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Five minutes of a usual day:.

Aug 08, 2014 3:53 AM

It's 1045, first wave - tidal wave of fatigue of the day. They come in waves (stabbing pain) and make me want to (shock pain) crawl back into bed! But my mind is screaming I WANT TO LIVE, I WANT TO GO FOR A WALK, but the (ouch! stomache cramp) house needs cleaning (head hurts) and the I musts, I gottas, I shoulds have me in their grasp. I will make myself a smoothy that will again (leg shock) make me weak and fuzzy and I try to process everything like what did (finger tip, toes pain) I eat (flex fingers to relieve building pains, ...) I will jus try to move as much as I can and not concentrate on the pains... and breathe.
It's 1050 of a usual day for me.

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