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Found it!

Nov 21, 2015 3:14 AM

I just about went crazy tonight as I frantically searched for yet another missing bottle of meds. It didn't make sense, I keep them on the shelf right next to my bed. Did my cat steal them? I was so stressed out about losing the medication the last two days that i decided tomgo and purchase an destressing adult coloring book. I was so overwhelemd by the varity of adult coloring books and intricate designs I almost didn't get one. I finally found both med bottles had been swallowed into a black hole under the shelf that I had no idea had an underneath. After 2 days being off Lyrica after just a short 7 day period of use I definitely felt like my pain was more intense today than yestersay and the following week. I have been experiencing the ringing in the ear, throbbing and draining head ache slowly progressing today so I've drank lots of water and taken Tramact as well.
Goodnight everyone, thank you for being so helpful :)

Nov 21, 2015 6:01 AM

That's wonderful news!! I'm very happy for you! 😊😊😊
I'm without my migraine med, and going to my 8-yr old grandson's birthday party today. It's at an indoor baseball facility, so I fully expect high, metal ceilings to make his entire little league team's joy echo all around me...😉 But seriously, it will be worth it - I can't wait to see him! (I'm probably as excited as he is about this party! Lol)
So we each have one more thing to be thankful for this 🦃day - you found your meds, and I will see — and hear — my grandson enjoy his All ⭐️ birthday party today!

(Stupid black holes - they're EVERYWHERE!)

Nov 21, 2015 12:06 PM

I'm so glad you found your meds. Lyrica can cause ringing in the ears. Call your doctor. Don't wait until Monday. With your other symptoms, it might be a reaction since you went off of it and then started taking it again. Normally, you won't have a reaction the first time you take something. If you take it again, that's when you are at risk for a reaction. Think penicillin.

Nov 21, 2015 1:31 PM

I am getting a wisdom tooth pulled out on the 1st and have to take penicillin for it I think the morning before or something like that. Better check the instructions again 😂
I feel like I've been in such a fog this last month an a half between the going on Med leave, leaving my boyfriend, moving, finding out I've developed hyperthyroidism even though my blood work was normal in august and starting medication for the fibro. I spend most of the day so out of it and going through the motions but out of no where feel an overwhelming need to cry or a random surge of anger (which I don't know how to deal with because up until this year I have never been an angry person) those moments usually pass with in minutes, sometimes seconds and most the time I can't seem to find a reason for the sudden emotion. It feels like I can hold it together with all the big things but when it comes to not having enough room in the dishwasher for all the dirty dishes or having to wait in line longer than expected. It's hard to tell if this change I'm emotion is from all the stress or if it's being affected by various medications. Most likely a combination of both.
I just want to feel like me again and not like a mindless zombie when I try to do the things I used to enjoy.
He tried to tell me that he wishes I had just tried a little harder in our relationship instead of just picking up and leaving. I think that was the first time I've been angry at him rather than disappointed. I replied that I wish he had chosen me every day like I had chosen him. "Fair enough" was his answer. He kept trying to tell me I didn't give him time to change, he had a week and a half from the day that I tried to leave and he stopped me to the day that I had a couple family members and friends show up after he had gone to work and move me out. He replaced something he had smashed and took me to dinner to make up for that night than continued to treat me iust as bad the reat of the week. He kept trying to tell me had I just told him I was going to leave he would change. Last time I did that he tried to "confiscate" my phone by holding me down by my hair and trying to take it. That was the least of my worries that night. I keep dreaming about him holding me down and saying "maybe if you start crying I'll stop" he didn't.
I want to cry every time I tell someone I cut my hair short because of split ends but it was because he used to pull it so hard I would get lumps and my scalp got so sensitive my hair felt to heavy to be able to keep it at my length and thickness.
I hate me. I hate that I allowed myself to be mistreated. It happened so fast. You don't realize it's happening until you're already in too far. I'm so thankful for my family and closest friends for recognizing the signs when I couldn't and for not allowing me to hid the bruises emotional and physical. Everyone want me to talk about it and tell them what happened but I just don't want to. Im not allowed to express the pain or love that I feel for this person without sarcastic comments are remarks or feeling embarrassed for the things that happened. I wish I could drink a potion and forget this year. End rant. One of those moments where I felt completely overwhelmed as I started typing. Why do you continue to feel love for someone who has hurt you so much? I won't every go back to him but those feelings make it much more confusing to work out in my head. Sorry for the long rant.it got a little put of hand but it made me feel a little bit better

Nov 23, 2015 1:38 PM

Birdiebabe, I'm so glad you found your meds. It sounds like some of the fog you're under is strictly due to the amount of stressed you've been under. I say that because last year I was undergoing so many new changes in my health while my mother in law had a stroke and needs placing, and my dad was bleeding internally & was dx with Alzheimer's. I felt so overwhelmed I couldn't think clear, let alone function clearly. I agree with your family and friends that you do needed to talk about your situation... But not with them! They are too connected to be impartial. You needed a psychologist who can remain unemotionally connected, and they can help you regain emotional & psychological strength, which hopefully can help improve you physically. Don't beat yourself up about being where you were. When in love we all have blinders on... Been there. (((Hugs))) of support and you're in my prayers! 🙏🌼

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