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Glass in My Foot, So Tired

Feb 17, 2016 11:37 PM

So in the last couple days, I've had a lot of fun! (or not) First I got sick, and had to cancel being awake in valentine's day. Then yesterday, I was dancing which was fun, until I went into the hallway and got a piece of glass in my foot. Ugh! We still had a half or left, so I'm pushing my whole body weight on this piece of glass, then limp to the bus station, wait for an hour (did homework), walk from the bus to my house, fall on the couch. Whew! Safety, or so I thought. My dad was doing stretches so I couldn't talk to him about it for 20 minutes or so. When he finally saw it, he did an inspection and figured out it was glass, smothered me in iodine, and got the piece of glass and a pebble out under a microscope. I slept well once it was out, and feel all better, like it never happened; except for the memory of how scared I was of getting the glass out, the blinding bright light, squeezing my eyes shut, and just trying to deal with pain as it came. Then today (If you don't like TMI (bodily fluids) STOP HERE. You were warned!) I had a bit of diarrhea in my pants, and was in shock because I didn't have any extra clothing, it had never happened before, and I had barely felt it. Also, my shoe throat seems to be getting worse so tomorrow may be a half day at school for me. So tired. 10:00 pm. Rant over

Feb 18, 2016 5:44 AM

Ferretbandit, I'm sorry you ended up with glass in your floor. And I'm very glad your dad was able to get it out without having to go to an ER. I know how mortifying & horrifying having an unexpected episode of diarrgea can be. Due to my pelvic floor muscle issues & IBS, I now ALL too well! I'm to the point if I even suspect I'm having IBS-D, I won't leave home except for doctors, and then I'm in a depends. Ugh! You probably have picked up a bug, possibly even the flu (site throat & diarrhea). It's going around bad everywhere. Rest and plenty of fluids, and if it is a virus drink some fluids like Gatorade or Powerade to help with electrolytes. Hugs, love, & prayers it won't last too long! 🙂💕🙏🌼

Feb 18, 2016 6:10 AM

I have ulcerative colitis- I totally get it also! I have many stories very similar! So glad also that you didn't need to make it to an ER... Yay dad! It's so nice to see your determination to live a full life. I would love to go dancing, & have my Daddie near by to assist in "dad" duties. Go Ferretbandit!

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