropractor 3 x per week. He has a usual course of around 6 weeks. He says he has ALWAYS fixed his patients.
How much can he do for me? Old injuries with new ones on top.

The pain was not going away with the increased medication and my boyfriend was having a tizzy fit because the medical bills are temporarily being paid by his own insurance and then they will settle up the the "at falt driver's insurance". He thinks I am being healed on his dime! He was not at fault and his insurance company will be 100% reimbursed. HE IS AFRAID IT WILL MAKE HIM LOOK BAD when i send my inititial bills to them to cover if my own doesn't first. This will be worked out in Subrigation.

Now back to the story. I got a prescription for a FicherWallace RX depression increase from the accident. I was also RXed a TENS UNIT 2 lead from my primary care Doc. He is the one who writes my pain meds and my shrink writes all the PTSD, sleep disorder,depression,anxiety,panic attacks, social anxiety, etc..I struggle with SIDE EFFECTS from almost everything I am on, and I m on too many meds still. I went back to the old dosage on my pain pills because CONSTIPATION only adds more PAIN. A vicious cycle.

HERE COMES UP THE IDEA OF ORDERING A FISHER WALLACE FOR DEPRESSION + I am hoping to convinve my pain med Dr. to write an order for me to use it for pain as well and to write a script for the pain attachments.

Well then on YouTube I learn about Alpha Stim and NeuroStar ($12,000)
The Alpha is a few hundred more but comes with PAIN PROBE WANDS that are place on your body briefly pointing the tips to be transmitting straight thru on a line passing directly painfull interior portions of our bodies.

It is clear that the alpha stim is already geared for pain probing although I am not sure ifi it can be used with the electrode patches. It could be that they both end up costing the same amount with the attachments and such to use it for all approved diagnoses, since I can't tolerate enough pain medication necessary. My life has become much more unmanageable and agonizing daily Dr. visits are wearing me down.

I NEED TO DECIDE WHICH DEVICE TO BUY< AND SOON, My boyfriend can't stand any part of this and I thereby do not have much support. He wants me off medications - says I don't need them and to "suck it up". I need help and I think that anything that will lower my pain, depression, anxiety and more not need to take additional pain meds and psych meds untill I can hopefully get back to where I was the day I got hit in November. I was swinging my hips and bending and stretching bragging about feeling better than I had iin 7 months. I had just gotten to a minimum of meds and I was getting regular exersize, even when I wasn't in too bad a shape I rode my bike and gardened to distract my hyperfocused ADD treated brain from allowing the pain to rule every minute of my life.

PLEASE< I NEED FEEDBACK, I can't wait to get this higher scale pain under some kind of control without losing my boyfriend and resort to ineffective crazy making thinking and traits.

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