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Nov 06, 2015 4:21 AM

I'll apologise now for my rant in advance.
I started having severe pain end of July. I was rushed to a&e and was told heart was fine but my gp would need to send referral to chest pain clinic. Would be seen within one week. Waited 3 months for appt to be told they didn't know what was wrong but had to rule out heart first. Told i needed to have urgent ecg and stress test and then I would see consultant for results within 6-8 weeks. Got appt through for what I thought was all tests on the 21st Dec. Got my results appt booked for 8th March. Seriously? That would have been 8 months since all this started . called hospital to find out they can't put me on cancellation list and this appt is just to find out results of one of the tests. I still need to wait for the second test appt to come through which is looking to be may or June. Then I need to see consultant again for those results in October November time. 2016!
Apparently I have been marked down by consultant as non urgent routine care. Absolutely fuming. Haven't slept for 2 days straight because of the pain. Having stomach problems from all the painkillers I'm taking and im no where near to getting this sorted!😠

Nov 06, 2015 5:09 AM

I feel for you. It can be frustrating. I've had back problems for over 20 years now. I have two slipped discs in neck and a bulge and tear in a lower disc. Last year I was diagnosed with raynards syndrome and fibromyalgia. I think I've had it longer but I waited over a year to get to see a rheumatologist. I've been shoved here there and everywhere and still nothing is done. The one consultant that was willing to help me couldn't in the end as the spinal unit at the hospital was closed down and my operation went with it. I contacted the health people to be told that there was no where for me to be placed at that time. Along with about thirty others. In limbo. Eventually I was sent to a pain clinic. Useless. I've had Physio again for umpteenth time. This only works if I can move. Acupuncture. This gave some temporary relief but we are only allowed 6 weeks(6 sessions). That's no good. I was put in for a nerve block it didn't work. In fact I was in more pain afterwards. I was sent to see another consultant who totally disagreed with the last one. Was originally told my treatment should follow on. But not so. I was basically told yes you have something wrong. But we can't help. I'm discharging you. Been left with just GP help for last ten years. Been told I need to come off morohine because there's a high risk so liver problems. But they don't know what else to give me as an alternative pain relief. I feel stuck in a rut. Going nowhere fast. I'm hoping to see another consultant when they start taking on again somewhere nearby. But at the moment stuck as I am. The cold weather isn't helping now either as the cold affects me more. Heat packs are a must now. I know it's tough but keep you head up and keep battling. You'll get there in the end. Good luck. X

Nov 06, 2015 4:01 PM

Hi, I really feel for you because I know just how your feeling as I've also been in your situation. I've been sick since January this year with chest pain, palpitations, bad anxiety that I never had before. I couldn't sleep either.
I went to emergency several times, had so many ecg to check my heart, echo and heart monitor for 24 hours and all came back ok they said. I was having test after test and getting no where.
I also had endoscopy done as I had problems with digestion and burping been blocked even after drinking water. It came back showing that I have a hiatus hernia and gastritis. 6 months ago I changed my diet so no alcohol, coffee wheat and gluten, also no refined sugar. I also only eat organic eggs and grass fed chicken only no read meat. It was hard but it helps and occasionally I do have some chocolate which I love.
After almost a year I've finally got a hold on my Anziety and stress which can really give you lots of health problems so I would advise you to really check your eating habits and stress load if you could change anything and really focus as much as you can on trying to stay positive and I know it's hard when your in pain. At one point I just wanted it all to go away as I was struggling to even breath always breathless so awful and I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel but I just had to be strong as I'm a single parent of three kids so I had to snap out of it and just keep going.
I really hope you find what helps you and know that we all care and want you to be well. Xx

Nov 07, 2015 9:40 PM

Marymary83, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. Where do you live? I live in GA and have never known anyone to have to wait a year! Your being upset and angry is justified. Has your gp attempted to assist you in getting seen elsewhere, sooner? Try to check around and see if you can go somewhere else sooner. You may have to drive further, but the peace of mind would be worth it to me. (((Hugs))) & a prayer you will get seen much sooner than planned. 🙏🌼

Nov 10, 2015 6:46 PM

Thanks guys. I'm In the UK. I've never had to wait this long for appts. Going to speak to GP on Friday. Had a copy of report through from hospital and it's quite clear me and the doctor were having different conversations. Either that or he's mixed me up with someone else! It is looking like I've been seen in wrong dept so going to ask for new referral to be done ASAP.

Nov 10, 2015 7:57 PM

I find the same type documentation when I request my records. It's like what they say never existed and they write totally opposite to what they started to my face. Grrrr! 🙏🌼

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