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Jul 24, 2015 9:03 PM

Not sure what is wrong but, my foot is killing me more everyday. I've been told it's c.r.p.s., fibro, neuropathy no one can say for sure.
the Dr thst dx it as c.r.p.s. did not write any notes so no other Dr will believe me.
I've lost use of the baby toe on the side that was hot and pure when I got the dx of c.r.p.s.. now it burns and nothing can touch it. The rest of my foot is start to burn and cramp. I do not know what to do.

Jul 24, 2015 10:11 PM

Heidistach, I'm sorry you're hurting. I don't have CRPS that I know of but many on here do. I've recently had stinging and burning in both feet, especially my right but I've not seen a doctor for it.. Others here will be able to help you! 🙏🌼

Jul 25, 2015 2:23 AM

I also have a diagnosis of crps. One thing to remember is sometimes docs are just throwing ideas out there, and in those circumstances they usually don't leave notes.
Your foot could have neuropathy or crps, but it's it at a similar level of pain as the rest of your body? That would be more similar to a fibro dx, but if it's just in your foot it's more likely peripheral neuropathy or crps.
The burning is unfortunately common, along with the "nothing can touch it" part is known as allodynia or hyperalgesia. Docs would most likely prescribe gabapentin/Neurontin or pregabalin/Lyrica.
Just a few things to try...
Kava kava root
Magnolia bark extract
DMSO (there are some studies with CRPS-RSD)
Low dose Naltrexone (helps regenerate nerves)
Horny goat weed (increases circulation)
Gallium (arthritis treatment)
Avoiding Tylenol (evidence to suggest it can make nerve damage permanent)
Quinine/Tonic Water

I'm 14, had it for a year so far. It started in my wrists, moved full body. I ended up in a wheelchair, barely surviving 2 hour school days. Now, I'm in a partial remission and can walk again.
Have you looked into ketamine as treatment?

Jul 25, 2015 10:52 AM

Thank you for the information, it is very helpful. I am so sorry you have to live like this. You are amazing.

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