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Mar 17, 2016 1:18 PM

Today was my 2nd time seeing my Rheumotologist. 1st visit she said I had Fibro and I do agree with that. My problem is this, I have suffered fir the past 2 yeara with pain so severe that I can't work, can't stand for more then a few minutes, simply washing dishes had me leaned over the sink crying in pain. I went from super single mom kicking ass working and managing home and feeling great to feeling like I can't even get out of bed. My oldest daughter age 20 is now working to support my youngest daughter and myself because I can't work. Trust me I've tried. 5 months ago i tried Just working part time at home depot. On my 1st day standing at a register I was a couple hours inn and Iin. so much pain I was crying and had to leave. I was so stiff I had to force my body to bend enough to get in my car to come home. I had mris done 1 yr ago on my neck and back. My pcp never once gave me the results. I finally 2 days ago went and ask the imaging center for a copy and it shows cultivation to my spine, moderate spurring in several places from neck down, prominence of the neurohypophysis? And many other things i really don't understand. So I'm thinking obviously there is more then Judy fibro going on. Today the Rheumotologist dismisses it when i show it to her aling with all other complaints. Says it's just fibro which hey theres no cure for, I'll give you lyrica hopefully it'll help. Informs me that my liver blood work is elevated and vit d is low ( I have been in meds for low vit d for 2 yrs with no improvement). I'm sitting there crying asking her to please help me. I need to support my kids and do something in order to go back to work and all I get is I'm sorry you're so frustrated, I'll see you in 6 months and you should talk with your pcp about any concerns you have.
I just don't know what too do anymore. The doctors don't listen, my pcp never stays on top of anything and acts surprised that I'm complaining of pain every time i see her like it's the first time she's heard about it. I'm giving up. I'm worn on both physically and mentally and don't have a clue what to do next to be heard or understood.

Mar 17, 2016 3:25 PM

If you feel you are not being heard, seek a second opinion. I suggest seeking someone who is young and has a few years out of school. I say that because they won't be so used to everyone coming in and talking about pain. On my first visit, I would address pain but let it be known that you are not a drug seeker. If you are on pain pills, this could be a problem. She may not want to take on your care. But there is a way around that. You could tell her that someone has been supplying you with pain pills and that you are not here to get that from her. Then go on to explain your history, your limitations, what your goals are from having her as a doctor. Let her know you want to go back to work. They are not use to hearing that. That is different from not being able to go back to work. But they see people who claim to have pain who want narcotics and don't want to work. I would recommend a female doctor because there is more chance of compassion unless a male doctor is known for it. Go online to the Dr rating services and find out what others are saying about potential doctors you can see. You can get a good feel that way. People really take the time to go out of the way if a doctor is great or lousy to rate them. But this is just my thought. My best wishes to you.

Mar 17, 2016 3:36 PM

Thanks! I don't take narcotics. I make this clear each time. They have ecen wrote them out before and i explain I don't want them because as a single mom I can't be any loopier then I already am with the fibro fog lol. Aside from the fact that they make me sick. Sometimes it really seems like they are almost lost themselves and don't know what to say or do.

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